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Japanese Language Schools in Kagawa Prefecture

Information about Japanese language schools in Kagawa Prefecture. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Kagawa Prefecture.

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List of Japanese Language Schools in Kagawa Prefecture

Kagawa Prefecture

AreaSchool name
Takamatsu CityAnabuki Business College (Japanese Department)

List of Japanese Language Classes in Kagawa Prefecture

Kagawa Prefecture

placeClassroom name
I-Pal Kagawa
Meeting room on the 3rd floor, etc. 
(Public interest incorporated foundation) Kagawa International Association
Aipal Japanese Course 
I-Pal Kagawa
Mezzanine floor exchange floor Mezzanine floor library 
Japanese Nihongo salon
I-Pal Kagawa
Meeting room on the 3rd floor, etc. 
Aipal Children’s Japanese Classroom
I-Pal Kagawa
3rd floor meeting room 
(Public interest incorporated foundation) Takamatsu City International Association
Japanese Conversation Club 
Lifelong Learning Center
(2-1-20 Otemachi, Marugame City) 
Marugame City International Association
Japanese Wednesday Class 
 Japanese Sunday Class
Ohashi Memorial Library
(1-3-10, Kotobukicho, Sakaide City) “
Minocho Lifelong Learning Center
Sakaide City International Association
Japanese @ Sakaide 
(568-1 Shimotakase, Mino-cho, Mitoyo-shi) “”Mitoyo Japanese Class
Mitoyo Future Creation CenterMitoyo City Tourism Exchange Bureau
Japanese language course 
Ochi Community Center
(1296-36 Sanbonmatsu, Higashikagawa City) 
Higashikagawa International Association
Japanese language learning course 
Utazu Town Health Center
2nd floor training room / Japanese-style room
(1881 Utazu Town) 
Utazu Town Japanese Class
Miki Town Disaster Prevention Center
(310, Hikami, Miki-cho) “
Tadotsu Town General Welfare Center
Miki Town Nihongo hiroba Japanese Plaza
Volunteer Association” “
Tadotsu Town General Welfare CenterTadotsu Japanese Exchange Meeting
Taniko” “”
Shijo Community Center
(281-1 Yoshinoshimo, Manno Town) 
Manno Town International Association
Japanese language course 
Shijo Community Center
(281-1 Yoshinoshimo, Manno Town) 
Japanese “Manno”
Yonbancho Community Center
(2-3-5 Bancho, Takamatsu City) “
1-11-1 Nishikicho, Takamatsu City
Japanese Circle Wa” no kai
(Hiroba school building) “”Japanese free class “
Cathedral of the Assumption
(1-8-9 Sakuramachi, Takamatsu City) “
Human Ring Cooperative
(Study) Anabuki Gakuen
(Special) Anabuki Business College
Japanese Language Department 
(1387-1 Tsuda, Tsuda-machi, Sanuki-shi) “”Cathedral of the Assumption
International Department Japanese Class 
Ayakawa Municipal Ceramics Public Hall
(5866-1 Sue, Ayagawa Town) “
Aminoura Exchange Center
Sanuki City Japanese Volunteer Association
Japanese Salon 
2nd floor multipurpose roomAyakawa Japanese Square
Location: 1900, Utazu-cho, Ayauta-gunJapanese Salon Waku Waku “
TEL: 0877-49-0287 “(Counseling for foreign residents, support for learning Japanese, etc.) “
Marugame City Joken Community Center (34-28 Nanjomachi, Marugame City)Kagawa Marugame Children’s Japanese open space
Kagawa Prefecture UNICEF Association Office
1-4-3 Kotobukicho, Takamatsu City Takamatsu Chuo-dori Building 3F 
Kagawa Prefecture UNICEF Association
Japanese open space 
 [Study session for teaching Japanese]
Ochi Community CenterHigashikagawa International Association
(1296-36 Sanbonmatsu, Higashikagawa City)Japanese volunteer study session
I-Pal Kagawa Conference RoomKagawa Japanese online study session
日本語学校 授業

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Takamatsu City, Marugame City, Sakaide City, Zentsuji City, Kanonji City, Sanuki City, Higashikagawa City, Mitoyo City, towns and villages, Shozu-gun, Tonosho Town, Shodoshima Town, Kida-gun, Miki Town, Kagawa-gun, Naoshima Town, Ayaka-gun, Utazu Town, Ayagawa Town, Nakatado-gun, Kotohira Town, Tadotsu Town, Manno Town.