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Ranking of Best Japanese Manga

Japanese manga is highly regarded overseas due to the delicacy of paintings and the depth of the story. Some people say that manga is not a good teaching material for studying Japanese, but it is not. There are translated manga, but if you can read the best manga in Japanese, it will be a lot of fun.

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The time is the age of the great pirates. A number of pirates are fighting over the "Hitotsunagi no Daihaku" (The Great Hidden Treasure) left behind by the legendary pirate king G. Roger. Luffy, a boy who yearns to be a pirate, sets out on a great journey to become the Pirate King! The well known ocean adventure romance "One Piece" has been serialized since 1997, and even though it is celebrating its 20th anniversary with over 80 volumes published, its popularity has not waned. It has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the "most published comic series by a single author". (Manga artist: 尾田栄一郎, Released in 1997)



Son Goku is a powerful and energetic man living deep in the mountains. One day, Goku meets Bulma, who is looking for the Dragon Balls, which are said to make any wish come true when seven of them come together. Along with her, Goku sets off on a harrowing journey! This is a masterpiece of a masterpiece that will continue to dominate not just one generation but many. (Manga artist: 鳥山明, Released in 1984)

Doraemon manga

3. ドラえもん

Doraemon" is a masterpiece by Fujiko F. Fujio, one of Japan's most famous cartoonists. It is a fantasy of friendship between Doraemon, a cat-like robot from the future, and his best friend Nobita. Doraemon, a cat-like robot from the future, and his best friend Nobita create a friendship fantasy. Shizu-chan, Suneo, and Gian are also full of energy. Shizu-chan, Suneo, and Gian are also full of energy. The exciting and thrilling tools that give you big dreams will lead you to the heartwarming Doraemon world. (Manga artist: 藤子・F・不二雄, Released in 1974)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga


Jonathan is the only son of the aristocratic Joesters of England. Jonathan, the only son of the aristocratic Joestar family, lives a comfortable life, aiming to become a gentleman. But that life changes when the "invader" Dio Brando appears. A stone mask stands eerily by Dio's side as he plots against JoJo at every turn. (ジョジョのきみょうなぼうけん) (Manga artist: Hirohiko Araki, Released in 2002)

Haganenorenkinjyutushi manga

5. 鋼の錬金術師 Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward Elric, the older brother, and Alphonse, the younger brother, are two genius alchemists who attempt a forbidden process of human smelting in order to revive their mother, who died of an illness when they were children. But the price is too high... The alchemy fails, and Edward loses his left leg and his only living relative, Alphonse. In order to bring his irreplaceable brother back to this world, Edward succeeded in smelting his brother's soul and fixing it to his armor by paying the price of his right arm. The brothers then embark on a long journey to get everything back... This is one of the most composed works in manga. Please read it. (Manga artist: Hiromu Arakawa, Released in 2001)

konan manga

6. 名探偵コナン Case Closed

Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective with a mystery writer father, a famous actress mother, and an admirer of Sherlock Holmes, has the same powers of deduction and insight as an adult, and is even called the "savior of the Japanese police force. One day, however, while pursuing a case, he is transformed back into a child by the power of a strange drug...! His temporary name is Edogawa Conan. Here comes the little detective! (Manga artist: Gousho Aoyama, Released in 1994)

Space Brothers manga

7. 宇宙兄弟 Space Brothers

In the year 2025, the younger brother has become an astronaut as promised, and is a member of the first long-duration crew on the moon. On the other hand, Rokuta is unemployed after being fired from his job. A single email from his younger brother sets him off to explore space again! Will Rokuta be able to pass the numerous tests that stand in his way and successfully fulfill his dream of becoming an astronaut? We can't take our eyes off the challenge of a 31-year-old unemployed man with a mixture of frustration and anguish. (うちゅうきょうだい) (Manga artist: Chuya Koyama, Released in 2008)

black Jack manga

8. ブラック・ジャック  Black Jack

This is a medical drama about an unlicensed genius surgeon, Black Jack. In "Retaliation," B.J. is summoned by the Japan Medical Association and accused of not having a medical license, and a client comes to visit him in prison. In "Orca's Poem," B.J. visits the seaside with Pinoko and begins to recount a tragedy from five years ago. If you were to ask me which of Osamu Tezuka's works is the most entertaining, has the most interesting story, and has the best characters, I would say this one. (Manga artist: Osamu Tezuka, Released in 1973)

kingdom manga

9. キングダム Kingdom

The story takes place during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period in China. The story takes place during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period in China, and tells the story of Masaru (the future First Emperor), who has the goal of ending the warring world and unifying China, and Nobu, who despite his low status, strives forward with the ambition of becoming a great general. (Manga artist: Yasuhisa Hara, Released in 2006)

The Rose of Versailles manga

10. ベルサイユのばら The Rose of Versailles

This is a fictional work based on historical facts about the people who lived through the turbulent times of the French Revolution. This work has been loved for many years under the abbreviation "Belle Rose. One of the main characters, the immensely popular Oscar Francois, was born a woman, but was raised as a man to be the heir. She struggled with many conflicts such as her status and gender, but she continued to care for France until the end. (Manga artist: Riyoko Ikeda, Released in 1972)


11. HUNTER×HUNTER (ハンター×ハンター)

In order to become a hunter like his father, and to meet his father, Gon's journey has begun. Along with Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua, who are also taking the exam to become hunters, he breaks through one obstacle after another. (Manga artist: Yoshihiro Togashi, Released in 1998)

Parasyte manga

12. 寄生獣 Parasyte

Shinichi...I looked up "demons" in a book...I think the closest thing to a demon is a human being...a parasitic creature that lives in the heads of other animals and controls their nerves. The story follows Shinichi, a high school student, and Miggy, a parasite that accidentally invaded his right hand, as they begin a battle against other parasitic creatures that eat humans in order to protect each other's lives. きせいじゅう  (Manga artist:Hitoshi Iwaaki, Released in 1988)

Nodame Cantabile manga

13. のだめカンタービレ Nodame Cantabile

Drowning in Music! This is a recommended work for everyone to read, young and old. This poignant music comedy begins with an encounter between the main character, Megumi Noda (a.k.a. "Nodame"), a charismatic piano student at a music college, and Shinichi Chiaki, a handsome young man who wants to be a conductor and is also a piano student at the same college. The world of music is portrayed very vividly in this work. The harshness and joy of music can be felt so realistically that you can't help but be curious about what the songs in the work are about! (Manga artist: Tomoko Ninomiya, Released in 2001)

Natsume's Book of Friends manga

14. 夏目友人帳 Natsume's Book of Friends

Natsume is a lonely boy with a secret: he can see monsters. Ever since he got his hands on the "Book of Friends," which was left behind by his grandmother, Reiko, who had powerful magical powers, he has been chased by monsters. What will happen to Natsume when she and her bouncer, Nyanko-sensei, get busy with the "contract" that her grandmother made with the monsters? (Manga artist: Yuki Midorikwa, Released in 2007)

Phoenix manga

15. 火の鳥 Phoenix

The phoenix that lives in the mountains of fire - the firebird! Those who drink its living blood are said to gain eternal life! A masterpiece of Tezuka's manga, a grand cosmic romance unfolds around the immortal bird! (Manga artist: Osamu Tezuka, Released in 1954)

Attack on Titan manga

16. 進撃の巨人 Attack on Titan

Humanity takes on the Titans, only to be stripped limb from limb and turned into food! A world where giants control everything. Humans, who have become food for the Titans, have built a huge wall to prevent invasion in exchange for freedom to go outside the wall. However, this peace in name only crumbles when the giant giants that surpass the wall appear, and a desperate battle begins. (Manga artist: Hajime Isayama, Released in 2009)

Deliver to you manga

17. 君に届け (Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You)

The boy lost everything when he was a child. His dreams, his family, and his place in the world. This story is about a boy who gets it all back. What does the boy do? A love story full of tenderness. (Manga artist: Karuho Shiina, Released in 2005)

March Comes In Like Lion manga

18. 3月のライオン March comes in like a lion

The boy lost everything when he was a child. His dreams, his family, and his place in the world. This story is about a boy who gets it all back. What does the boy do? A love story full of tenderness. (Manga artist: Chika Umino, Released in 2007)

NARUTO manga

19. NARUTO―ナルト―

This is a battle-action manga in which Shinobi fight each other in flamboyant battles using their supernatural abilities of ninjutsu, physical arts, illusion, and senjutsu. In a worldview that skillfully pays homage to folk tales, folklore, and religions from around Asia, the story focuses on the friendship, betrayal, and revenge of the main character and his friends, as well as the bonds between master and disciple and family. (Manga artist: Masashi Kishimoto, Released in 1999)

Ushio and Tora manga

20. うしおととら Ushio to tora

The story depicts the main character, a boy named Ushio, fighting against the worst and strongest demon, the "White Masked One", with the demon "Tora" and the demon exterminating spear, the "Spear of the Beast". As the story progresses, however, each character's deep involvement and long-lasting fate become apparent. While focusing on the deep bonds that transcend the boundaries between humans and monsters, the episodes of many characters are depicted, converging toward the end of the story, leading to the final battle. (Manga artist: Kazuhiro Fujita, Released in 1990)

Captain Tsubasa manga

21. キャプテン翼 Captain Tsubasa

Tsubasa Oozora, a boy who grew up with a soccer ball as a friend, is in the sixth grade. When Tsubasa transfers to Nankatsu Elementary School, he meets Genzo Wakabayashi, the genius goalkeeper from Shutsetsu Elementary School. Tsubasa challenges Wakabayashi to a match, but it will be decided in a match between the two schools! This is a soccer manga that depicts the activities and growth of the main character, Tsubasa Ozora, who believes that "the ball is your friend. The story depicts the main character, Tsubasa Oozora, who believes that "the ball is your friend," as he battles against various rivals and eventually expands his activities overseas. (Manga artist: Yoichi Takahashi, Released in 1981)

Boys Over Flowers manga

22. 花より男子 Boys Over Flowers

The story is about the struggles of Tsukushi Makino, a poor girl who enters a school full of wealthy students, and the bullying and confrontation caused by the discrimination created by the opposite group of people, including the rich boys, the F4, as well as a romantic story with gag comedy. (Manga artist: Yoko Kamio, Released in 1992)

Silver Spoon manga

23. 銀の匙 Silver Spoon

Yugo Hachiken, a student at a private junior high school in Sapporo, failed his entrance exam. In order to escape the academic competition and his father's overbearing attitude, he goes to the dormitory system of Oezei Agricultural High School on the recommendation of his former junior high school teacher, Shiraishi. His dormitory roommates are cool geek Hajime Nishikawa and foodie Taro Beppu. When Yugo gets lost in the school's spacious grounds chasing a calf during his training, he falls in love at first sight with his classmate, Aki Mikage, who comes looking for him on horseback. (Manga artist: Hiroshi Arakawa, Released in 2011)

Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward manga

24. こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所 Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo

A gag manga featuring Kankichi Ryotsu, a police officer who works at the Kameari Koenmae Police Station in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, and his colleagues and surrounding characters. It is a pioneering gag manga that uses relatively realistic drawings similar to gekiga (especially at the beginning of the series). The story is basically a complete story, but sometimes it spans multiple episodes. (Manga artist: Osamu Akimoto, Released in 1976)

Rurouni Kenshin-Meiji Kenkaku Romantan- manga

25. るろうに剣心―明治剣客浪漫譚― Samurai X Ruroni Kenshin

Himura Kenshin is a legendary swordsman who was feared as "The Manslayer Battousai" at the end of the Edo period. After the Meiji Restoration, he vows to be "unkillable" and travels around the country as a wanderer. Through encounters with Kaoru Kamiya and battles with sworn enemies who lived through the same turbulent times, he seeks answers to his atonement and how to live in a new era. (Manga artist: Nobuhiro Watsuki, Released in 1994)

city Hunter manga

26. シティーハンター CITY HUNTER

Ryou Saeba, a.k.a. City Hunter, is a sweeper in the city who gives 100% of what his clients want. He takes on a wide range of jobs, from bodyguarding to killing, but he only takes on jobs that involve beautiful women or when his client's true feelings make him shiver. With his late best friend's sister, Makioka, as his partner, he shoots the evil that stirs in the darkness of the sick city! (Manga artist: Tsukasa Houjo, Released in 1999)

Chihayafuru manga

27. ちはやふる Chihayafuru

Chihaya is a sixth grader who doesn't even know the word "passion" yet. Then she meets Arata, a transfer student from Fukui. He was quiet and reserved, but he had an unexpected skill. It was Ogura Hyakunin Isshu competitive karuta. Chihaya is shocked to see Arata, who is faster than anyone else and more enthusiastic than anyone else in paying the cards. However, it was Chihaya's outstanding "talent" that kept her glued to him. It's a coming-of-age story of dazzling single-mindedness! (Manga artist: Yuki Suetsugu, Released in 2007)

Urusei Yatsura manga


Ataru Moroboshi, the "owner of the evil face" who somehow collects all the misfortunes in the world, is chosen to play tag with Ram-chan, a girl who came on a UFO, and her fate plunges into even more misfortune (?). When she is chosen to play tag with Ram-chan, a girl who comes on a UFO, her fate plunges into further misfortune. (Manga artist: Rumiko Takahashi, Released in 1978)

Galaxy Express 999 manga

29. 銀河鉄道999 Galaxy Express 999

A boy named Tetsuro Hoshino and his mother dream of having a mechanical body that can live for 1000 years. However, his mother is killed by the Count's hunt for humans. Tetsuro escapes and collapses in a blizzard, but is saved by a mysterious beauty named Mater. However, he is rescued by a mysterious beauty named Mater, who offers him a pass to ride the "Galaxy Express 999" to Andromeda, a planet where he can obtain a mechanical body for free, if he accompanies her. (Manga artist: Reiji Matsumoto, Released in 1977)



Hanamichi Sakuragi, a red-haired delinquent who enrolled in Shonboku High School in Kanagawa Prefecture, hates basketball because he was rejected by 50 women in middle school, and the last woman he was rejected by had a crush on Oda-kun of the basketball team. This basketball manga centers on the challenges and growth of the main character, Hanamichi Sakuragi, a juvenile delinquent. (Manga artist: Takehiko Inoue, Released in 1990.)

Yu Yu Hakusho manga

31. 幽★遊★白書 Yuyu Hakusho

This is an adventure drama that depicts the activities of the main character, Yusuke Urameshi, and his friends. The story begins with the protagonist's death, and he undergoes an ordeal to come back to life. The story begins with the protagonist, Yusuke Urameshi, dying in a car accident, and then coming back to life after various events. He then works as a detective in the spirit world. (Manga artist: Yoshihiro Togashi, Released in 1990.)

Maison Ikkoku manga

32. めぞん一刻 Maison Ikkoku

A love story centering on Yusaku Godai, a resident of an old apartment building named "Ikkikan" in the town of "Clock Hill," and Kyoko Otonashi, a young widow who comes to work as a janitor. The film depicts the interwoven love story between Yusaku Godai, a young man who is not very good at dealing with the world and takes on more hardships than others, and Kyoko Otonashi, a beautiful janitor who combines her innate insensitivity with her seriousness to manipulate her late husband. (Manga artist: Rumiko Takahashi, Released in 1980.)

Fist of the North Star manga

33. 北斗の拳 Fist of the North Star

The story is set in the year 199X (the end of the 20th century), after the final war, in which civilization and order are lost due to a global nuclear war, resulting in repeated conflicts. This hard-boiled action film depicts the way of life of Kenshiro, the legendary inheritor of the assassin's fist "Hokuto Shinken," who appears in a world where violence rules over the weak and the strong. (Manga artist: Buronson Yoshiyuki Okamura, Released in 1983.)

Tokyo Ghoul manga

34. 東京喰種トーキョーグール Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo is a city where an unidentified monster, the Eater, blends in with human society and eats people. Ken Kaneki, a young man attending Kamii University, is attacked and nearly killed by a female cannibal named Rize Kamishiro, but he escapes predation when a steel frame that fell from a construction site hits Rize, and survives. However, during an accidental surgery, Kaneki is transplanted with the organs of the cannibal Lizet, and becomes half-eaten. Since then, Kaneki spends his days in torment and fear. (Manga artist: Sui Ishida, Released in 2011.)

Ao Haru Ride manga

35. アオハライド Ao Haru Ride

One day, Light Yagami, the eldest son of Soichiro Yagami, Director General of the National Police Agency's Criminal Investigation Bureau, and a brilliant high school student who is certain to go on to study at Tokyo University, picks up a strange black notebook on the grounds of the high school he attends. It was a Death Note dropped by Ryuk, the God of Death, which says that anyone whose name is written in it will die. After gaining possession of the notebook, Tsuki becomes able to see Ryuk, understands the rules imposed by the notebook, and confirms its abilities through various verifications. He then enforces what he believes to be "justice," writing down the names of criminals around the world and killing them in order to realize a new world without criminals. (Manga artist: Io Sakisaka, Released in 2003.)


36. DEATH NOTE デスノート

When Futaba was in junior high school, she was not good with boys, but she was okay with Tanaka-kun because he was special (like a girl). One thing leads to another, and they start to see eye to eye. She realizes that she is in love with him. In high school, Futaba purposely acts brusque in order not to be disliked by girls, but she meets Tanaka-kun, her first love from junior high school, whom she could not even tell her feelings to. However, Tanaka-kun's personality has changed from what he was in junior high school. (Manga artist: Tsugumi Ooba, Released in 2011.)

Initial D manga

37. 頭文字D Initial D

This work depicts young drivers who aim to drive cars at high speeds on mountain passes. In this work, the main character is an amateur driver who competes against other drivers from all over the Kanto region in his quest to become the fastest driver on public roads. Another feature of the game is the rivalry between the elite team "Project D", to which the protagonist belongs, and the leading teams in each area. (Manga artist: Shuichi Shigeno, Released in 1998.)

Chibi Maruko-chan manga

38. ちびまる子ちゃん Chibi Maruko-chan

"Sakura Momoko" is a third grader. She is called "Chibi Maruko-chan" because she is a very small girl. This is a funny picture diary comic of Maruko-chan's daily life with her funny family members and school friends. (Manga artist: Momoko Sakura, Released in 1986.)

Hikaru no Go manga

39. ヒカルの碁 Hikaru No Go

One day, Hikaru, a sixth grader, finds an old Go board in his storehouse. At that moment, the spirit of the Heian period prodigy Fujiwara no Sayame, who had been dwelling on the board, entered Hikaru's consciousness. Sasame's single-minded love for Go gradually leads Hikaru into the world of Go. This work depicts an ordinary elementary school boy who is possessed by the spirit of a genius Go player and gets caught up in the world of Go, aiming for the "divine move". (Manga artist: Yumi Hotta, Released in 1999.)

Crayon Shin-chan manga

40. クレヨンしんちゃん CRAYON Shinchan

"Shinnosuke Nohara, the kindergartner who brings storms! That foolishness will never stop! With a mother who loves to shop, a father who has a weakness for high-legged women and college girls, Kazama-kun and Nene in kindergarten, and teachers Yoshinaga and Matsuzaka who are in a fierce battle, every day is a riot! See how Shin-chan, a kindergartener who is always causing a storm, is doing! (Manga artist: Yoshito Usui, Released in 1992.)


41. BANANA FISH バナナフィッシュ

"Shinnosuke Nohara, the kindergartner who brings storms! That foolishness will never stop! With a mother who loves to shop, a father who has a weakness for high-legged women and college girls, Kazama-kun and Nene in kindergarten, and teachers Yoshinaga and Matsuzaka who are in a fierce battle, every day is a riot! See how Shin-chan, a kindergartener who is always causing a storm, is doing! (Manga artist: Akimi Yoshida, Released in 1985.)

Kinniku man manga

42. キン肉マン Ultimate Muscle, The Kinnikuman

Kinnikuman is a bumbling hero who is constantly defeated by monsters. But his true identity is that of the prince of the planet Kinniku, the most powerful hero family in the universe! In order to save his hometown, Kinnikuman returns to the planet and finds a powerful enemy waiting for him! In this pro-wrestling fighting manga, the superhero Kinniku Man, aka Kinniku Suguru, fights in the ring with his fellow justice superheroes against a series of powerful enemies. (Manga artist: Yudetamago, Released in 1972.)

Tetsuwan atom manga

43. 鉄腕アトム MIGHTY ATOM

The people who came to Earth on a spaceship were people who looked exactly like the people of Earth! The robot Atom becomes an ambassador to stop the war that has started between the people of Earth and the aliens, but what happens? Set in the future of the 21st century, this is the story of Atom, a boy robot who runs on nuclear energy (later, nuclear fusion) and has emotions equal to those of humans. The American title is ASTRO BOY. (Manga artist: Tezuka Osamu, Released in 1952.)

Ansatsu kyoshitsu manga

44. 暗殺教室 Assassination Classroom

One day, a person from the Ministry of Defense and a mysterious creature with a strange appearance suddenly arrive at Class 3E, a group of students with poor grades and behavior from the progressive school Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The dangerous creature, which flies at Mach 20 and destroys 70% of the moon, making it a constant crescent moon, declares that it will destroy the earth if it doesn't kill itself by March next year, and requests to be the homeroom teacher of "Kunugigaoka Junior High School Class 3E". The sound of gunfire fills the classroom with a command! Class 3E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School is an assassination classroom where all the students are trying to kill the teacher. The abnormal daily life of teachers and students, targets and assassins begins! (Manga artist: Yuusei Matsui, Released in 2012.)

Gorgo 13 manga

45. ゴルゴ13 Golgo 13

Most of the stories have a sniper client who contacts Duke Togo, codenamed Golgo 13, through a special request route. g takes the job when it fits his personal rules, and once he takes it, he completes it no matter what the difficulty. The client expects success or advantage from G's sniping, but in many cases, the client does not always see the intended result. (Manga artist: Takao Saito, Released in 1968.)

Ebangerion manga

46. 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン Neon Genesis EVANGELION

In the year 2000, a meteorite fell in Antarctica. A meteorite fell on Antarctica in 2000, causing the "Second Impact," the greatest catastrophe in history. Fifteen years later, a new crisis strikes humanity. It was the attack of the Apostle. In order to fight the apostles, humanity developed the Evangelion, a general-purpose humanoid battle weapon. Three boys and girls are chosen to be the pilots. (Manga artist: Hideaki Anno, Released in 1994.)

Beruseruku manga

47. ベルセルク BERSERK berserkr

Set in a "world of swords and sorcery" based on medieval Europe, this dark fantasy depicts the journey of revenge of Guts, a swordsman with a huge sword that exceeds his height. The title "Berserk" is derived from the legend of the mad warrior in Norse mythology, and is called "berserker" in English. (Manga artist: Kentaro Miura, Released in 1989.)

Konosekaino katasumini manga

48. この世界の片隅に

In February 1944, at the age of 18, Suzu married into the Hojo family from Hiroshima in Kure, a city with a military port. During the war, supplies were gradually becoming scarce, but Suzu was able to get through her daily life with her cheerful personality. The following year, an air raid caused her to lose everything she cared about, including the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and the end of the war. Even so, Suzu decides that Kure is the place for her, and she lives on. (Manga artist: Fumiyo Kono, Released in 2016.)

I s manga

49. I”s<アイズ>

Kazutaka Seto is a second-year student at Wantian Private High School. When he is chosen as a member of the organizing committee for a welcome party for new students, he gets the chance to get to know his classmate Iori Ashizuki, whom he is secretly in love with. Kazuki invites Iori to his room for the first time, but suddenly his childhood friend, Akiha Itsuki, who has feelings for him, appears. (Manga artist: Masakazu Katsura, Released in 1997.)

Saint seiya manga

50. 聖闘士星矢 Knights of the Zodiac

Seiya, a boy who grew up in an orphanage, is taken in by the Kido family, who lead a huge foundation, and sent to Greece. In Greece, Seiya underwent fierce training and grew up to become a saint with the Bronze Saint robe! After returning to Japan, what awaited Seiya was the biggest battle royale in history, the Galactic War, where the saints fought each other! (Manga artist: Masakazu Katsura, Released in 1997.)

Ruroni kenshin manga

51. るろうに剣心―明治剣客浪漫譚― Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin

Himura Kenshin is a legendary swordsman who was feared as "The Manslayer Battousai" at the end of the Edo period. After the Meiji Restoration, he vowed to be "unkillable" and traveled around the country as a wanderer. Through encounters with Kaoru Kamiya and battles with sworn enemies who lived through the same turbulent times, he seeks answers to his atonement and how to live in a new era. (Manga artist: Nobuhiro Watsuki, Released in 1994.)

GTO manga

52. GTO ジーティーオー

Eikichi Onizuka, who once reigned over Shonan as one of the strongest delinquents "Onibaku", dropped out of Tsujido High School and entered Eurasia University as a dupe. With his physical strength, courage, pure single-mindedness and some impure motives, he set out to become a teacher. Chancellor Sakurai begins to pin a ray of hope on Onizuka's ability to confront problems head-on and solve them with dynamic brute force. (Manga artist: Toru Fujisawa, Released in 1996.)

Kimetsu no Yaiba manga

53. 鬼滅の刃 Demon Slayer

The time is the Taisho era. The daily life of Sumijiro, a kind-hearted boy who sells charcoal, changes drastically when his family is killed by demons. Although he is the only survivor, his younger sister, Priestess, has been transformed into a demon, and Sumijiro and Priestess set out on a journey to restore her to normal, and to defeat the demon that killed their family! (Manga artist: Koyoharu Gotoge, Released in 2016.)

Seilar moon manga

54. 美少女戦士セーラームーンPretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino, who lives in Tokyo's Tenth Avenue, is a clumsy and whiny eighth grader. One day, Usagi meets Luna, a mysterious black cat who can speak, and transforms into "Sailor Moon," a beautiful girl in a sailor suit of love and justice, to fight the demons that attack the city. At first, Usagi struggles, but with the help of the mysterious Tuxedo Mask, a gentleman who often saves her from danger, and her Sailor Senshi friends who appear one after another, Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno), Sailor Mars (Rei Hino), and Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino), she continues to successfully defeat the demons. The story is based on a story of a young girl who has just graduated from college. (Manga artist: Naoko Takeuchi, Released in 1992.)

Pocket monster manga

55. ポケットモンスター Pokemon

Satoshi is aiming to become the strongest Pokémon trainer, and Gou dreams of getting all the Pokémon, and they and their Pokémon fly around the various regions of "Pokémon"! (Manga artist: Machito Gomi, Released in 1996.)

Kazeno tani no Naushika manga

56. 風の谷のナウシカ Nausicaa of the valley of the wind

One thousand years after the final war, the "Seven Days of Fire," which collapsed the advanced industrial civilization, a huge forest of fungus called the "rotten sea," a deformed ecosystem, has spread across the polluted land, inhabited by giant insect-like creatures called "bugs" that protect the rotten sea. The story takes place mainly in the two rival powers of Turmecia and the Druk, and in Turmecia's ally "Valley of the Winds" and the industrial city of Pejite. Jill, the chieftain of the Valley of the Winds, is sick in bed after being poisoned by the rotting sea, and Jill's daughter Nausicaa is ruling the country in her place. (Manga artist: Hayao Miyazaki, Released in 1982.)

AKIRA manga

57. AKIRA アキラ

Kaneda, the protagonist of the story, lives in a Tokyo area that has been destroyed by a new type of bomb. He and his best friend Tetsuo, who has been awakened to psychic powers after an accident, are caught up in a war over a psychic being secretly researched by the military. He and his best friend Tetsuo are caught up in a war over a psychic being secretly researched by the military. Kaneda fights with his friends to stop Tetsuo's attempt to take over the world by breaking the seal on Akira, the most powerful psychic that the military had secretly sealed away. (Manga artist: Otomo Katsuhiro, Released in 1982.)

GEGEGE no kitro manga

58. ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 GeGeGe no Kitaro

This is the story of Kitaro, a ghostly boy born from a graveyard, and his adventures with a wide variety of specters. (Manga artist: Shigeru Mizuki, Released in 1960.)

Tensai bakabon manga

59. 天才バカボン Tensai Bakabon

Bakabon no Papa, who is completely immune to common sense and logic, engages in messy interactions with the unique characters around him. This is a milestone of surreal and meaningless gag manga. (Manga artist: Fujio Akatsuka, Released in 1967.)

Ashita no joe manga

60. あしたのジョー Tomorrow's Joe

A young boy wanders into the gritty streets of Asakusa, Tokyo. Tange Danpei, an alcoholic former boxer who was beaten by the boy who calls himself Yabuki Jo, discovers a natural boxing sense in the boy's movements and struggles to turn him into a top-notch boxer.gles to turn him into a top-notch boxer. (Manga artist: Tetsuya Chiba, Released in 1968.)

Sangokushi manga

61. 三国志 Three Kingdoms

In the long history of China, the Three Kingdoms period, in which Wei, Wu, and Shu divided the country into three kingdoms and many heroes and great warriors played an active role, has fascinated many people and has been familiarized in Japan in the form of novels, manga, and games. (Manga artist: Mitsuteru Yokoyama, Released in 1971.)

Hyoryu kyoshitsu manga

62. 漂流教室 The Drifting Classroom

Sho Takamatsu is a sixth grader at Yamato Elementary School. One day, Sho goes to school after a fight with his mother, and is struck by a violent earthquake during class. The shaking soon stops, but the area outside the school is transformed into a desolate land of only rocks and desert. The sudden event sends everyone into a panic, and all the teachers die. Eventually, the children learn that the devastated world is really a future world that was destroyed by the collapse of civilization, and they decide to cooperate with each other to build a "country" based on Yamato Elementary School. The love and courage of boys living hard against the shadow of death in an isolated land! A science fiction romance that warns of the future of humanity without a tomorrow! (Manga artist: Kazuo Umezu, Released in 1972.)

Capten manga

63. キャプテン Captain

The main character, Takao Taniguchi, transfers from Aoba Gakuin Junior High School, a prestigious baseball school, to Sumiya Daini Junior High School (Sumiya 2 Junior High School) in his second year of junior high school. Taniguchi continues to make tremendous efforts behind the scenes to live up to the expectations of those around him, and is eventually chosen as captain by the previous captain, who sees right through him, and leads the team through trial and error. (Manga artist: Akio Chiba, Released in 1972.)

Hadashino gen manga

64. はだしのゲン BAREFOOT GEN

Based on the author's experiences, this masterpiece expresses the horror of the atomic bombing, the preciousness of life, and a strong wish for peace through the strong and cheerful life of a young boy, Gen Nakaoka. (Manga artist: Keiji Nakazawa, Released in 1973.)

Tsurikichi sanpei manga

65. 釣りキチ三平 Fisherman Sanpei

It is a fishing manga in which Sanpei, a "Tsurikichi" (an abbreviation of "fishing crazy", i.e. a person who loves fishing passionately) boy who loves fishing, challenges himself to catch various kinds of fish all over Japan and the world. (Manga artist: Takao Yaguchi, Released in 1973.)

kacho shima kosaku manga

66. 課長島耕作 Kosaku Shima

The protagonist of this work, Kosaku Shima, belongs to the baby-boom generation and is a salaryman working for a major electric appliance manufacturer, Hatsushiba Electric Industry. When the work was first serialized (around 1983), Shima was portrayed as a small-minded, self-protective, ordinary salaryman, and the content of the work was mainly personal affairs such as office romance. Hatsushiba Electric Industry is modeled after Matsushita Electric Industrial (now Panasonic), where Hirokane worked before he made his debut as a manga artist, and the manga reflects the actual management behavior of Matsushita Electric Industrial. (Manga artist: Kenshi Hirokane, Released in 1992.)

Tobaku mokujiroku Kaiji manga

67. 賭博黙示録カイジ The Gambling Apocalypse KAIJI

After moving to Tokyo, Kaiji Ito (Kaiji) spends his days in self-indulgence, but one day, Endo, a financier, forces him to pay a debt he once guaranteed. At Endo's invitation, Kaiji boards the gambling ship "Espoir," which offers debtors the chance to pay off their debts in full. The game is "limited rock-paper-scissors" using 12 cards. If he wins, his debts are wiped out, but if he loses, his life is not guaranteed. (Manga artist: Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Released in 1996.)

Pingpon manga

68. ピンポン Ping-pong

Tsukimoto (a.k.a. Smile) and Hoshino (a.k.a. Peko) are childhood friends. They have been friends since elementary school, when they played table tennis at Tamura in front of the station. Hoshino, who is a genius, always does whatever he wants. Today, too, he was skipping the club activities. Tsukimoto is ordered by his seniors to "bring Hoshino to the club activities. (Manga artist: Taiyo Matsumoto, Released in 1996.)

Yamikin Ucshijima kun manga

69. 闇金ウシジマくん Ushijima the Loan Shark

Kauka Finance, a black-market finance company run by Kaoru Ushijima, offers extremely high interest rates of 50 percent for 10 days. The fate of the customers who come to him begins to unfold after they borrow money from him. This story depicts the various personalities of the customers who visit "Cow Cow Finance" and the people involved, as well as the darkness of society. (Manga artist: Shohei Manabe, Released in 2004.)

F Manga

70. F(エフ)

Born to Soichiro, the chairman of the giant Akagi Group in Gunma Prefecture, and his mistress, Gunma Akagi is a high school student with a prodigious driving technique. He is a high school student with a prodigious driving technique. He is fond of saying, "No matter how many people are in front of me, I won't let them drive. When Soichiro is disowned by the Akagi family to enter the central political world, Gunma moves to Tokyo to become a racer with his best friend, Tamotsu Oishi, who has genius mechanical skills, and aims to get his license. (Manga artist: Noboru Rokuta, Released in 1986.)

Hochonin ajihei manga

71. 包丁人味平 Hochonin ajihei

Mihei Shiomi, whose father is Shozo Shiomi, a master of the Gojo School of Japanese cuisine, gives up high school to become a cook. While being trained in the kitchen of the Western-style restaurant "Kitchen Bulldog," he grows up through various cooking competitions. (Manga artist: Jiro Gyu, Released in 1973.)

sazaesan manga

72. サザエさん Sazae-san

It holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running animated television program in the world. It depicts the daily life of the Isono family (the Fuguta family), including the main character, Sazae Fuguta, also known as Sazae-san, with her family and neighbors. (Manga artist: Machiko Hasegawa, Released in 1969.)

Atashinchi book

73. あたしンち Atashin'chi

The story revolves around the Tachibana family, which consists of a quiet and fast-paced father, a rough and frugal mother, a sober and slightly clumsy high school student named Mikan (me), and a shy and loveless younger brother named Yuzuhiko (a.k.a. Yuzupi or You-chan), who is naïve, theoretical, and steady. (Manga artist: Eiko Kera, Released in 1994.)

uchino 3 shimai book

74. うちの3姉妹 Uchi no 3 Shimai

The content of this book is about the real-life experiences of raising the three daughters of Fu Su Chi, the three sisters of the Matsumoto family, in manga and text. (Manga artist: Purittsu Matsumoto, Released in 2005.)

This list is based on the results of an independent survey conducted by the HH JapaNeeds team in 2023.

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