Japanese Language Class Pricing

Flat monthly fee. You can choose in-person or online Japanese lessons. With a Flat monthly fee, you can take 5 hours of tutoring lessons a month (for example, 60 minutes once a week). A 10% tax will be charged separately.

Choose your billing period

Discounts based on payments every 6 months

Free class

e-Learning course
Free of charge / month
  • Level check
  • Beginner to advanced
  • Gift learning materials
  • Verb and adjective conjugations list
  • Honorific Master
  • 20 Video learning
  • JLPT practice test
  • 100 Q&A about Japan
  • Learning Secrets

Partner class

Face to face or online
¥ 4,950 Yen / 5 hours a month
  • Billed ¥29,700 every 6 months
  • Free trial class
  • 1-on-1 private lessons
  • ex. 5 lessons(60 min)/mo
  • Once a week
  • Coordinator support
  • Level check
  • Tutor direct contact
  • e-learning lectures
  • JLPT practice test
  • Online hybrid

Pro class

Face to face / Online
¥ 24,900 / 17,400 Yen / 5 hours a month
  • Face to face:
    29,880 24,900 yen / month
    (Billed ¥149,400 every 6 months)
  • Online:
    20,880 17,400 yen / month
    (Billed ¥104,400 every 6 months)
  • Free trial class
  • 1-on-1 private lessons
  • ex. 5 lessons(60 min)/mo
  • Coordinator support
  • Level check
  • Tutor direct contact
  • JLPT practice test
  • Tailored personalized lessons
  • At home or in your office
  • Travel expenses included
  • Professionally Certified Tutors
  • Online hybrid

Feel free to take a free trial lesson before deciding!

Partner class rates are significantly discounted from regular flat monthly rates in collaboration with Helping Hands. We hope that everyone can take the best tutoring lessons without worrying about the price.

Other conditions

  •  Students without income can apply partner classes free of charge. Please ask for requirements. Check our Support class.
  • For those who want to study more than 5 hours a month:
    Partner class An additional tutor can be added for another monthly fee.
    Pro class You can use the purchased hours with your own free lesson plan within the period.
    Pro Class lump sum benefits: 17% lower for 30 hours, 20% lower for 100 hours compared to single monthly payments.
  • If you are paying with your company budget and need a receipt or certificate of completion, please request.
  • A local sales tax of 10% will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned. 

       Completely free Japanese online course with certificate of completion is detailed here

How to pay

  • It is a simple PayPal payment system that can be done online in a few minutes. You can use your Credit cards or Bank cash cards. 
    Click here how to use paypal in japan
  • A very easy system that allows you to automatically pay a fixed amount every month.
  • You can cancel the automatic payment yourself at any time.


how to pay by paypal

Refund policy

Refunds will be given if there is a legitimate reason to do so. A refund fee of 330 yen is required for any refunds regardless of the type of refund. The payments made more than one month before the date of the request for refund are not refundable. If you make a lump-sum payment and cancel before completion, the course will be calculated at the monthly payment rate and 50% of the unused portion of the course fee will be refunded.

We look forward to your application.

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