List of Japanese Language Schools in Mie Prefecture

Information about Japanese language schools in Mie Prefecture. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Mie Prefecture.

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Mie map

List of Japanese Language Schools in Mie Prefecture

Mie Prefecture

List of Japanese Language classes in Mie Prefecture

Mie Prefecture

Area nameJapanese classroom name
Inabe CityInabe Japanese Square Inabe Nihongo Hiroba
Kuwana CityAquarea Pon
Kuwana CityKuwana City International Exchange Citizen Advisor Committee
Kuwana CityExchange salon Hot
Kuwana CityKuwana Japanese Square Kuwana Nihongo Hiroba
YokkaichiCamphor tree Japanese class Kusunoki Nihongo class
YokkaichiYokkaichi International Exchange Center
YokkaichiYokkaichi Japanese Circle
YokkaichiViva Amigo
YokkaichiYokkaichi Multicultural Salon Adult Classroom
YokkaichiTomisuhara Japanese Class
YokkaichiNihongo café
Komono TownKomono Japanese Class (KJC)
Kameyama CityKameyama Japanese Classroom Beginning Hajime no Ippo
Suzuka CitySuzuka Japanese AIUEO
Suzuka CitySakurajima Japanese Class
Suzuka CitySuzuka International Association (SIFA)
Suzuka CityMakita Iroha classroom
Tsu CityMie International Exchange “Learning Association” Manabiainokai
Tsu CityTalking Friends Japanese Association Syabetteiitomo nihongo no kai
Tsu CityWelcome Japanese Yokoso nihongo
Tsu CityHirugao, a Japanese language class useful for studying at school
Tsu CityTsu City International Association Tsu Branch “Japanese Class”
Tsu CityTsu City International Association
Tsu CityPorta Hisai
Tsu CityTsu City International Association
Tsu CityTsukita Branch “Japanese Class”
Tsu CityTakajaya Japanese Class “Ganbarukai”
Tsu CityAnno District Japanese Class
Tsu CityJapanese Plaza Asuru
Matsusaka CityMatsusaka Japanese Association Matuszaka nihongo no kai
Taki TownTaki Town International Association
Ise cityIse Japanese Class (Ise City International Association)
Ise cityNPO Japanese Language School Yugo
Toba CityJapanese workshop Nihongo koubou
Toba City(Toba City International Association)
Shima CityShima Japanese Class
Shima City(Shima City International Association)
Iga CityIga Japanese Association
Iga CityTsutamaru Japanese Course
Iga City(NPO Iga Denmaru)
Nabari CityYuuai Japanese Association

Mienihongo Network (Mininet)
日本語学校 授業

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