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Join the vibrant and diverse community at HH JapaNeeds, where we distinguish ourselves from typical online schools like Preply and Italki by offering a more personalized approach. Our platform brings together passionate learners and experienced Japanese language teachers to create an engaging and dynamic environment for both students and tutors.

Whether you’re aiming to master conversational Japanese or seeking a rewarding teaching experience, we cater to your needs.

Japanese Lesson locations throughout Japan or online

Our courses range from casual conversation to intensive JLPT preparation. As a tutor, you’ll have the chance to guide students by tailoring lessons to their individual needs.

We offer both online and in-person lessons, ensuring flexibility and convenience. HH JapaNeeds is committed to interactive and practical learning, using the latest teaching methods to benefit both tutors and students. Join us and embark on a fulfilling journey in Japanese language learning.


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HH JapaNeedsは世界中の学生が日本語学習を希望して入会する日本語教室です。日本語を教えて頂ける日本語教師および日本語パートナー(ボランティア)を募集しています。対面及びオンラインのプライベートレッスンです。



At HH JapaNeeds, a diverse and growing community of students worldwide is eager to learn Japanese. We seek dedicated Japanese language teachers and language partners for one-on-one lessons, both in-person and online.

Students coming to Japan experience a vibrant mix of cultures, yet they may also face challenges in navigating cultural and customary differences. Our teaching approach extends beyond language skills to include Japanese culture and customs, helping students gain a deeper appreciation of Japan. It’s rewarding to witness their rapid progress in Japanese proficiency.

If you’re passionate about teaching Japanese or want to share your linguistic expertise, we invite you to join us. Teaching Japanese could be a gateway to expanding your horizons. We eagerly await your application, ready to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our Partner class is ideal for budget-conscious students eager to learn Japanese. Tutors in this program, selected meticulously by HHHJapan, Inc., embody a blend of passion and hospitality. While not all possess formal educational backgrounds, every tutor is a native Japanese speaker with a degree of English fluency. Many of these aspiring teachers have international experience, having lived abroad and learned new languages. They find joy and immense value in teaching their mother tongue. We highly recommend this class for its unique approach: these volunteer tutors offer their time without financial compensation, contributing to the affordability of the program. Lesson scheduling is flexible, accommodating the availability of our tutors, ensuring a respectful and mutually beneficial learning environment.

Our Pro class features highly professional and experienced Japanese teachers, tailored for students prioritizing rapid language advancement for professional or academic purposes. These classes are particularly beneficial for those aiming for high scores on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Our seasoned teachers, often with extensive experience, can cater to specific preferences such as the tutor’s English proficiency, gender, and age. Pro class tutors offer the flexibility to teach at your preferred time and location, including at your home or office, making it an efficient and personalized learning plan for accelerated Japanese language mastery.

Japanese Tutor's Voice

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Example: Public facilities in Nagoya area

Japanese learning place nagoya

Nagoya station

Japanese class place

Higashi ward

In Nagoya, for example, our classrooms actively utilize cafes and public spaces in the central Sakae and Nagoya Station area. These locations are easily accessible and provide an ideal learning environment where students and teachers can easily interact. 

Not only in Nagoya, but anywhere in Japan, we use convenient cafes and comfortable public spaces to provide a flexible learning style tailored to each student’s needs. Whether you prefer to study in a lively place or in a quiet study space, home or office, our classrooms can accommodate either learning style. Let us make learning Japanese a more accessible and fulfilling experience.”

Japanese Lesson Scenery

Other Activities of Japanese Language Teachers

closs culture meeting for Japanese tutoring


Exchange meeting

media newspaper


Media Coverage

In this section you will find a wide variety of activities organized by our dedicated Japanese language teachers. Through workshops and social events, we encourage deep dialogue with our students and enrich their learning experience. In addition, our efforts have been widely recognized through the media, with newspaper coverage of our classes. This reinforces the expertise of our teachers, the appeal of our events, and the activities of our community. We thank you for your continued interest and support.