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Japanese Language Schools in Fukuoka

Information about Japanese language schools in Fukuoka Prefecture. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Fukuoka Prefecture.

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List of Japanese Language Schools in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Prefecture

AreaSchool name
Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu CityKitakyushu Foreign Language Institute
Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu CityKitakyushu YMCA Academy
Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu CityKitakyushu Japanese Culture Institute
Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu CityKyushu Medical Sports College Japanese Department
Yahatahigashi Ward, Kitakyushu CityVocational school Ohara Automobile Technical College
Yahatanishi Ward, Kitakyushu CityJapanese language school
Higashi-ku, FukuokaAiwa Foreign Language Institute
Higashi-ku, FukuokaEnishi Japanese School
Higashi-ku, FukuokaFukuoka Foreign Language College
Hakata-ku, FukuokaAso Foreign Language Tourism & Confectionery College
Hakata-ku, FukuokaVocational school Aso Institute of Technology Automobile College
Hakata-ku, FukuokaAso Information Business College
Hakata-ku, FukuokaIroha Japanese School
Hakata-ku, FukuokaFLA Academy
Hakata-ku, FukuokaOhara Childcare Medical Welfare College Fukuoka School
Hakata-ku, FukuokaKyushu Foreign Language Institute
Hakata-ku, FukuokaKyushu International Education Academy
Hakata-ku, FukuokaVocational school Kyushu Designer Gakuin
Hakata-ku, FukuokaGenki Japanese and Culture School
Hakata-ku, FukuokaGAG Japanese Language Institute
Hakata-ku, FukuokaEast Asian Japanese School
Hakata-ku, FukuokaFukuoka International Academy
Hakata-ku, FukuokaFukuoka National Land Construction College
Hakata-ku, FukuokaFuji International Academy
Chuo Ward, Fukuoka CityAsian International Language Institute
Chuo Ward, Fukuoka CityKyushu English Mathematics Center International Language Institute
Chuo Ward, Fukuoka CityFukuoka YMCA Japanese Language School
Minami-ku, FukuokaAsia Japanese Academy
Minami-ku, FukuokaKyushu Japanese Language Institute
Minami-ku, FukuokaNishinihon International Education Institute
Minami-ku, FukuokaJapan International Language Academy Fukuoka School
Minami-ku, FukuokaFukuoka Japanese Language School
Jonan Ward, Fukuoka CityFukuoka YMCA International Hotel / Welfare College Japanese Department
Sawara Ward, Fukuoka CitySeinan Gakuin University International Student Special Course
Omuta CityJapanese Language Education International Exchange School
Kurume CityKurume Institute of International Relations
Kurume CitySpecialized Training College Kurume Seminar Japanese Language Department
Kurume CityKurume University International Student Special Course
Ogori CityKyoubayashi International Language Institute
Ogori CityNILS
Kasuga CityNILSAnnex
Onojo CityHaruaki International Academy
Munakata CityJapan Asia International Education Center
Itoshima CityJapanese Culture Language Institute
Umi-cho, Kasuya-gunKyoshin Language Academy Fukuoka School
Umi-cho, Kasuya-gunJapanese Academy
Shingu Town, Kasuya DistrictTsuruishi Gakuen Sakura Japanese Language Institute

List of Japanese Language Classes in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Prefecture

AreaClassroom name
Kitakyushu CityHis Japanese classroom for moms and dads in Kokura Papa to Mam no tameno Nihongo Kokura
Kitakyushu CityLife Japanese Course Seikatsu Nihongo course
Kitakyushu CityJapanese open space Ogura classroom Nihongo Hiroba Kokura
Kitakyushu CityToriaezu Nihongo
Kitakyushu CityGYC Nihongo gocchya ☆
Kitakyushu CityKokuraminami Nihongo Japanese Language Class
Kitakyushu CityKONAN JLC
Kitakyushu CityShimosone Japanese Class
Kitakyushu CityWakamatsu Japanese Class
Kitakyushu CityKappa Juku
Kitakyushu CityGakken Volunteer Association Japanese Conversation Circle
Kitakyushu CityJapanese lounge
Kitakyushu Cityjasmine
Kitakyushu CityInternational Exchange Village Japanese Class
Kitakyushu CityGrassroots international exchange
Kitakyushu CityHimiko no Kai
Kitakyushu CityInternational exchange volunteer
Kitakyushu CityYui no Kai
Kitakyushu CityRISING [Rising] Japanese Class
Kitakyushu CityHis Japanese classroom for moms and dads in Kurosaki Papa to Mama no tameno Nihongo Kurosaki
Kitakyushu CityLife Japanese Course
Kitakyushu CityJapanese open space Kurosaki classroom Nihongo hiroba Kurosaki
Kitakyushu CityTobata Japanese Class “Ayame”
Fukuoka CityEast Citizen Center Japanese Language Class Nozomi
Fukuoka CityKashiihama Elementary School Parent-Child Japanese Language Class Yorutomo kai
Fukuoka CitySmall international exchange meeting East Post Office class
Fukuoka CitySmall international exchange meeting Najima (Sannomaru) housing complex class
Fukuoka CityJapanese language class for foreigners
Fukuoka CityKashii Nihongo Japanese class
Fukuoka CityNihon GO Club
Fukuoka CitySakura Nihongo Japanese Class
Fukuoka CitySmall International Exchange Meeting Fukuoka City International Hall Class
Fukuoka City 
Fukuoka CitySmall International Exchange Meeting Fukuoka City International Hall Class
Fukuoka City 
Fukuoka CityFukuoka Japanese Friendship Association Fukuoka City International Hall Class
Fukuoka City 
Fukuoka CityGlobal Friendship
Fukuoka CitySmall international exchange meeting Cocoron Center class
Fukuoka City 
Fukuoka CitySmall international exchange meeting Kokusai Hiroba (conversation class)
Fukuoka CitySmall international exchange meeting Kokusai Hiroba (basic class)
Fukuoka CitySoyokaze Nihongo Japanese Class
Fukuoka CityAsunaro-kai
Fukuoka CityJapanese / Friends
Fukuoka CityAkasaka Japanese Club
Fukuoka CityHanaso! Nihongo Japanese
Fukuoka City(Thursday noon class)
Fukuoka CityJapanese language learning group Nihongo wo manabu kai
Fukuoka CityWelcome Japanese class
Fukuoka CityJapanese open space Ichi-ni-san Nihongo Hiroba 1 2 3
Fukuoka CityCosmos Nihongo Japanese Club
Fukuoka CityJapanese Class Friday Club
Fukuoka CitySunday conversation salon
Fukuoka CityJapanese open space Nihongo Hiroba
Fukuoka CityFukufuku Japanese class
Fukuoka CityEfueichi Japanese Language Room
Fukuoka CityJapanese class Mirai
Fukuoka City(Mirai)
Fukuoka CityJapanese class Takamiya
Fukuoka CityJapanese Nihongo class Jonan
Fukuoka CityJapanese Volunteer School
Fukuoka CityNanakusa Nihongo
Fukuoka CityYWCA Happy School (learning Japanese from elementary school to 18 years old)
Fukuoka CityEasy Japanese, Nishishin (Monday) Yasashii Nihongo
Fukuoka CityFun Japanese Tanoshii nihongo
Fukuoka CityJapanese Class Warawara club
Fukuoka CitySawara City Center Japanese Class “Kakehashi”
Fukuoka CityKinsyai! Nihongo Japanese
Fukuoka CityFujisaki Japanese Language Class Nihongo Marukajiri
Fukuoka CityJapanese Class Saturday Club
Fukuoka CityJapanese language class Momochi
Fukuoka CityTakatori Nihongo Japanese Class
Fukuoka CityJapanese volunteer
Fukuoka Cityfriend Tomo Nihongo
Fukuoka CityIto International Circle
Fukuoka CityJapanese Friendship Association
Fukuoka CityJapanese Friendship Association Saito Classroom
Fukuoka CityJapanese language class (Atago Public Hall)
Fukuoka CityFukuoka International Ikueikai (Study Abroad Student Hall) Japanese Class
Kurume CityHis easy Japanese classroom for foreigners Yasashii Nihongo Kyoshitsu
Kurume CityJapanese language support “Mutsumon classroom”
Nogata CityJapanese open space Nogata Nihongo Hiroba Nogata
Iizuka CityJapanese language class for foreigners
TagawaJapanese Nihongo Club Tagawa
ChikuhoJapanese Class Kirakira Chikuho Class
Yanagawa CityYanagawa Japanese Class
Yanagawa CityWater Mizu kagerou
Yame cityTachibana Japanese Class
Yame cityYame Japanese Class Yora Hanasou!
Chikugo CityJapanese study session
Yukuhashi CityJapanese Class in Yukuhashi / KIZUNA
Buzen CityJapanese classroom
NakamaJapanese language class Nakama
Ogori CityOgoori Japanese Class
Chikushino CityChikushino City Japanese Language Class
Chikushino CityWai Wai Japanese Chikushino
Kasuga CityKasuga / Japanese Nihongo Hiroba
Onojo CityLanguage exchange open space Kotoba no Koryu Hiroba
Onojo CityJapanese Nihongo Classroom Kinsyai
Munakata CityMunakata Japanese Class
Dazaifu CityDazaifu Japanese Classroom Kotodama no Kai
Koga CityJapanese classroom
Fukutsu CityJapanese language class Wakaba
Ukiha CityUkiha Japanese Class
Asakura CityJapanese class A
Itoshima CityJapanese Hiroba / Itoshi
Shime TownLanguage course for foreigners
Mizumaki TownLanguage course for foreigners
Onga TownJapanese classroom
Kanda TownKanda Japanese Ozora
日本語学校 授業

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HH JapaNeeds provides Japanese language classes that are available for enrollment in all cities and towns listed below. We offer a wide range of lessons from beginner to business level.

Kitakyushu City, Moji Ward, Wakamatsu Ward, Tobata Ward, Kokura Kita Ward, Kokura Minami Ward, Yawata Higashi Ward, Yahatanishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Higashi Ward, Hakata Ward, Chuo-ku, Minami Ward, Nishi-ward, Jonan Ward, Sawara Ward, Omuta City, Kurume City, Nogata City, Iizuka City, Tagawa City, Yanagawa City, Yame City, Chikugo City, Okawa City, Yukuhashi City, Buzen City, Nakama City, Ogori City, Chikushino City, Kasuga City, Onojo City, Munakata City, Dazaifu City, Koga City, Fukutsu City, Ukiha City, Miyawaka City, Kama City, Asakura City, Miyama City, Itoshima City, Nakagawa City, towns and villages, Kasuya-gun, Umi Town, Sasaguri Town, Shime Town, Sue Town, Shingu Town, Hisayama Town, Kasuya Town, Onga-gun, Ashiya Town, Mizumaki Town, Okagaki Town, Onga Town, Kurate-gun, Kotake Town, Kurate Town, Kaho-gun, Katsuragawa Town, Asakura-gun, Chikuzen Town, Toho Village, Mitsui-gun, Tachiarai Town, Mizuma-gun, Oki Town, Yame-gun, Hirogawa Town, Tagawa-gun, Kashun Town, Soeda Town, Itoda Town, Kawasaki Town, Oto Town, Akamura, Fukuchi Town, Kyoto-gun, Kanda Town, Miyako Town, Tsukigami-gun, Yoshitomi Town, Jomo Town, Chikujo Town.