List of Japanese Language Schools in Japan

This page provides information on Japanese language schools located throughout Japan. Not only private Japanese language schools, but also Japanese language education facilities, such as separate Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools, are introduced by region. If you are thinking of studying in Japan or living in Japan and are looking for a Japanese language school, please make use of this site to find the right school for you.

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 List of Japanese language schools in Hokkaido

AreaSchool name
Chuo-ku, SapporoInternational Academy IAY Japanese Language Department 
Chuo-ku, SapporoSapporo International Japanese Language Institute 
Chuo-ku, SapporoSapporo Language Center
Chuo-ku, SapporoHokkaido Japanese Language Academy Sapporo Main School
Chuo-ku, SapporoTomo Language Academy Sapporo School
Kita-ku, SapporoSoken Gakuen Nursing Preliminary Japanese Course
Toyohira-ku, SapporoHokkaido Askgate Japanese School Sapporo School
Hakodate CityJapan International Language Academy Hakodate School
AsahikawaAsahikawa Japanese Language School Hokkaido
Eniwa CityHokkaido HSL Japanese Language School
Eniwa CityHokkaido High Technology College
Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gunAsahikawa Welfare College
Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gunHigashikawa Municipal Higashikawa Japanese Language School

Iwate Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Iwate Prefecture

AreaSchool name
Morioka CityUeno Law Business College
Morioka CityMorioka College of Information Business

Miyagi Prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Miyagi Prefecture

AreaSchool name
Aoba Ward, Sendai CityAoba Foreign Language Institute
Aoba Ward, Sendai CityInternational Academy Language School
Aoba Ward, Sendai CityJapan Computer Academy Sendai International Japanese Language School
Aoba Ward, Sendai CitySendai Language School Japanese Course
Aoba Ward, Sendai CityTohoku Foreign Language Tourism College
Aoba Ward, Sendai CityTohoku Multicultural Academy
Aoba Ward, Sendai CityOriental International Cultural Academy
Aoba Ward, Sendai CityFuture Forest Academy Japanese Language Department

Yamagata Prefecture

 List of Japanese language school in Yamagata

AreaSchool name
Yamagata CityTohoku Bunkyo University Junior College Department International Student Special Course
Shinjo CityShinjo Computer College Japanese Course

Fukushima Prefecture


List of Japanese language schools in Fukushima

AreaSchool name
Fukushima CityFukushima Japanese Language Institute
Koriyama CityInternational Art & Design College Japanese Language Department
Koriyama CityFukushima Medical College Japanese Language Department
Iwaki CityHigashi Nippon International University International Student Special Course
Nishigo Village, Nishishirakawa DistrictShin Shirakawa International Education Academy

Ibaraki Prefecture


List of Japanese language schools in Ibaraki

AreaSchool name
Mito CityIbaraki International Academy
Mito CityKyoshin Language Academy Mito School
Mito CityHitachi Gakuin
Mito CityMirai Japanese School
Hitachi CityHitachi Sakura Japanese School
Tsuchiura CityEarl Medical Welfare Japanese Department
Tsuchiura CityTsukuba Foreign Language Institute
Shimotsuma CityJOA Japanese Language Institute
Toride CityInternational Academy Japanese Language Institute Toride School
Toride CityJapanese School Tsukuba Smile
Tsukuba CityJonan International Academy
Tsukuba CityTsukuba Bunka Gakuen, Japan Tsukuba International Language Institute
Oarai Town, Higashiibaraki CountyOarai International Exchange Academy
Tone Town, Kitasoma DistrictTone International Academy
Tone Town, Kitasoma DistrictNihon Wellness Sports University

Tochigi Prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Tochigi

AreaSchool name
Utsunomiya CityAtis International Academy
Utsunomiya CityUtsunomiya Nikken Technical College
Utsunomiya CityUtsunomiya Japanese Language Institute
Utsunomiya CityOyama International Japanese Language School
Utsunomiya CitySt. Mary Japanese Academy
Utsunomiya CityTochigi International Education Academy
Utsunomiya CityMaronnier Japanese Language Institute
Ashikaga CityVocational school Ashikaga Community College
Ashikaga CityKairinjuku Japanese Language School
Tochigi CityKogakuin
Oyama CityTibby Japanese Language School
Shioya-cho, Shioya-gunTochinoki Japanese Language Institute
Takanezawa Town, Shioya DistrictJapan School of Business

Gunma Prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Gunma

AreaSchool name
Maebashi CityAccola Japanese Language Institute
Maebashi CityNIPPON Language Academy
Maebashi CityNIPPON Bunka Gakuin
Maebashi CityNIPPON Heiwa Gakuin
Maebashi CityFuji Language School
Maebashi CityMaebashi Medical Welfare College
Takasaki CityVocational School Central Johodai School Japanese Language Department
ShibukawaTakasaki Dream Japanese Language School
Itakura-cho, Ora-gunYamayuki Japanese School


 List of Japanese language schools in Saitama

AreaSchool name
Omiya Ward, Saitama CitySaitama Japanese Language School
Omiya Ward, Saitama CityHanasaku Language Academy
Omiya Ward, Saitama CityYono Gakuin Japanese Language School
Chuo Ward, Saitama CityTokyo Japanese Language Institute
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityAgeo International Education Center
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityUrawa International Academy Urawa School
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityUrawa International Education Center
Minami Ward, Saitama CityKanto International Academy
Minami Ward, Saitama CityMusashi Urawa Japanese Language Institute
Midori Ward, Saitama CitySAI International Education Academy
Kawagoe CityYamaguchi Gakuin International Information and Economics College Japanese Language Course
Kawagoe CityInternational Bridge Academy
Kawagoe CityNaruyuki Japanese School
Kawagoe CityTokyo Globe Language Academy
Kawagoe CityYamate Japanese Language School
Kawaguchi cityToyo Academy Japanese Language Institute
Kawaguchi cityHongo International Academy
Kawaguchi cityHoly Pigeon International College
Gyoda CitySaitama International Academy
Gyoda CitySakitama International Academy
Tokorozawa CityTokyo Institute of Education and Culture, Tokorozawa School
Hanno CityEiko Japanese Language School Hanno School
Higashimatsuyama CityEiko Japanese Language Academy
Higashimatsuyama CityHiki Academy Japanese Language School
Sayama CitySaitama Briey Japanese School
KoshigayaTokyo Asian Alumni Association
KoshigayaBunkyo University Foreign Student Special Course
Warabi CityUrawa International Academy Saitama School
Warabi CityPrince International Language Institute
Iruma CityAsahi Japanese Language Institute
Niiza CityCentral Information College
Sakado CityJosai University Special Course
Sakado CityToa International Language Institute
Sakado CityHeisei International Education Academy
Sakado CityWakaba International Education Academy
Fujimino CityTokyo International Academy Japanese Language School

Chiba prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Chiba

AreaSchool name
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityWithdom International Academy
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityUeno Law Business College Japanese Language Department
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityAID International Academy
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityInternational Travel Hotel Bridal College Japanese Language Department
Chuo Ward, Chiba City3H Japanese Language School
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityCentral International Cultural Institute
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityTokyo one Japanese language school Chiba school
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityFutabagaigo School
Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba CityShintomi International Language Institute
Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba CityMakuhari Japanese School
Wakaba Ward, Chiba CityTakizawa Gakuen Chiba Mode Business College Japanese Department
Mihama Ward, Chiba CityActive Japanese Language Institute
Mihama Ward, Chiba CityKanda University of International Studies International Student Special Course
Choshi CityChiba Institute of Science International Student Special Course
Ichigawa CityIchikawa Japanese Language Institute
Ichigawa CityMizuno Foreign Language Institute
Funabashi CityInternational School Funabashi
Funabashi CitySMI Business College
Funabashi CityOnly One Nihongo School
Funabashi CityTokyo JLA Foreign Language School
Funabashi CityNikko Japanese Language Institute
Matsudo CityKEN Japanese Language Institute
Matsudo CityMatsudo International Academy
Matsudo CityManabiya International Language Institute
Matsudo CityMatsuyama Gakuen Miyabi International Academy
Matsudo CityMeisei Information Business College Japanese Language Department
Matsudo CityMeito Japanese Language Institute
Narita CityAIT Japanese School
Narita CityNarita Japanese Language School
Sakura CityTokyo Sakura Gakuin
Togane CityJosai International University International Student Special Course
Narashino CityNarashino Foreign Language Institute
Kashiwa CityAsahi International School
Kashiwa CityChiba International Academy
Kashiwa CityJapanese International Academy
Kashiwa CityAkito Japanese Language Institute
Kashiwa CityReitaku University Special Course Japanese Language Training Course
Nagareyama CityTokyo Bridge Japanese Language School
Abiko CityNoda International Academy
Abiko CityNoda Japanese Language Institute
Abiko CityYUME Japanese Language Institute
Abiko CityYOMA Japanese Language Institute
Kamogawa CityKamedairyogijutsu College Japanese Language Department
Kimitsu CityTsubasa International Academy
UrayasuMeikai University Special Course Japanese Language Training Course
UrayasuWayo Japanese Language Institute Urayasu School
Tomisato CityNarita International High School
Tomisato CityHeisei International Academy
Katori CitySawara Gakuen
Tako-cho, Katori-gunInternational Cooperation Japanese Language Institute

Kanagawa Prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Kanagawa

AreaSchool name
Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama CityOhara Bookkeeping Information Business College Yokohama School
Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama CityYokohama Medical College
Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama CityYokohama International Language School
Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama CityWaseda Language Institute Yokohama School
Nishi-ku, YokohamaIPA International Education Academy
Nishi-ku, YokohamaYokohama International Education Academy
Nishi-ku, YokohamaYokohama Design College
Naka-ku, YokohamaAishin International Academy
Naka-ku, YokohamaAsia International Language Center
Naka-ku, YokohamaAsuka Gakuin
Naka-ku, YokohamaAlice Japanese School Yokohama School
Naka-ku, YokohamaYokohama YMCA Academy
Minami-ku, YokohamaYokohama International Language Institute
Minami-ku, YokohamaYokohama Mirai Japanese Language Institute
Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama CityKOYO International Academy
Aoba Ward, Yokohama CityKanrin Japanese Language School
Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki CityForeign Language Business Vocational School
Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki CityWaseda EDU Japanese Language School Yokohama School
Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki CityLogos International institute
Tama Ward, Kawasaki CityYMCA International Business College
Minami Ward, Sagamihara CitySagami International Academy
HiratsukaTokai University Special Course Japanese Language Training Course
Odawara cityLIBERTY Odawara Japanese Language School
Atsugi CityYMCA Health and Welfare College Japanese Department
Yamato CityYamato Foreign Language Institute
Isehara CityInternational General Health College Japanese Department

Yamanashi Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Yamanshi

reaSchool name
Kofu CityUNITAS Japanese Language School
Fuefuki CityFuji Language and Culture Garden

Nagano Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Nagano

AreaSchool name
Nagano cityAtago Japanese School
Nagano cityNagano 21 Japanese Language Institute
Nagano cityNagano Heisei Gakuen Japanese Language Department
MatsumotoMatsumoto International Japanese Language School
MatsumotoMarunouchi Business College
MatsumotoAkisakurakai Marunouchi Business College
Ueda CityVocational school Nagano Business Foreign Language College
Ueda CityMANABI Foreign Language Institute
Suwa CityNagano International Culture Academy
Shimosuwa Town, Suwa DistrictTokyo HOPE Japanese International Academy Suwa School


List of Japanese language schools in Tokyo

AreaSchool name
Chiyoda WardKudan Institute of Japanese Language, Japanese Language Institute
Chiyoda WardTokyo Chiyoda Japanese Language School
Chiyoda WardYMCA Tokyo Japanese Language School
Chuo-kuKyushu Foreign Language Institute Tokyo Nihonbashi School
Chuo-kuGinza World Academy
Chuo-kuInternational Institute of Japanese Language
Chuo-kuTokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School
Chuo-kuTokyo Nihonbashi Foreign Language Institute
Chuo-kuHESED Foreign Language School Nihonbashi School
Minato-kuAoyama International Education Institute
Minato-kuEdo Culture Center
Minato-kuKasumiyamakai General Incorporated Foundation Toa Gakuin
Minato-kuKeio University Japanese Language and Culture Education Center Special Course / Japanese Language Training Course
Minato-kuDaiki Japanese Language Institute Tokyo
Minato-kuTokyo Omiya Japanese Language School
Minato-kuTokyo Shibaura Institute of Foreign Languages
Minato-kuTokyo Japanese Language Center
Minato-kuNozomi Japanese School
Minato-kuUJS Language Institute
Shinjuku wardArc Academy Shinjuku School
Shinjuku wardISI Language School
Shinjuku wardAcademy of Language Arts
Shinjuku wardIkushu International Language Institute
Shinjuku wardElite Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardOL Jay Language Academy
Shinjuku wardKai Japanese School
Shinjuku wardKyoshin Language Academy Shinjuku School
Shinjuku wardCoach Academy Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardKCP Global Citizens Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardSakura Tokyo Japanese School
Shinjuku wardSam Education Academy
Shinjuku wardJCLI Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardSystem Toyo Gaigo
Shinjuku wardShinjuku Gyoen Gakuin
Shinjuku wardShinjuku International Exchange Academy
Shinjuku wardShinjuku Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardShinjuku Mt. Fuji International Language Institute
Shinjuku wardShinjuku Heiwa Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardShinwa Foreign Language Academy
Shinjuku wardSendagaya Japanese Institute
Shinjuku wardJapanese School Attached to Sendagaya Japanese Language Education Institute
Shinjuku wardTokyo University of Foreign Studies
Shinjuku wardTokyo Foreign Language College
Shinjuku wardTokyo Foreign Language Japanese School
Shinjuku wardJapanese Language School attached to Tokyo International University
Shinjuku wardTokyo International Japanese School
Shinjuku wardTokyo International Cultural Institute Shinjuku School
Shinjuku wardTokyo Cosmo Gakuen
Shinjuku wardTokyo JLA Foreign Language School Waseda School
Shinjuku wardTokyo Central Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardTokyo Japanese Language Institute
Shinjuku wardTokyo World Japanese School
Shinjuku wardTokyo Waseda Foreign Language School New Okubo School
Shinjuku wardTokyo Waseda Foreign Language School
Shinjuku wardToshin Language School
Shinjuku wardJapanese-American Conversation Academy Japanese Language Institute
Shinjuku wardJapan Student Support Organization Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center
Shinjuku wardJapan Tokyo International School
Shinjuku wardHigashi Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute
Shinjuku wardHuman Academy Japanese Language School Tokyo
Shinjuku wardFuji International Language Institute
Shinjuku wardHotsuma International School Tokyo
Shinjuku wardMidream School of Japanese Language
Shinjuku wardMitsumine Career Academy Japanese Course
Shinjuku wardFamous school education Japanese language school
Shinjuku wardMeiji Language School
Shinjuku wardTomo International Cultural Institute
Shinjuku wardFriend Language Academy
Shinjuku wardUNITAS Japanese Language School Tokyo
Shinjuku wardYoshida Institute of Japanese Language
Shinjuku wardLab Japanese Language Education and Training Center
Shinjuku wardLinkage Japanese School
Shinjuku wardWaseda EDU Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardWaseda Foreign Language College
Shinjuku wardWaseda Keifuku Language Institute
Shinjuku wardWaseda Language School
Shinjuku wardWaseda University Center for Japanese Language Education and Research Japanese Language Education Program
Bunkyo WardARC Tokyo Japanese Language School
Bunkyo WardAsian Student Cultural Association
Bunkyo WardABK College Japanese School
Bunkyo WardKyoritsu Ikueikai Kyoritsu Japanese Language Institute
Bunkyo WardSANKO Japanese Language School Tokyo
Bunkyo WardTakushoku University Special Course Japanese Language Course
Bunkyo WardTokyo Bunka Gakuin
Bunkyo WardNichichu Gakuin
Bunkyo WardCarrot Language School
Bunkyo WardMeishin Japanese School
Bunkyo WardJapanese Yen Education Academy
TaitoAsakusa International Academy
TaitoIntercultural Institute of Japanese Language
TaitoLIC International Academy
TaitoInternational Language Institute
TaitoInternational Zen Neighbor Academy
TaitoJSL Japan Academy Tokyo School
TaitoTamagawa International Language School
TaitoTamagawa International Academy Culture Department
TaitoTokyo International Foreign Language Institute
TaitoTokyo Ueno Japanese Language Institute
TaitoTokyo Prince Foreign Language Institute
TaitoTokyo International Asahi Gakuin
TaitoTokyo International Asahi Gakuin Kitaueno School
TaitoTokyo International Business College Japanese Language Department
TaitoTokyo International Culture Education Institute
TaitoTokyo Riverside Gakuen
TaitoJapan International Cultural Education Academy Tokyo School
TaitoBJL International Japanese School
TaitoYIEA Tokyo Academy
TaitoWaseda Bunkakan Japanese Language Department
Sumida WardI Am International Japanese Language School
Sumida WardInternational gifted school
Sumida WardShurin Japanese School
Sumida WardShinpo Kokusai Gakuin
Sumida WardTokyo Sophia International Language Institute
Sumida WardTokyo Fuji Language Institute
Sumida WardTokyo Akio Japanese Language Institute
Sumida WardMANABI Foreign Language Institute Tokyo School
Koto WardSTG International College
Koto WardKinoshita Gakuen Kanan International Education Academy
Koto WardShubayashi Foreign Language College
Koto WardTokyo Toyo Japanese Language Institute
Koto WardTokyo Japanese-English Academy
Koto WardTokyo YMCA Nihongo Gakuin
Shinagawa WardTokyo Japanese Academy
MeguroEva Green Language School
MeguroNew Global Language School
Ota-kuICLC Tokyo Japanese Language School
Ota-kuWest Coast Language Institute
Ota-kuKowa Japanese Language Institute
Ota-kuTokyo Education College, Tamagawa School
Ota-kuTokyo Institute of Technology Japanese Language School
Ota-kuTokyo Transnational Japanese Language School
Ota-kuMeishin Japanese School
SetagayaGrand Vision International Academy
SetagayaTokyo Hinoki Foreign Language Institute
SetagayaHESED Foreign Language School Setagaya School
SetagayaWayo Japanese Language Institute
Shibuya WardAoyama School of Japanese
Shibuya WardVictoria Academy
Shibuya WardShibuya Gaigo Gakuin
Shibuya WardShibuya Ral Japanese Language Institute
Shibuya WardTokyo Ikuei Japanese Language Institute
Shibuya WardTokyo Engineering School Japanese Language School
Shibuya WardNaganuma School Tokyo Japanese Language School
Shibuya WardBantan Professional Language School
Shibuya WardHiroo Japanese Center
Shibuya WardBunka Institute of Languages
Shibuya WardYamano Japanese Language School
NakanoEast West Japanese Language School
NakanoInternational Institute of Humanities and Foreign Languages
NakanoTCC Japanese Institute
NakanoTokyo Nakano Japanese Language Institute
SuginamiGyochi Gakuen No. 2 Japanese Language School
SuginamiContemporary Foreign Language Institute
SuginamiKoenji International Academy
SuginamiTokyo Sanritsu Gakuin
SuginamiTokyo Noah Rangeji School
SuginamiTOPA 21st Century Language School
Toshima wardISI Language College
Toshima wardICA International Conversation Academy
Toshima wardAn Language School
Toshima wardVocational school International School of Business
Toshima wardInternational Academy Japanese Language Institute
Toshima wardSunshine Language School
Toshima wardSunshine Gakuen Tokyo Welfare Childcare College
Toshima wardSendagaya Foreign Language Institute
Toshima wardChiyoda International Language Academy
Toshima wardToei Gakuin
Toshima wardTokyo language school
Toshima wardTokyo International Exchange Academy Ikebukuro School
Toshima wardTokyo Institute of Language, Japanese Language Center
Toshima wardBunka Gakuen Japan College of Foreign Languages (Japanese Language Department)
Toshima wardMeros Language School
Kita WardAsia Fellowship Society Foreign Language Academy
Kita WardJET Japanese School
Kita WardShutoku Education Academy
Kita WardJIN Tokyo Japanese Language School
Kita WardJapanese Language School attached to Chuo Technical School
Kita WardTokyo Foreign Language Academy Japanese Language School
Kita WardTokyo International Knowledge Academy
Kita WardTokyo Negamo International Academy
Kita WardWaseda Shingakukan
ArakawaIECC Japanese Language School
ArakawaAkamonkai Japanese Language School Nippori School
ArakawaAkamonkai Japanese Language School Main School
ArakawaDynamic Business College
ArakawaTokyo City Japanese Language School
ArakawaTokyo International Japanese School
ArakawaFuji International Language Institute Waseda School
Itabashi WardAn language school Narimasu school
Itabashi WardAn Language School Mitsugaoka School
Itabashi WardUrawa International Academy Tokyo School
Itabashi WardKokusho Japanese Language School
Itabashi WardCosmos Foreign Language Institute
Itabashi WardShukutokunihongo School
Itabashi WardTokyo Asahi Academy
Itabashi WardTokyo Itabashi Japanese Language School
Itabashi WardTokyo Kokoro Japanese Language School
Itabashi WardFuji Gakuen Fuji Japanese Language School
Nerima WardAnn Language School Nerima School
Nerima WardElizabeth International Academy
Adachi WardIntermix-TOKYO Japanese Language School
Adachi WardALCC Tokyo Gakuin
Adachi WardTokyo Johoku Japanese Language Institute
KatsushikaSun-A International Academy Oedo School
KatsushikaJoto Japanese Language School
KatsushikaTIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese
KatsushikaTokyo Gakusha
KatsushikaTokyo Yotsugi School of Education
KatsushikaHua International Academy
Edogawa WardAladdin Japanese Language Institute
Edogawa WardEdogawa International Academy
Edogawa WardOhara Japanese Language Institute
Edogawa WardSelf-study school Japanese language school
Edogawa WardTokyo Foreign Language Education Academy
Edogawa WardTokyo Language Education Academy
Edogawa WardTokyo Hirai Japanese Language School
Edogawa WardTokyo Bayside Japanese School
Edogawa WardTokyo Masuda Japanese Language School
Edogawa WardToho International College
Edogawa WardToyo Language School
Hachioji CityKeio Language Academy
Hachioji CityTokyo International Language Institute
Hachioji CityTokyo International Exchange College
Hachioji CityTowa International Academy
Hachioji CityNitto International Academy Hachioji School
MusashinoAsia University International Student Special Course
MusashinoKichijoji Foreign Language School
Mitaka CityCollege of Asian and African Languages, Department of Japanese
Ome CityTokyo Yoyogi Japanese Language School
Fuchu CityTokyo HOPE Japanese International Academy
Machida CityJF Oberlin University Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture (Special Course for International Students)
Machida CityNitto International School
Hino cityGakutomo Japanese Language School
Hino cityTokyo Global Nihongo School
Kokubunji CityKISJ Kokubunji
Fussa CityNew Japan Academy
Fussa CityTokyo Hirata Japanese Language Institute
Fussa CityHosana Japanese Language Institute Tokyo School
Fussa CityMeisei International Japanese School
Kiyose CityTokyo Institute of Education and Culture
Tama CityTokyo Shigen Academy
Okutama Town, Nishitama DistrictOkutama Japanese Language School

Niigata Prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Niigata Prefecture

AreaSchool name
Higashi-ku, NiigataInternational Japanese College
Chuo Ward, Niigata CityInternational Foreign Language / Tourism / Airlines College
Chuo Ward, Niigata CitySado International Education Academy
Nagaoka CityEisin Nagaoka Japanese Language School

Toyama Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Toyama

AreaSchool name
Toyama CityToyama International Academy
Toyama CityMt. Fuji Foreign Language Institute
Imizu CityToyama College of Business and Information Technology

Ishikawa Prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Ishikawa

AreaSchool name
KanazawaVocational school Alice Gakuen
KanazawaVocational school Alice Gakuen Kaga school
KanazawaOhara Bookkeeping Law and Tourism College Kanazawa
KanazawaVocational school first school Kanazawa school
KanazawaHokuriku University International Student Special Course
Hakusan CityKinjo University Junior College Department of International Students

Fukui prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Fukui

AreaSchool name
Fukui CityFukui Language Academy
Fukui CityFukui Language Academy Sabae
Obama CityAoike Cookery College Japanese Language Department

Gifu Prefecture

  List of Japanese language schools in Gifu

AreaSchool name
Gifu CitySakura Tokai Japanese Language School
Gifu CityToBuCo Vocational School
Gifu CityHotsuma International School
Ogaki CityGifu Kyoritsu University International Student Special Course
Ogaki CitySubaru Gakuin Ogaki School
Ogaki CityMirai TO Japanese Language Institute
Seki CityChubu Gakuin University Special Course Japanese Language Course
Hashima CityINC Japnease Language Institute
Hashima CityLiberty International School
Mizuho CityAsahi University International Student Special Course
Motosu CitySubaru Gakuin Motosu School
Sakahogi Town, Kamo DistrictCentral Japan Automobile Junior College International Student Special Course

Shizuoka Prefecture

  List of Japanese language schools in Shizuoka

AreaSchool name
Aoi Ward, Shizuoka CityShizuoka International School
Aoi Ward, Shizuoka CityShizuoka Japanese Education Center
Suruga Ward, Shizuoka CityInternational Language Academy Japanese Language School
Naka-ku, Hamamatsu CityLLES Language Institute
Naka-ku, Hamamatsu CityHamamatsu Japanese Language Institute
Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu CityShonan Japanese Language Institute Hamamatsu School
Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu CityNakano Gakuen Oisuka Development Education College
Numazu CityGrandeur Global Academy Numazu School
Numazu CityNumazu Japanese Language Institute
Numazu CityFuji Sakura Japanese School
Fujinomiya CityA.C.C. International Exchange Academy
Fuji cityMt. Fuji Japanese Language School
Kakegawa CityKakegawa Japanese Language School
Fukuroi CityShizuoka International Language Institute
Fukuroi CityTLS Fukuroi

Aichi prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Aichi

AreaSchool name
Chikusa-ku, NagoyaAichi Shukutoku University International Student Special Course
Chikusa-ku, NagoyaNSA Japanese School
Chikusa-ku, NagoyaNagoya Business Accounting College Japanese Department
Higashi-ku, NagoyaForeign Language Institute Advanced Academy
Higashi-ku, NagoyaNissei Japanese Language Academy Nagoya School
Nakamura Ward, Nagoya CityI.C.NAGOYA
Nakamura Ward, Nagoya CityESL Lab Japanese Language Institute Nagoya School
Nakamura Ward, Nagoya CityNorth River Japanese School
Nakamura Ward, Nagoya CityHotsuma International School Nagoya School
Naka-ku, NagoyaARMS Japanese School
Naka-ku, NagoyaAichi International Academy
Naka-ku, NagoyaAsean Japanese Language School
Naka-ku, NagoyaECC Japanese Language Institute Nagoya School
Naka-ku, NagoyaH & A Japanese Language School
Naka-ku, NagoyaKamiyama Gakuin Japanese Language School
Naka-ku, NagoyaJLC Education Academy
Naka-ku, NagoyaCentral Japan Japanese Language School
Naka-ku, NagoyaNagoya SKY Japanese Language School
Naka-ku, NagoyaNagoya Fukutoku Japanese Language Institute
Naka-ku, NagoyaNagoya YMCA Japanese Language Institute
Naka-ku, NagoyaNagoya YWCA Gakuin Japanese Language School
Showa Ward, Nagoya CityNagoya International School of Japanese
Mizuho Ward, Nagoya CityAichi Institute of Technology Foreign Language School
Atsuta Ward, Nagoya CityNagoya Gakuin University International Student Special Course
Nakagawa Ward, Nagoya CityASAHI Bunka Gakuin
Minato-ku, NagoyaNagoya International Language Institute
Meito-ku, NagoyaNagoya International Academy
Tempaku Ward, Nagoya CityIXAS Japanese School
Toyohashi CityToyohashi Japanese Language School
Okazaki CitySchool Corporation Richinomori Okazaki Japanese Language School
Okazaki CityYAMASA Institute of Language and Culture
Kasugai CityKyoshin Language Academy Nagoya Kita School
Inuyama CityNagoya Academy of Education
Komaki CityIris Japan Language School
Shinshiro CityKobun International
Iwakura CityAichi Kotonoha Gakuin
Kanie Town, Ama DistrictUsec International School

Mie Prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Mie

AreaSchool name
Tsu cityMie Japanese School
YokkaichiInternational Japanese School
YokkaichiHumanitec Life Design College
YokkaichiYokkaichi Japanese Language School
Suzuka CitySuzuka Japanese Language School

Shiga Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Shiga

AreaSchool name
Otsu CityKyoshin Language Academy Biwako School


List of Japanese language schools in Kyoto

AreaSchool name
Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto International Academy
Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto Japanese Language Education Center Kyoto Japanese Language School
Sakyo Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto Computer Academy Kamogawa School Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center
Sakyo Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto Institute of Culture and Language
Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto CityARC Kyoto Japanese Language School
Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto CityISI Language School Kyoto School
Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto CitySCG Japanese Language School
Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto CityKatsugaku Shoin
Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto YMCA International Welfare College Japanese Language Department
Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto CityKeishin Language Academy Kyoto Central School
Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto CityJapan International Language Academy Kyoto School
Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto CityJapanese Center
Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto CityYIC Kyoto Japanese Language Institute
Ukyo Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto University of Foreign Studies International Student Special Course
Ukyo Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto Minsai Japanese Language School
Fushimi Ward, Kyoto CityKansai Language Academy
Fushimi Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto Language and Culture Institute
Fushimi Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto Akizuki Gakuen
Fushimi Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto Piano Technical College
Fushimi Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto Encouragement International Academy
Fushimi Ward, Kyoto CityJCL Foreign Language Institute
Yamashina Ward, Kyoto CityBinai Gakuen Japanese Language School Kyoto School
Yamashina Ward, Kyoto CityKyoto Asuka Academia


 List of Japanese language schools in Osaka

AreaSchool name
Miyakojima Ward, Osaka CityOne Purpose International Academy
Konohana Ward, Osaka CityOsaka International Education Academy
Nishi-ku, OsakaEbisu Japanese School
Nishi-ku, OsakaOsaka YMCA International College
Nishi-ku, OsakaClover Academy
Nishi-ku, OsakaJ International Academy
Nishi-ku, OsakaManwa International Education Academy
Taisho Ward, Osaka CityJMC Japanese Language School
Taisho Ward, Osaka CityBASIC Japanese Language Institute
Tennoji Ward, Osaka CityAshiya International Academy Osaka School
Tennoji Ward, Osaka CityOsaka YMCA Japanese Language Department
Tennoji Ward, Osaka CityKansai International Academy
Tennoji Ward, Osaka CityJIN Tokyo Japanese Language School Osaka School
Tennoji Ward, Osaka CityJapan Student Services Organization Osaka Japanese Language Education Center
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityARC Osaka Japanese Language School
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityAKK Bunka Gakuin
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityYale Gakuen Department of Japanese Language Education
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityOhara Foreign Language Tourism & Bridal Beauty Vocational School
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityOhara Bookkeeping Law College Namba School
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityMeric Japanese School
Nishiyodogawa Ward, Osaka CityOsaka International Language Institute
Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka CityInternational Future Academy
Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka CityShin-Osaka Foreign Language Institute
Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka CityJapanese Medical Welfare College, Department of Japanese
Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka CityDepartment of Japanese Language, Japan Science and Technology Information College
Higashinari Ward, Osaka CityJac Education Academy
Ikuno Ward, Osaka CityKaifu Japanese School Attached to Asia House
Ikuno Ward, Osaka CityWell Japanese Language Institute
Ikuno Ward, Osaka CityShinai Language College
Ikuno Ward, Osaka CityHowdy Japanese School
Asahi Ward, Osaka CityACC Japanese Language Institute
Abeno Ward, Osaka CityAbeno Japanese Language Institute
Abeno Ward, Osaka CityKansai Foreign Language College Japanese Course
Abeno Ward, Osaka CityVocational School Seifu Institute of Information Technology Japanese Department
Abeno Ward, Osaka CityBunrin Gakuin Japanese Department
Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka CityKeishin Language Academy Osaka School
Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka CitySeigan Japanese Language School
Higashisumiyoshi Ward, Osaka CityYamato Education Academy
Nishinari Ward, Osaka CityOsaka Tourism Business Japanese Language School
Nishinari Ward, Osaka CityOsaka International Academy
Nishinari Ward, Osaka CityKinki Japanese Language Institute
Yodogawa Ward, Osaka CityOsaka High Technology College
Yodogawa Ward, Osaka CityLoop International Japanese School
Suminoe Ward, Osaka CityMorinomiya Medical School Language School
Hirano Ward, Osaka CityOsaka Japanese Academy
Hirano Ward, Osaka CityOsaka Minami Japanese School
Hirano Ward, Osaka CitySANWA Foreign Language Institute
Kita Ward, Osaka CityECC International College of Foreign Languages, Department of Japanese
Kita Ward, Osaka CityOsaka General Welfare College
Kita Ward, Osaka CityOsaka International School of Culture and Culture
Kita Ward, Osaka CityOsaka YWCA Vocational School
Kita Ward, Osaka CityKaisei Academy Japanese Language School Osaka Umeda School
Kita Ward, Osaka CityJapanese-Chinese Language College
Kita Ward, Osaka CityHeisei Medical Academy College Japanese Department
Kita Ward, Osaka CityMedical Esthetic College Japanese Department
Chuo-ku, OsakaOsaka Foreign Language Institute
Chuo-ku, OsakaOsaka Biomedical College Japanese Language Department
Chuo-ku, OsakaHuman Academy Japanese Language School Osaka School
Chuo-ku, OsakaFirst Study Japanese School Osaka Main School
Sakai Ward, Sakai CityOsaka Frontier Japanese Language School
Sakai Ward, Sakai CityShina International Language Institute
Sakai Ward, Sakai CityDaiwa Academy
Kita Ward, Sakai CityEarth Foreign Language Institute
Kita Ward, Sakai CityOsaka Japanese Language Institute
Suita CityKansai University International Student Special Course
Izumiotsu CityFirst Study Japanese School Osaka Izumiotsu School
Moriguchi CityOsaka International University International Student Special Course
Moriguchi CityYuchi International Japanese Language Institute
Tondabayashi CityJVC Academy
Tondabayashi CityHotsuma International Osaka School
Habikino CityAoyama Hope Academy
Fujiidera CityMinami Osaka International Language School
Higashi Osaka CityOsaka Meisei International Japanese Language School
Higashi Osaka CityHigashi Osaka Mirai Japanese Language School
Shijonawate CityHannah Central Rehabilitation College

Hyogo prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Hyogo

AreaSchool name
Higashinada Ward, Kobe CityKobe Kokusai University Faculty of Economics International Special Course
Higashinada Ward, Kobe CityKobe Sumiyoshi International Japanese Language School
Nada Ward, Kobe CityKeishin Language Academy Kobe School
Nada Ward, Kobe CityHideaki Kobe International Academy
Kobe City Hyogo WardAsian Academy
Kobe City Hyogo WardAristo Foreign Language Institute
Kobe City Hyogo WardKIJ Language Academy
Kobe City Hyogo WardKIJ Language Academy South School
Kobe City Hyogo WardKobe World Academy
Nagata Ward, Kobe CityKagura Japanese Academy
Nagata Ward, Kobe CityKobe Foreign Language Education Academy
Nagata Ward, Kobe CityKobe Shin Nagata Japanese Language Institute
Nagata Ward, Kobe CityInterculture Language Academy
Nagata Ward, Kobe CitySubaru Foreign Language Institute
Nagata Ward, Kobe CityHanshin Motor Aviation Railway College Japanese Special Course
Chuo-ku, KobeECC Japanese Language Institute Kobe School
Chuo-ku, KobeKasuga Japanese Language Institute
Chuo-ku, KobeKobe KR Academy
Chuo-ku, KobeKobe Institute of Computing, Department of Japanese
Chuo-ku, KobeKobe Oriental Japanese Language Institute
Chuo-ku, KobeKobe YMCA Gakuin Vocational School Japanese Language Department
Chuo-ku, KobeCommunica Academy
Chuo-ku, KobeTomito Foreign Language Institute
Chuo-ku, KobeJapanese Academy Mirai
Himeji CitySBC Himeji Japanese Language Institute
Himeji CitySochi International Academy
Himeji CityWestern Japan Business Language Institute
Himeji CityJapan Engineering College, Department of Japanese
Amagasaki CityAsian International Center
Amagasaki CityAMA Japan College
Amagasaki CityKobe Japanese Language Institute
Nishinomiya CityKobe International Language School
Ashiya CityAISJ Japanese Language School
Itami CityKansai International Education Academy
Kawanishi CityKaisei Academy Japanese Language School Hyogo Kawanishi School
Awaji CityJpga Japan Global Academy
Sayo-cho, Sayo-gunSayo Japanese Language School

Nara Prefecture

 List of Japanese language schools in Nara

AreaSchool name
Nara cityNara Foreign Language Institute
Nara cityNara International Japanese Language School
Nara cityNara General Business College
Yamatotakada CityYamato International Japanese Language Institute
Tenri CityTenrikyo Language Institute Japanese Department
Kashihara CityAim Nara International Academy
Kashihara CityNissei Japanese Language School Nara School
Sakurai CityYamatomahorobani Japanese School

Wakayama Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Wakayama

AreaSchool name
Wakayama CityWakayama Foreign Language College
Wakayama CityWakayama 2nd Japanese Language School
Wakayama CityWakayama YMCA International Welfare College Japanese Language Department

Tottori prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Tottori

AreaSchool name
Tottori CityTottori Jokita Japanese Language School
Yonago CityYonago International Business College
Yonago CityYonago Japanese School
Chizu-cho, Yazu-gunChibayashi Japanese Language School

Shimane Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Shimane

AreaSchool name
MatsueVocational School Matsue General Business College Japanese Language Department
Izumo CityTrinity College Izumo Medical and Welfare College

Okayama Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Okayama

AreaSchool name
Kita Ward, Okayama CityOkayama Institute of Languages
Kita Ward, Okayama CityOkayama Science and Technology College Japanese Language Department
Kita Ward, Okayama CityVocational School Okayama Business College Japanese Language Department
Kita Ward, Okayama CityOsafune Japanese Language School
Higashi-ku, OkayamaOkayama Gakugeikan Foreign Language School
Kurashiki CityKurashiki Foreign Language Institute
Kurashiki CityKurashiki University of Science and Technology


List of Japanese language schools in Hiroshima

AreaSchool name
Naka-ku, Hiroshima CityHiroshima YMCA Vocational School
Higashi-ku, HiroshimaHuman Welfare Hiroshima Vocational School Japanese Language Department
Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima CityIGL Medical Welfare College Japanese Language Department
Hiroshima City Aki WardJapan Wellness Sports College Hiroshima School
Mihara CityYamanaka Gakuen Mihara International Academy of Languages Japanese Department
OnomichiAce Language Academy
Fukuyama CityAnabuki Medical and Welfare College (Japanese Language Department)
Fukuyama CityHiroshima Academy
Fukuyama CityVocational school Hiroshima International Business College
Fukuyama CityFukuyama International Language Institute
Fukuyama CityFukuyama YMCA International Business College
Fukuyama CityMirokunosato International Cultural Institute Japanese Language School
Higashi Hiroshima CityHLA Japanese School
Kaita-cho, Aki-gunHiroshima Welfare College

Yamaguchi Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Yamaguchi

AreaSchool name
Shimonoseki CitySakura International Language Institute
Yamaguchi CityJapanese language education institution Uguisu
Yamaguchi CityJapanese language school
Hagi CityVocational school Sakura International Language Education Academy
Shunan CityTokuyama Sogo Business College

Tokushima Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Tokushima

AreaSchool name
Tokushima CityVocational School Anabuki Information Civil Service College

Kagawa Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Kagawa

AreaSchool name

Takamatsu City

Anabuki Business College (Japanese Department)

Ehime Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Ehime

AreaSchool name
Matsuyama CityKawahara Electronic Business College Japanese Language Department
Niihama CityHappiness Foreign Language Institute

Kochi Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Kochi

AreaSchool name
Kochi CityInternational Design Beauty College

Fukuoka Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Fukuoka

AreaSchool name
Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu CityKitakyushu Foreign Language Institute
Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu CityKitakyushu YMCA Academy
Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu CityKitakyushu Japanese Culture Institute
Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu CityKyushu Medical Sports College Japanese Department
Yahatahigashi Ward, Kitakyushu CityVocational school Ohara Automobile Technical College
Yahatanishi Ward, Kitakyushu CityJapanese language school
Higashi-ku, FukuokaAiwa Foreign Language Institute
Higashi-ku, FukuokaEnishi Japanese School
Higashi-ku, FukuokaFukuoka Foreign Language College
Hakata-ku, FukuokaAso Foreign Language Tourism & Confectionery College
Hakata-ku, FukuokaVocational school Aso Institute of Technology Automobile College
Hakata-ku, FukuokaAso Information Business College
Hakata-ku, FukuokaIroha Japanese School
Hakata-ku, FukuokaFLA Academy
Hakata-ku, FukuokaOhara Childcare Medical Welfare College Fukuoka School
Hakata-ku, FukuokaKyushu Foreign Language Institute
Hakata-ku, FukuokaKyushu International Education Academy
Hakata-ku, FukuokaVocational school Kyushu Designer Gakuin
Hakata-ku, FukuokaGenki Japanese and Culture School
Hakata-ku, FukuokaGAG Japanese Language Institute
Hakata-ku, FukuokaEast Asian Japanese School
Hakata-ku, FukuokaFukuoka International Academy
Hakata-ku, FukuokaFukuoka National Land Construction College
Hakata-ku, FukuokaFuji International Academy
Chuo Ward, Fukuoka CityAsian International Language Institute
Chuo Ward, Fukuoka CityKyushu English Mathematics Center International Language Institute
Chuo Ward, Fukuoka CityFukuoka YMCA Japanese Language School
Minami-ku, FukuokaAsia Japanese Academy
Minami-ku, FukuokaKyushu Japanese Language Institute
Minami-ku, FukuokaNishinihon International Education Institute
Minami-ku, FukuokaJapan International Language Academy Fukuoka School
Minami-ku, FukuokaFukuoka Japanese Language School
Jonan Ward, Fukuoka CityFukuoka YMCA International Hotel / Welfare College Japanese Department
Sawara Ward, Fukuoka CitySeinan Gakuin University International Student Special Course
Omuta CityJapanese Language Education International Exchange School
Kurume CityKurume Institute of International Relations
Kurume CitySpecialized Training College Kurume Seminar Japanese Language Department
Kurume CityKurume University International Student Special Course
Ogori CityKyoubayashi International Language Institute
Ogori CityNILS
Kasuga CityNILSAnnex
Onojo CityHaruaki International Academy
Munakata CityJapan Asia International Education Center
Itoshima CityJapanese Culture Language Institute
Umi-cho, Kasuya-gunKyoshin Language Academy Fukuoka School
Umi-cho, Kasuya-gunJapanese Academy
Shingu Town, Kasuya DistrictTsuruishi Gakuen Sakura Japanese Language Institute

Saga Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Saga

AreaSchool name
Saga CitySpecialized Training College Kurume Seminar Saga School Japanese Language Department
Saga CitySaga Women’s Junior College
Saga CityHuman Academy Japanese Language School Saga School
Tosu CityHirodo International Academy
Tosu CityJapanese Cultural Education Academy

Nagasaki Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Nagasaki

AreaSchool name
Nagasaki CityKokoro Medical and Welfare College
Nagasaki Cityko ko ro college japan
Nagasaki CityNagasaki Medical Children’s College
Nagasaki CityNagasaki Institute of Applied Science, Japanese language training course
Nagasaki CityMetro IT Business College
Sasebo CityKokoro Medical Welfare College Sasebo School
Sasebo CityNagasaki Japanese Language Institute

Kumamoto Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Kumamoto

AreaSchool name
Chuo Ward, Kumamoto CityKumamoto Foreign Language College
Chuo Ward, Kumamoto CityKumamoto YMCA Academy Japanese Department
Chuo Ward, Kumamoto CityVocational School Koto College Japanese Language Department
Chuo Ward, Kumamoto CityToho International Japanese Language School
Higashi-ku, KumamotoKumamoto Technical College Japanese Language Department
Kita Ward, Kumamoto CityKyushu Survey College Japanese Department

Oita Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Oita

AreaSchool name
Oita CityAsuka Gakuen Asuka Japanese Language School
Oita CityNippon Bunri University Special Course Japanese Course
Beppu CityBeppu University Beppu Japanese Course

Miyazaki prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Miyazaki

AreaSchool name
Miyazaki CityMiyazaki Information Business Medical College
Miyakonojo CityHoei International Japanese Academy

Kagoshima prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Kagoshima

AreaSchool name
Kagoshima CityKagoshima Career Design College
Kagoshima CityKagoshima Information Business Civil Service College
Kagoshima CityKyushu Japanese Language School
Ichikikushikino CityKamimura Gakuen Vocational School
Amami CityKakehashi International School / Amami School

Okinawa Prefecture

List of Japanese language schools in Okinawa

AreaSchool name
Naha cityOkinawa JCS Academy
Naha cityInternational Language and Culture Center Japanese Language School
Naha cityNansei Gakuen Sai Tech College Naha
Naha citySAELU Gakuin
Naha cityShogakuin International Business Academy
Naha cityStep World Japanese Language Institute
Naha cityJapan-Asia Foreign Language Institute
Naha cityGores Academy Japanese Academy of Culture and Economics
Naha cityFuji Gakuen Vocational School IT College Okinawa
Naha cityLife Junior Japanese Language Institute
Ginowan CityIntercultural Communication Center Japanese Language School
Urasoe CityJSL Japan Academy
Uruma CityOriental Language and Culture Institute