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Japanese tutoring at your company or home

We offer a diverse range of Japanese language classes at our school, taught by qualified native Japanese teachers. Each curriculum is tailor-made to best suit your individual learning needs, ensuring you get more from each lesson. Whether you prefer one-on-one private lessons for focused learning or enjoy the dynamic of group lessons, please let us know your requests. 

Our flexible location options include anywhere in Japan, as well as online platforms like Zoom and Discord for your convenience. Join our community to enhance your vocabulary and language skills, making your experience in Tokyo or any other city even more enriching. As a new student, you’ll find our courses not only educational but also surprisingly affordable.

Check here for a completely free e-learning online course to learn Japanese.

Local or Online lessons

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Face-to-face lessons on site

No matter where you live in Japan, you can meet a tutor at a nearby cafe, public place, home or office. It is also possible to take a hybrid of in-person and online courses.

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Online lessons

Our tutors are ready to teach you online. Make the world your classroom!


Pro class fee for 5 hours per month

 The number of students
Payment frequency1 student2~3 students4~8 students
Monthly (5 hours per month)¥29,880¥39,480¥45,480
30 hours, every 6 months (17% off)¥24,880¥32,480¥37,480
  • 10% consumption tax required separately
  • Japanese tutors have Japanese language teacher qualifications and teaching experience.
  • Negotiable for groups of 8 or more
  • Travel expenses for the Japanese teacher to your office or home are included in the fee.

Partner class fee for 5 hours per month

 The number of students
Payment frequency1 student
Monthly (5 hours per month)¥5,940
Every 6 months (17% off)¥4,950
  • 10% consumption tax not included.
  • Discounts are available for online classes.
  • Japanese language tutors are volunteer staff.
  • Lesson location is a public place or cafe near you.
  • Price details

Most Frequent Inquiries

  • We would like to provide Japanese language instruction to foreign national employees to help them pass the JLPT (N5 to N1).
  • We want to improve the ability of foreign employees and trainees to understand work instructions (oral and written) in Japanese.
  • We would like guidance on business manners and business customs unique to Japan, with priority given to learning industry terminology used in business operations.
  • We would like you to provide Japanese language training for foreign trainees after their arrival in Japan.
  • We would like you to provide Japanese tutoring for the families of employed foreigners.
  • We would like to choose from a variety of lessons by sending tutors to our office or using online lessons.
  • I would like to request if the instructor has business experience, English ability, age, etc.

Japanese language instructors (English, Chinese, and Korean available) will give lessons of your choice at the company office.

Available Courses

talking about japanese

Daily conversation

We teach the Japanese language knowledge and conversational skills necessary for living in Japan. This course is popular among foreign employees from beginner to beginner-intermediate level.

business Japanese lessons

Business Japanese

These lessons are designed to improve the Japanese language skills needed in various situations encountered in actual business, at work, and in the field. Instruction focusing on "listening" and "speaking" is popular.

Japanese lessons duo

Sales and Customer Service

Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of technical sales to Japanese customers, customer service at hotels, and guiding foreign passengers. These lessons are popular with engineers of manufacturers, etc.

Lesson contents

  • Business Japanese, daily conversation, JLPT preparation, business manners, etc.
  • From beginner to advanced level classes
  • Proposal of lesson plans according to your objectives, period of study, and schedule
  • Suggestion of the best materials for effective learning
  • English-speaking Japanese tutors available
  • Lessons available anywhere in Japan at a location of your choice (in your office, home, café, etc.)
Genki textbook

Request method



Please request a Japanese tutor by phone or e-mail .

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Free trial

After the coordinator’s counseling, we will arrange the ideal Japanese tutor in about a week. Take a free trial lesson to see if the Japanese teacher is the best fit for you.

Arrangement Japanese tutor of the school coordinator


After confirming that all the desired conditions are met, regular lessons will begin . Japanese teachers can be changed at any time.


Japanese lessons duo

Frequently Asked Questions

HH JapaNeeds features quality Japanese instructors, affordable prices, customized study plans, and one-on-one instruction in the comfort of your office or home.

Apart from your tutor, your personal coordinator will select the best tutor for you and arrange a date and time for a free trial lesson. You are free to contact the tutor at your leisure. You can also check compatibility through an actual trial lesson. There is no charge until you find a tutor you like.

HH JapaNeeds carefully selects the best Japanese instructors from Japan and overseas. Teachers undergo a rigorous selection process before becoming a Japanese teacher, and their performance is constantly checked afterwards. Please take a free trial lesson first.

You can pay by PayPal or credit card (American Express, Mastercard, Visa). In Japan, you can also pay at ATMs and convenience stores.

Please contact us at the address below. A representative will contact you shortly.

Free trial lesson available!