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We are HH JapaNeeds, a leading language school in Nagoya. Our mission is to arrange Japanese language partners for every foreigner who comes to Japan, allowing them to learn Japanese whenever and wherever they want with ultimate flexibility. As a result, we not only relieve everyone of their language difficulties but also unleash their potential for success in life. The meaning of HH is comes from Helping Hands. It is very difficult to find the right tutor, even though there are many Japanese people around. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect tutor near you who is always ready to answer your questions? How great would it be if there were a convenient and easy way to meet a Japanese tutor near you or online? We have developed an arrangement optimization system that carefully analyzes a student’s preferences and requirements.  Our system then matches the student with the perfect tutor who can best meet his or her preferences and requirements.  With this, students don’t have to spend countless hours searching for a teacher.  Instead, they can spend that time learning with their tutor.
You may be surprised to learn that language learning can be an exciting adventure. Meet new people, discover your inner potential, and more. Please don’t miss out on these changes that will surely happen to you. Let’s make your life a wonderful journey with our Japanese language tutors!

The HH JapaNeeds Team
Your tutor. Your time. Your location.

Greeting from the head of school

Naoteru Honda founded HH JapaNeeds as a language training school in 2010. Initially, he began and managed some companies before HH with little success. What helped him through these difficult times was attending an English language school. Learning a new language was a bold and difficult decision. How could he master a language that was so foreign to him? However, he persevered, and gained confidence in himself and a positive outlook on life when he realized he could express his feelings in a different language with greater and greater fluency. Initially, his language learning seemed like such a small step, but the journey he began was incredibly life-changing. With the desire to share this life-changing experience, he started HH JapaNeeds. We look forward to helping you being your own language learning journey.


Naoteru HONDA
Head of HH JapaNeeds


Company Profile

School name HH JapaNeeds
Established April 1, 2010
Location 3-18-1, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, JAPAN
Website https://hh-japaneeds.com/
Telephone number +81-52-710-7479
Representative Representative Director Naoteru Honda
Inquiry signup@hh-japaneeds.com
Business content Japanese language education

Cooperating with

HH&H Japan is an NGO whose mission is to promote a shared future. They hope to achieve this by promoting, through education, Japan’s language and culture. As more foreigners increase their understanding of Japanese culture and ability to communicate in Japanese, a greater number of relationships are formed between them and Japanese people. They feel strongly that these relationships form the foundation of a world peace and mutual respect between cultures.

In addition to Japanese language schools, they are also involved in global climate change projects. They have been conducting international cooperation projects in Southeast Asia for more than 10 years. Leyte Island, Philippines is an example of one of their achievements. There, their group has used agroforestry technology to plant tens of thousands of trees with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide levels in the environment and the negative effects of climate change. This ambitious tree-planting activity was realized with generous subsidies from Toyota Motor Corporation, Mitsui & Co., and the Japanese government, and the helping hands of many volunteers.

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