E-Language Learning Course

Welcome to the beginning of your Japanese language journey. Let’s start with a free E-Language Learning Course.






Feature of the course

The E-Language Learning Course regularly delivers useful learning materials. Hiragana, numbers, grammar, verb. honorifics, JLPT N5, N4, N3, N2, N1 mock test, FAQ, and other materials are available to all students from beginner to advanced level. There are also some video lectures in the middle of the course. The estimated study time is only about 5 minutes per session. I hope you will use it as a pacesetter for learning Japanese. The secret to mastering the language is to work on it gradually and steadily. Once it becomes a habit, studying will become fun. Don’t hurry through it.  Maintain a steady pace to keep up your enthusiasm.

1 Basics (for beginners)

  • Hiragana
  • Katakana
  • Number
  • Calendar
hiranaga chart to study Japanese language

2 Some video learning (for beginners and intermediates)

  • Japanese characters
  • Japanese sounds
  • Japanese sentences

3 Postpositions / Verbs (for intermediates)

  • Explanation of postpositions
  • Verb description
  • Verb conjugation table
verb-five-stage verbs

4 Adjectives (for intermediates)

  • Explanation of adjectives
  • Adjective conjugation table
Explanation of adjectives

5 Honorifics (for advanced)

  • Perfect Honorific Master
Honorific Master picture Japanese tutor lessons

6 JLPT practice test

  • JLPT Level check. (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test)
  • JLPT Practice Test N5, N4, N3, N2, N1.
JLPT practice japanese private lessons

7 Japanese Q&A

  • 100 Q&A about Japan
Q&A Japanese language tutor

Bonus: The secret to studying a language

  • The secret to learning a language
  • Scientifically effective study method
  • The world you see after mastering Japanese etc.
Learning Japanese with tutor school

Get 3 gift materials!

These will be part of the gifts on the "E-Language Learning Course".

100 Q&A about Japan

Here are simple answers to the most common questions of Japanese culture. A must have for first time visitors to Japan!

Perfect Honorific Master

An explanation of honorifics and the correct honorifics for each situation. With this, you will have no trouble at work and other professional situations!

Verb Adjective Conjugation List

A very handy, easy to use list of the main Japanese verb and adjective conjugations. Level up your Japanese with this guide!

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