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HH JapaNeedsは世界中の新しい学生が日本語学習を希望して入会する日本語学校です。日本語を教えて頂ける日本語教師および日本語パートナーを募集しています。プライベートレッスンです。来日した生徒は、日本を勉強することで異文化を楽しむのと同時に、母国と日本の文化や習慣の違いに戸惑う事があります。そこで日本語という言葉だけでなく、日本の文化や習慣を教えることで、日本の理解を深めるサポートの役割も担うこともあります。生徒がみるみる上達していくのが楽しいという声が多いです。日本語教師の方、日本語を教える事が好きな方、得意な外国語を使って活動したい方は是非ご連絡ください。日本語を教える事を通してあなたの可能性を広げてみませんか。ご応募お待ちしております。

HH JapaNeeds is a Japanese language school where new students from all over the world are enrolling with the hope of learning Japanese. We are looking for Japanese teachers and Japanese language partners who can teach Japanese in one-on-one private lessons. Students who come to Japan to study can enjoy different cultures, but at the same time, they may be confused by the differences in culture and customs between their home country and Japan. By teaching them not only the Japanese language, but also Japanese culture and customs, I am able to support them in deepening their understanding of Japan. Many people say that it is fun to see students quickly improve their Japanese. If you are a Japanese language teacher, love teaching Japanese, or would like to use your specialty as a foreign language, please contact us. Why don’t you expand your possibilities through teaching Japanese? We look forward to your application.

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Partner class is popular with students on a budget who want to study Japanese. Tutors have been approved by HH&H Japan, Inc. after a careful selection process. They are passionate and hospitable teachers. For them, teaching their native language is an invaluable value. These tutors may or may not have a professional educational experience, but all are native-speaking Japanese people with some level of English fluency. Some of them are aspiring Japanese teachers. Many of them lived abroad and learned a language. For them, teaching their native language is an invaluable value. Honestly, we really recommend this class. Unlike the Pro class, they are unpaid volunteer tutors, regardless of their teaching experience. Therefore, the tutor is not involved in the lesson fee. You can take lessons at their convenience, but you cannot force the teacher to teach at your convenience.

Tutors are professional, experienced Japanese teachers. This course is best suited for students who are not on a strict budget and want to rapidly improve their Japanese for occupational or educational reasons. Pro classes are especially appropriate for students who want to score well on the Japanese Proficiency Language Test. Older teachers often have longer teaching experience. Please request the teacher’s English ability, gender, age, etc. Pro class tutors can teach at your desired time and location, including your home or office, so it’s the fastest learning plan for you.

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