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List of Japanese Language Schools in Osaka

Information about Japanese language schools in Osaka. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Osaka.

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List of Japanese Language Schools in Osaka


AreaSchool name
Miyakojima Ward, Osaka CityOne Purpose International Academy
Konohana Ward, Osaka CityOsaka International Education Academy
Nishi-ku, OsakaEbisu Japanese School
Nishi-ku, OsakaOsaka YMCA International College
Nishi-ku, OsakaClover Academy
Nishi-ku, OsakaJ International Academy
Nishi-ku, OsakaManwa International Education Academy
Taisho Ward, Osaka CityJMC Japanese Language School
Taisho Ward, Osaka CityBASIC Japanese Language Institute
Tennoji Ward, Osaka CityAshiya International Academy Osaka School
Tennoji Ward, Osaka CityOsaka YMCA Japanese Language Department
Tennoji Ward, Osaka CityKansai International Academy
Tennoji Ward, Osaka CityJIN Tokyo Japanese Language School Osaka School
Tennoji Ward, Osaka CityJapan Student Services Organization Osaka Japanese Language Education Center
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityARC Osaka Japanese Language School
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityAKK Bunka Gakuin
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityYale Gakuen Department of Japanese Language Education
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityOhara Foreign Language Tourism & Bridal Beauty Vocational School
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityOhara Bookkeeping Law College Namba School
Naniwa Ward, Osaka CityMeric Japanese School
Nishiyodogawa Ward, Osaka CityOsaka International Language Institute
Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka CityInternational Future Academy
Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka CityShin-Osaka Foreign Language Institute
Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka CityJapanese Medical Welfare College, Department of Japanese
Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka CityDepartment of Japanese Language, Japan Science and Technology Information College
Higashinari Ward, Osaka CityJac Education Academy
Ikuno Ward, Osaka CityKaifu Japanese School Attached to Asia House
Ikuno Ward, Osaka CityWell Japanese Language Institute
Ikuno Ward, Osaka CityShinai Language College
Ikuno Ward, Osaka CityHowdy Japanese School
Asahi Ward, Osaka CityACC Japanese Language Institute
Abeno Ward, Osaka CityAbeno Japanese Language Institute
Abeno Ward, Osaka CityKansai Foreign Language College Japanese Course
Abeno Ward, Osaka CityVocational School Seifu Institute of Information Technology Japanese Department
Abeno Ward, Osaka CityBunrin Gakuin Japanese Department
Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka CityKeishin Language Academy Osaka School
Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka CitySeigan Japanese Language School
Higashisumiyoshi Ward, Osaka CityYamato Education Academy
Nishinari Ward, Osaka CityOsaka Tourism Business Japanese Language School
Nishinari Ward, Osaka CityOsaka International Academy
Nishinari Ward, Osaka CityKinki Japanese Language Institute
Yodogawa Ward, Osaka CityOsaka High Technology College
Yodogawa Ward, Osaka CityLoop International Japanese School
Suminoe Ward, Osaka CityMorinomiya Medical School Language School
Hirano Ward, Osaka CityOsaka Japanese Academy
Hirano Ward, Osaka CityOsaka Minami Japanese School
Hirano Ward, Osaka CitySANWA Foreign Language Institute
Kita Ward, Osaka CityECC International College of Foreign Languages, Department of Japanese
Kita Ward, Osaka CityOsaka General Welfare College
Kita Ward, Osaka CityOsaka International School of Culture and Culture
Kita Ward, Osaka CityOsaka YWCA Vocational School
Kita Ward, Osaka CityKaisei Academy Japanese Language School Osaka Umeda School
Kita Ward, Osaka CityJapanese-Chinese Language College
Kita Ward, Osaka CityHeisei Medical Academy College Japanese Department
Kita Ward, Osaka CityMedical Esthetic College Japanese Department
Chuo-ku, OsakaOsaka Foreign Language Institute
Chuo-ku, OsakaOsaka Biomedical College Japanese Language Department
Chuo-ku, OsakaHuman Academy Japanese Language School Osaka School
Chuo-ku, OsakaFirst Study Japanese School Osaka Main School
Sakai Ward, Sakai CityOsaka Frontier Japanese Language School
Sakai Ward, Sakai CityShina International Language Institute
Sakai Ward, Sakai CityDaiwa Academy
Kita Ward, Sakai CityEarth Foreign Language Institute
Kita Ward, Sakai CityOsaka Japanese Language Institute
Suita CityKansai University International Student Special Course
Izumiotsu CityFirst Study Japanese School Osaka Izumiotsu School
Moriguchi CityOsaka International University International Student Special Course
Moriguchi CityYuchi International Japanese Language Institute
Tondabayashi CityJVC Academy
Tondabayashi CityHotsuma International Osaka School
Habikino CityAoyama Hope Academy
Fujiidera CityMinami Osaka International Language School
Higashi Osaka CityOsaka Meisei International Japanese Language School
Higashi Osaka CityHigashi Osaka Mirai Japanese Language School
Shijonawate CityHannah Central Rehabilitation College

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List of Japanese Language class rooms in Osaka


City class room name
Osaka city Nihongo wo Manabou Kai
Sakai city Nihongo Sakaihigashi
Shimamoto city Shimamoto Nihongo Kyoshitsu
Settsu city Nihongo Gakushukai
Settsu city Settsu Nihongo Ajifu
Daito city Nihongo Yomikaki Koza
Takatsuki city Nihongo Network Takatsuki
Neyagawa city NIEFA Nihongo Kyoshitsu
Minoh city SASAYURI
Minoh city AKANE
Minoh city HIMAWARI
Minoh city Kayano Nihongo
日本語学校 授業

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Osaka city, Miyakojima Ward, Fukushima Ward, Konohana Ward, Nishi-ward, Minato-ku, Taisho Ward, Tennoji Ward, Naniwa Ward, Nishiyodogawa Ward, Higashiyodogawa Ward, Higashinari Ward, Ikuno Ward, Asahi Ward, Joto Ward, Abeno Ward, Sumiyoshi Ward, Higashisumiyoshi Ward, Nishinari Ward, Yodogawa Ward, Tsurumi Ward, Suminoe Ward, Hirano Ward, Kita Ward, Chuo-ku, Sakai City, Sakai Ward, Naka-ku, Higashi Ward, Nishi-ward, Minami Ward, Kita Ward, Mihara Ward, Kishiwada City, Toyonaka City, Ikeda City, Suita City, Izumiotsu City, Takatsuki City, Kaizuka City, Moriguchi City, Hirakata City, Ibaraki City, Yao City, Izumisano City, Tondabayashi City, Neyagawa City, Kawachinagano City, Matsubara City, Daito City, Izumi City, Minoh City, Kashiwara City, Habikino City, Kadoma City, Settsu City, Takaishi City, Fujiidera City, Higashiosaka City, Sennan City, Shijonawate City, Katano City, Sayama City, Osaka, Hannan City, towns and villages, Mishima-gun, Shimamoto Town, Toyono-gun, Toyono Town, Nose Town, Senboku-gun, Tadaoka Town, Sennan-gun, Kumatori Town, Tajiri Town, Misaki, Minamikawachi-gun, Taishi Town, Kanan Town, Chihaya Akasaka Village.