For private Japanese lessons, you can choose the type of Japanese tutor, teaching experience, English ability, gender, and age for your private Japanese lessons. You can take a free trial lesson to see if it is the best fit for you.

e-learning course

Maintain your enthusiasm and a stable learning pace. You will learn the basics of Japanese and tips for studying Japanese.

japanese tutors lesson learning

Peers from the community can engage in casual, less structured language practice on any topic of your choice.

japanese Pro tutor lesson learning

To learn mostly grammar with the fastest learning methods in a more formal setting, and with a larger budget.

”Own your Japanese learning. Maximize your potential by learning with the same teacher lesson after lesson.”

We look forward to your application.

The e-Learning course provides useful learning materials on a regular basis for free. Hiragana, numbers, grammar, verbs. Honorifics, JLPT N5, N4, N3, N2, N1 practice exams, FAQs and other resources are available. Estimated learning time is only about 10 minutes per session. We hope you can use it as a pacesetter for learning Japanese online. The secret to mastering a Japanese language is to work on it gradually and steadily. Studying becomes fun when it becomes a habit. Don’t hurry. Keep a stable pace to maintain your enthusiasm.
Why is it free?
Let us help you master the Japanese language by providing the materials for free. Because it is our pleasure and we can grow as well. In return, we want you to do your best to learn Japanese. Japan needs more diversity, and multiculturalism is a great asset for us to build world peace. Thank you very much for studying Japanese!

Partner classes are popular with students who wish to study Japanese with Japanese tutors on a budget. Japanese language tutors are carefully selected and approved by HH(Helping Hands). They are passionate and hospitable Japanese language teachers. They may or may not have professional teaching experience, but many are native Japanese who speak fluent English. Some of them are also aspiring Japanese language teachers. Many have also lived abroad and learned the language. For them, teaching their native language is of irreplaceable value. Frankly speaking, we really recommend this class. You can take private Japanese lessons at their convenience, but you cannot force the tutors to do so at your own convenience. Unlike the Pro class, these are unpaid volunteer tutors with or without teaching experience.

Japanese tutors are experienced professional Japanese language teachers for private Japanese lessons. This course is ideal for those who have a sufficient budget or who want to improve their Japanese in a short period of time for work or educational reasons. This Pro class is also especially suitable for those who wish to achieve a high score on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT). Please request the instructor’s English ability, gender, and age. Pro class Japanese tutors can conduct classes at your preferred location and time, such as at home or at work, making this the shortest study plan.


Japan time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sta Sun
09:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 18:00
18:00 - 21:00
*21:00 - 23:00
*23:00 - 09:00

You are free to plan 5 hours of lessons a month with your tutor. For example, once a week for 60 minutes or 75 minutes.

*●: Available, △:Please note that fewer tutors are available at this time.
* Japanese tutors living abroad teach in at midnight.


palce at cafe

Community Center or Cafe

You can study with your Japanese tutor in any public area or cafe near you.

place at office

Office or home

You can study with your Japanese tutor at your home or office in Pro class.

online japanese


Online Japanese tutoring is designed to maximize your study time.

These are included in each course.

e-Learning course

Let’s start with a free e-Learning course.

JLPT textbooks

JLPT exercises

You can take JLPT exercises while taking each course.



We will support you in choosing the materials that suit your goals.

question cards

Question cards

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why choose us?​

Useful tips for learning

Japanese tutors are especially recommended for

  • Want to have Japanese tutors around me who I can ask anything about Japan.
  • Want to meet my own Japanese tutor near me.
  • Want to be taught in English when I don’t understand.
japanese tutors lesson good

Benefits of Japanese Tutoring

Your own personal Japanese tutor is familiar with your characteristics and personality.
Japanese tutors have experience in language learning and studying abroad, so they can share their experiences.
You can concentrate better because you are face-to-face.
You’ll be motivated because you’ll be praised every Japanese class you meet your tutor.

Good for beginners! Phrases to Use to Take Japanese Lessons Effectively

Make the most of the advantage of one-on-one face-to-face Japanese lessons, so you can learn at your own pace.

  • Could you speak a little more slowly?
  • Can I practice here again?
  • I don’t really understand this part well.
  • Could you give me an example?
japanese tutors lesson learning

Three Steps! How to Master Japanese

  1. Know: Create opportunities for exposure to Japanese.
  2. Use it: Increase your opportunities to use Japanese
  3. Get used to it: Keep learning Japanese every day

Disadvantages of Japanese tutoring lessons

  1.  It’s not a passive lesson where you just listen like in a group lesson.
  2. Want to learn with different Japanese tutors in every lesson.
  3. Keep learning Japanese every day

Seven things that only people who have improved their Japanese are doing

  1. Read through the lesson materials before each lesson
  2. Actively ask questions to your tutor.
  3. Enjoy the lesson with your tutors.
  4. Learn from a Japanese tutor who is right for you.
  5. Make a monthly schedule with your tutor.
  6. Set specific goals for when and how much you want to improve.
  7. Keep a vocabulary book with all the words and idioms learned in the lesson.

Tutor's voice​

woman icon 4

I am a qualified Japanese teacher and have been teaching at school for 5 years. I can also teach in English. I love working as a teacher who can meet a lot of people.

Japanese teacher (Pro)
woman icon

Many foreign friends helped me a lot during my study abroad. Now, I want to return the favor to foreigners staying in Japan.

University student (Partner)
man icon


Self-employs (Partner)
woman icon 3


Retired (Partner)
woman icon 2

I have time to help people while my kids are at school. I want to use my English skill and get to know people from all over the world while helping people learn Japanese.

Housewife (Partner)
man icon 2

I am an engineer, and I’ve worked in many different countries. I want to help somebody by making use of my experience and my ability in Japanese.

Engineer (Partner)
Maximize your learning with some free learning websites that works with your Japanese tutors.


Let's study Japanese efficiently using the app along with the lessons of Japanese tutors.


If you want to improve your Japanese, reading is one of the best ways to do it.


Here are some great websites for completely free online Japanese masters.


Podcasts are a very effective way to improve your Japanese listening skills.


Find the best Japanese textbook that suits your purpose and study Japanese.

We look forward to your application.

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