In addition to seeing and eating, more and more people are focusing on experiencing things when they travel to Japan. This is a change from shopping to experiencing. In addition, there seems to be a change in travel destinations as well, with people visiting not only big cities but also regional cities and farming villages.

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JNTO is involved in a broad range of activities both domestically and worldwide, to encourage international tourists from all over the world to visit Japan.

1) Promotion of Japanese tourism
2) Operation of the Tourist Information Center in Japan for international visitors
3) Administration of Guide-interpreter examinations
4) Publication of tourism statistics and market reports
5) Providing support for international conventions and incentive events




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Since the company’s founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler have put together their first guidebook after traveling to Asia, Lonely Planet has put travelers at the center of all our activities. It informs and inspires travelers with printed and reliable digital content from professionals visiting every destination.


The latest information on travel in Japan is available from Japan.

A guide for visitors and residents to Japan. JapanVisitor provides travel information for visitors and residents of Japan, including detailed guides to Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu/Okinawa, and the major cities of Honshu (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, etc.).

Japan Hopppers is a free online Japan travel guide available in 14 languages. It provides the most complete, useful and reliable information for travelers visiting Japan. Japan Hoppers – Japan Travel Guide is not just a tourist information site, but a community that provides a place for communication between Japanese and travelers.

MATCHA is one of the largest inbound tourism media in Japan, attracting approximately 3.4 million visitors every month from over 240 countries and regions. We provide all kinds of information about Japan, including sightseeing, gourmet, culture, and lifestyle information, in 10 languages.

Inspired by a passion for travel and adventure, our travel writers share advice on attractions at destinations around the world and provide tips and ideas to enhance your journey. It aims to inspire travel, help travelers decide where to go and what to see, and help people get the most out of their travels.

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