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Best Japanese Schools in Hokkaido

Information about Japanese schools in Hokkaido. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Sapporo City, Hokkaido.

If you are thinking about studying in Japan or living in Japan and are looking for a Japanese language school, please use our list of Hokkaido japanese language academy to find the school that suits you best.

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List of Japanese Language Classes in Hokkaido


Region nameJapanese classroom name
SapporoSapporo Japanese Club (SNC)
SapporoSapporo Children’s Japanese Club
SapporoJapanese volunteer “Tanpopo”
SapporoJapanese Volunteer “Window” Mado Manaban kai (Study Bankai)
SapporoN.R.S. Nihongo no kai Japanese Association
SapporoFor working Chinese returnees
SapporoSunday Japanese Class
SapporoJapanese Circle STEP ・ J
SapporoHokkaido International Women’s Association (H.I.W.A.)
AsahikawaAsahikawa Japanese Volunteer Association
HakodateHakodate Japanese Language Education Study Group
 Japanese Teaching Society (JTS)
KutchanKutchan International Support Association KISS:
 Kutchan International Support Society
OtaruOtaru Japanese Support Club (ONSA)
OtaruOtaru Japanese Language Class
 Japanese Language Class, Otaru City
ShizunaiJapanese Culture Circle (Shizunai)
 Japanese Language Circle
KitamiKitami YMCA “Iroha no Kai”
EbetsuEbetsu International Center Japanese Language Class
SapporoOshaberi Cafe LILA
SapporoAim Pass JLPT Sakura no Kai Mezase gokaku JLPT
SapporoSakura no Ki Japanese volunteer
SapporoJapanese class “sky” Sora
SapporoH.I.W.A Japanese Class “Manabu”
SapporoNPO Esnico “Japanese Nihongo Salon”
日本語学校 授業
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Learn Japanese near my location in Hokkaido | Available in all cities and towns

HH JapaNeeds provides Japanese language classes that are available for enrollment in all cities and towns listed below. We offer a wide range of lessons from beginner to business level.

Sapporo, Chuo-ku, Kita Ward, Higashi Ward, Shiroishi Ward, Toyohira Ward, Minami Ward, Nishi-ward, Atsubetsu Ward, Teine Ward, Kiyota Ward, Hakodate, Otaru, Asahikawa, Muroran City, Kushiro City, Obihiro City, Kitami City, Yubari City, Iwamizawa, Abashiri, Rumoi, Tomakomai, Wakkanai City, Bibai City, Ashibetsu City, Ebetsu City, Akabira City, Monbetsu City, Shibetsu City, Nayoro City, Mikasa City, Nemuro City, Chitose City, Takikawa City, Sunagawa City, Utashinai City, Fukagawa, Furano, Noboribetsu, Eniwa City, Date City, Kitahiroshima City, Ishikari, Hokuto City, towns and villages, Ishikari Promotion Bureau, , Ishikari-gun, Tobetsu Town, Shinshinotsu Village, Oshima General Promotion Bureau, , Matsumae-gun, Matsumae Town, Fukushima Town, Kamiiso-gun, Shiriuchi Town, Kikonai Town, Kameda-gun, Nanae Town, Kayabe-gun, Shikabe Town, Morimachi, Erkai-gun, Yakumo Town, Yamagoe-gun, Oshamanbe Town, Hiyama Promotion Bureau, Hiyama-gun, Esashi Town, Kaminokuni Town, Assabu Town, Nishi-gun, Otobe Town, Okushiri-gun, Okushiri Town, Setana-gun, Imakane Town, Kuon-gun, Setana town, Shiribeshi General Promotion Bureau, , Shimamaki-gun, Shimamaki Village, Suttsu-gun, Suttsu Town, Kuromatsunai Town, Isoya-gun, Rankoshi Town, Abuta-gun, Niseko Town, Makkari Village, Rusutsu Village, Kimobetsu Town, Kyogoku Town, Kutchan Town, Iwanai-gun, Kyowa Town, Iwanai Town, Kou-gun, Tomari village, Kamoenai Village, Shakotan-gun, Shakotan Town, Kobira-gun, Kobira Town, Yoichi-gun, Niki, Yoichi Town, Akaigawa Village, Sorachi General Promotion Bureau, , Sorachi-gun, Nanporo Town, Naie Town, Kamisunagawa Town, Yubari-gun, Yuni Town, Naganuma Town, Kuriyama Town, Kabato-gun, Tsukigata Town, Urausu Town, Shintotsukawa Town, Uryu-gun, Imoseushi Town, Chichibubetsu, Uryu Town, Hokuryu Town, Numata Town, Kamikawa General Promotion Bureau, , Kamikawa-gun (Ishikari), Takasu Town, Higashikaguracho, Toma Town, Pippu Town, Aibetsu Town, Kamikawa, Higashikawa Town, Biei, Sorachi-gun, Kamifurano, Nakafurano Town, Minamifurano Town, Yufutsu-gun, Shimukappu Village, Kamikawa-gun (Teshio), Wassamu Town, Kenbuchi Town, Shimokawa, Nakagawa-gun (Teshio), Bifuka, Otoineppu Village, Nakagawa, Uryu-gun, Horokanai Town, Rumoi Promotion Bureau, , Mashike-gun, Mashike Town, Rumoi-gun, Kodaira Town, Tomamae-gun, Tomamae Town, Haboro Town, Hatsuyamabetsu Village, Teshio County, Enbetsu Town, Teshio Town, Soya General Promotion Bureau, , Soya-gun, Sarufutsu Village, Esashi-gun, Hamatonbetsu Town, Nakatombetsu, Esashi Town, Teshio County, Toyotomi Town, Horonobe Town, Rebun-gun, Rebun Town, Rishiri-gun, Rishiri Town, Rishirifuji Town, Okhotsk General Promotion Bureau, , Abashiri-gun, Bihoro Town, Tsubetsu Town, Ozora Town, Shari-gun, Shari Town, Kiyosato Town, Koshimizu Town, Tokoro-gun, Kunneppu Town, Oketo Town, Saroma Town, Monbetsu-gun, Engaru Town, Yubetsu Town, Takinoue Town, Okoppe Town, Nishikobu Village, Oumu Town, Iburi General Promotion Bureau, , Abuta-gun, Toyoura Town, Toyako Town, Usu-gun, Sobetsu, Shiraoi-gun, Shiraoi, Yufutsu-gun, Atsuma Town, Abira Town, Mukawa Town, Hidaka Promotion Bureau, Saru-gun, Hidaka Town, Biratori Town, Niikappu-gun, Niikappu Town, Urakawa-gun, Urakawa, Samani-gun, Samani Town, Horoizumi-gun, Erimo Town, Hidaka-gun, Shinhidaka Town, Tokachi General Promotion Bureau, , Hadong County, Otofuke Town, Shihoro Town, Kamishihoro Town, Shikaoi Town, Kamikawa-gun (Tokachi), Shintoku Town, Shimizu Town, Hexi-gun, Memuro Town, Nakasatsunai Village, Sarabetsu Village, Hiroo-gun, Taiki Town, Hiroo Town, Nakagawa-gun (Tokachi), Makubetsu Town, Ikeda Town, Toyokoro Town, Honbetsu Town, Ashoro-gun, Ashoro Town, Rikubetsu Town, Tokachi-gun, Urahoro Town, Kushiro General Promotion Bureau, , Kushiro-gun, Kushiro Town, Akkeshi-gun, Akkeshi Town, Hamanaka, Kawakami-gun, Shibecha Town, Teshikaga Town, Akan-gun, Tsurui Village, Shiranuka-gun, Shiranuka Town, Nemuro Promotion Bureau, , Notsuke-gun, Betsukai Town, Shibetsu-gun, Nakashibetsu Town, Shibetsu Town, Menashi-gun, Rausu Town,