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Improve your child’s Japanese language skills with Japanese tutoring lessons for children by a Japanese tutor near you or online. It is difficult to motivate children in Japanese classes, but tutors can help them study together by giving them a fun experience. Check the compatibility with the student in a free trial lesson. You can experience tutors until your requirements are met. Why don’t you study with a Japanese tutor who suits your child?

Local or Online lessons

Kids Japanese lessons face to face

Face-to-face lessons on site

No matter where you live in Japan, you can meet a tutor at a nearby cafe, public place, home or office. It is also possible to take a hybrid of in-person and online courses.

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Online lessons

Our tutors are ready to teach you online. Make the world your classroom!


Pro class fee for 5 hours per month
 The number of students
Payment frequency1 student2~3 students
Monthly (5 hours per month)¥29,880¥39,480
30 hours, every 6 months (17% off)¥24,880¥32,480
  • 10% consumption tax required separately
  • Japanese tutors have Japanese language teacher qualifications and teaching experience.
  • Travel expenses for the Japanese teacher to your home are included in the fee.
Partner class fee for 5 hours per month
Payment frequency 
Monthly(5hours a month)¥5,940
Every 6 months(17% off)¥4,950
  • 10% consumption tax required separately
  • Japanese language tutors are volunteer staff.
  • Lesson location is a public place or cafe near you.
  • Price details
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Available Lessons

Japanese lessons for kids

Japanese for elementary, junior high and high school students

We teach using Japanese textbooks designed for returnee students. This is also ideal for families who are accompanying their children to Japan for work, or for children born between Japanese spouses.

Japanese lessons for child

Japanese for daily life

Students learn daily conversation so that they can talk and play in Japanese with their school friends. These are fun lessons that emphasize the desire to learn more. Kanji reinforcement is also popular.

japanese lessons for child

JLPT or International Baccalaureate (IB)

Focusing on preparation for JLPT, we teach learning methods and techniques for solving the test. The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum is taught by an IB graduate tutor.

Lesson Contents

  • You can also choose to tutor high school or college students. If your child is young, it may be most effective to study with a Japanese tutor who is close in age, especially when it comes to schoolwork and topics.
  • Daily conversation, school life Japanese, JLPT preparation, etc. 
  • From beginner class to advanced class.
  • We have lesson plans according to the purpose, course length, schedule, etc. 
  • We propose the best materials for learning effectively
  • I have an English speaking teacher.
  • Classes can be held at a place designated by the student, such as at home.
Genki textbook

Double Limited Phenomenon in Children Growing Up

Raising a bilingual child and want to avoid the “double-limited” phenomenon, where kids struggle in both languages academically? Our guide focuses on overcoming semilingualism, emphasizing the need to develop both daily-use and academic languages. Find strategies to ensure your child excels in their bilingual journey by clicking the following, avoiding the pitfalls of underdevelopment in either language.

How to avoid the double limitation phenomenon in growing children

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Request method


Please request a Japanese tutor by phone or e-mail .

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Free trial

After the coordinator’s counseling, we will arrange the ideal Japanese tutor in about a week. Take a free trial lesson to see if the Japanese teacher is the best fit for you.

Arrangement Japanese tutor of the school coordinator

After confirming that all the desired conditions are met, regular lessons will begin . Japanese teachers can be changed at any time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

HH JapaNeeds features quality Japanese tutors, affordable prices, customized study plans, and one-on-one instruction in the comfort of your own home.

Apart from your tutor, your personal coordinator will select the best tutor for you and arrange a date and time for a free trial lesson. You are free to contact the tutor at your leisure. You can also check compatibility through an actual trial lesson. There is no charge until you find a tutor you like.

Yes. If the lessons don’t suit you, you can unsubscribe at any time.

At HH JapaNeeds, we offer tailored Japanese language classes for children, conveniently located near you in the heart of Tokyo, and available even on weekends. Our school is dedicated to making learning Japanese fun and accessible for all kids, especially for residents in and around Tokyo.

We believe in nurturing a love for the Japanese language among children. Our experienced home tutors design each class to meet the unique needs of every child, focusing on empowering them to express themselves in Japanese. Our classes ensure that your child will thrive in their language learning journey.

If you are searching for a Japanese language school for your child, consider our specialized classes at HH JapaNeeds. Experience the best in Japanese language education for children right here in Tokyo. Enroll your child today and watch them grow and succeed in their language learning adventure!

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