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List of Japanese Language Classes in Tokyo

Information about Japanese language schools in Tokyo. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Tokyo.

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List of Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo


AreaSchool name
Chiyoda WardKudan Institute of Japanese Language, Japanese Language Institute
Chiyoda WardTokyo Chiyoda Japanese Language School
Chiyoda WardYMCA Tokyo Japanese Language School
Chuo-kuKyushu Foreign Language Institute Tokyo Nihonbashi School
Chuo-kuGinza World Academy
Chuo-kuInternational Institute of Japanese Language
Chuo-kuTokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School
Chuo-kuTokyo Nihonbashi Foreign Language Institute
Chuo-kuHESED Foreign Language School Nihonbashi School
Minato-kuAoyama International Education Institute
Minato-kuEdo Culture Center
Minato-kuKasumiyamakai General Incorporated Foundation Toa Gakuin
Minato-kuKeio University Japanese Language and Culture Education Center Special Course / Japanese Language Training Course
Minato-kuDaiki Japanese Language Institute Tokyo
Minato-kuTokyo Omiya Japanese Language School
Minato-kuTokyo Shibaura Institute of Foreign Languages
Minato-kuTokyo Japanese Language Center
Minato-kuNozomi Japanese School
Minato-kuUJS Language Institute
Shinjuku wardArc Academy Shinjuku School
Shinjuku wardISI Language School
Shinjuku wardAcademy of Language Arts
Shinjuku wardIkushu International Language Institute
Shinjuku wardElite Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardOL Jay Language Academy
Shinjuku wardKai Japanese School
Shinjuku wardKyoshin Language Academy Shinjuku School
Shinjuku wardCoach Academy Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardKCP Global Citizens Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardSakura Tokyo Japanese School
Shinjuku wardSam Education Academy
Shinjuku wardJCLI Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardSystem Toyo Gaigo
Shinjuku wardShinjuku Gyoen Gakuin
Shinjuku wardShinjuku International Exchange Academy
Shinjuku wardShinjuku Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardShinjuku Mt. Fuji International Language Institute
Shinjuku wardShinjuku Heiwa Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardShinwa Foreign Language Academy
Shinjuku wardSendagaya Japanese Institute
Shinjuku wardJapanese School Attached to Sendagaya Japanese Language Education Institute
Shinjuku wardTokyo University of Foreign Studies
Shinjuku wardTokyo Foreign Language College
Shinjuku wardTokyo Foreign Language Japanese School
Shinjuku wardJapanese Language School attached to Tokyo International University
Shinjuku wardTokyo International Japanese School
Shinjuku wardTokyo International Cultural Institute Shinjuku School
Shinjuku wardTokyo Cosmo Gakuen
Shinjuku wardTokyo JLA Foreign Language School Waseda School
Shinjuku wardTokyo Central Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardTokyo Japanese Language Institute
Shinjuku wardTokyo World Japanese School
Shinjuku wardTokyo Waseda Foreign Language School New Okubo School
Shinjuku wardTokyo Waseda Foreign Language School
Shinjuku wardToshin Language School
Shinjuku wardJapanese-American Conversation Academy Japanese Language Institute
Shinjuku wardJapan Student Support Organization Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center
Shinjuku wardJapan Tokyo International School
Shinjuku wardHigashi Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute
Shinjuku wardHuman Academy Japanese Language School Tokyo
Shinjuku wardFuji International Language Institute
Shinjuku wardHotsuma International School Tokyo
Shinjuku wardMidream School of Japanese Language
Shinjuku wardMitsumine Career Academy Japanese Course
Shinjuku wardFamous school education Japanese language school
Shinjuku wardMeiji Language School
Shinjuku wardTomo International Cultural Institute
Shinjuku wardFriend Language Academy
Shinjuku wardUNITAS Japanese Language School Tokyo
Shinjuku wardYoshida Institute of Japanese Language
Shinjuku wardLab Japanese Language Education and Training Center
Shinjuku wardLinkage Japanese School
Shinjuku wardWaseda EDU Japanese Language School
Shinjuku wardWaseda Foreign Language College
Shinjuku wardWaseda Keifuku Language Institute
Shinjuku wardWaseda Language School
Shinjuku wardWaseda University Center for Japanese Language Education and Research Japanese Language Education Program
Bunkyo WardARC Tokyo Japanese Language School
Bunkyo WardAsian Student Cultural Association
Bunkyo WardABK College Japanese School
Bunkyo WardKyoritsu Ikueikai Kyoritsu Japanese Language Institute
Bunkyo WardSANKO Japanese Language School Tokyo
Bunkyo WardTakushoku University Special Course Japanese Language Course
Bunkyo WardTokyo Bunka Gakuin
Bunkyo WardNichichu Gakuin
Bunkyo WardCarrot Language School
Bunkyo WardMeishin Japanese School
Bunkyo WardJapanese Yen Education Academy
TaitoAsakusa International Academy
TaitoIntercultural Institute of Japanese Language
TaitoLIC International Academy
TaitoInternational Language Institute
TaitoInternational Zen Neighbor Academy
TaitoJSL Japan Academy Tokyo School
TaitoTamagawa International Language School
TaitoTamagawa International Academy Culture Department
TaitoTokyo International Foreign Language Institute
TaitoTokyo Ueno Japanese Language Institute
TaitoTokyo Prince Foreign Language Institute
TaitoTokyo International Asahi Gakuin
TaitoTokyo International Asahi Gakuin Kitaueno School
TaitoTokyo International Business College Japanese Language Department
TaitoTokyo International Culture Education Institute
TaitoTokyo Riverside Gakuen
TaitoJapan International Cultural Education Academy Tokyo School
TaitoBJL International Japanese School
TaitoYIEA Tokyo Academy
TaitoWaseda Bunkakan Japanese Language Department
Sumida WardI Am International Japanese Language School
Sumida WardInternational gifted school
Sumida WardShurin Japanese School
Sumida WardShinpo Kokusai Gakuin
Sumida WardTokyo Sophia International Language Institute
Sumida WardTokyo Fuji Language Institute
Sumida WardTokyo Akio Japanese Language Institute
Sumida WardMANABI Foreign Language Institute Tokyo School
Koto WardSTG International College
Koto WardKinoshita Gakuen Kanan International Education Academy
Koto WardShubayashi Foreign Language College
Koto WardTokyo Toyo Japanese Language Institute
Koto WardTokyo Japanese-English Academy
Koto WardTokyo YMCA Nihongo Gakuin
Shinagawa WardTokyo Japanese Academy
MeguroEva Green Language School
MeguroNew Global Language School
Ota-kuICLC Tokyo Japanese Language School
Ota-kuWest Coast Language Institute
Ota-kuKowa Japanese Language Institute
Ota-kuTokyo Education College, Tamagawa School
Ota-kuTokyo Institute of Technology Japanese Language School
Ota-kuTokyo Transnational Japanese Language School
Ota-kuMeishin Japanese School
SetagayaGrand Vision International Academy
SetagayaTokyo Hinoki Foreign Language Institute
SetagayaHESED Foreign Language School Setagaya School
SetagayaWayo Japanese Language Institute
Shibuya WardAoyama School of Japanese
Shibuya WardVictoria Academy
Shibuya WardShibuya Gaigo Gakuin
Shibuya WardShibuya Ral Japanese Language Institute
Shibuya WardTokyo Ikuei Japanese Language Institute
Shibuya WardTokyo Engineering School Japanese Language School
Shibuya WardNaganuma School Tokyo Japanese Language School
Shibuya WardBantan Professional Language School
Shibuya WardHiroo Japanese Center
Shibuya WardBunka Institute of Languages
Shibuya WardYamano Japanese Language School
NakanoEast West Japanese Language School
NakanoInternational Institute of Humanities and Foreign Languages
NakanoTCC Japanese Institute
NakanoTokyo Nakano Japanese Language Institute
SuginamiGyochi Gakuen No. 2 Japanese Language School
SuginamiContemporary Foreign Language Institute
SuginamiKoenji International Academy
SuginamiTokyo Sanritsu Gakuin
SuginamiTokyo Noah Rangeji School
SuginamiTOPA 21st Century Language School
Toshima wardISI Language College
Toshima wardICA International Conversation Academy
Toshima wardAn Language School
Toshima wardVocational school International School of Business
Toshima wardInternational Academy Japanese Language Institute
Toshima wardSunshine Language School
Toshima wardSunshine Gakuen Tokyo Welfare Childcare College
Toshima wardSendagaya Foreign Language Institute
Toshima wardChiyoda International Language Academy
Toshima wardToei Gakuin
Toshima wardTokyo language school
Toshima wardTokyo International Exchange Academy Ikebukuro School
Toshima wardTokyo Institute of Language, Japanese Language Center
Toshima wardBunka Gakuen Japan College of Foreign Languages (Japanese Language Department)
Toshima wardMeros Language School
Kita WardAsia Fellowship Society Foreign Language Academy
Kita WardJET Japanese School
Kita WardShutoku Education Academy
Kita WardJIN Tokyo Japanese Language School
Kita WardJapanese Language School attached to Chuo Technical School
Kita WardTokyo Foreign Language Academy Japanese Language School
Kita WardTokyo International Knowledge Academy
Kita WardTokyo Negamo International Academy
Kita WardWaseda Shingakukan
ArakawaIECC Japanese Language School
ArakawaAkamonkai Japanese Language School Nippori School
ArakawaAkamonkai Japanese Language School Main School
ArakawaDynamic Business College
ArakawaTokyo City Japanese Language School
ArakawaTokyo International Japanese School
ArakawaFuji International Language Institute Waseda School
Itabashi WardAn language school Narimasu school
Itabashi WardAn Language School Mitsugaoka School
Itabashi WardUrawa International Academy Tokyo School
Itabashi WardKokusho Japanese Language School
Itabashi WardCosmos Foreign Language Institute
Itabashi WardShukutokunihongo School
Itabashi WardTokyo Asahi Academy
Itabashi WardTokyo Itabashi Japanese Language School
Itabashi WardTokyo Kokoro Japanese Language School
Itabashi WardFuji Gakuen Fuji Japanese Language School
Nerima WardAnn Language School Nerima School
Nerima WardElizabeth International Academy
Adachi WardIntermix-TOKYO Japanese Language School
Adachi WardALCC Tokyo Gakuin
Adachi WardTokyo Johoku Japanese Language Institute
KatsushikaSun-A International Academy Oedo School
KatsushikaJoto Japanese Language School
KatsushikaTIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese
KatsushikaTokyo Gakusha
KatsushikaTokyo Yotsugi School of Education
KatsushikaHua International Academy
Edogawa WardAladdin Japanese Language Institute
Edogawa WardEdogawa International Academy
Edogawa WardOhara Japanese Language Institute
Edogawa WardSelf-study school Japanese language school
Edogawa WardTokyo Foreign Language Education Academy
Edogawa WardTokyo Language Education Academy
Edogawa WardTokyo Hirai Japanese Language School
Edogawa WardTokyo Bayside Japanese School
Edogawa WardTokyo Masuda Japanese Language School
Edogawa WardToho International College
Edogawa WardToyo Language School
Hachioji CityKeio Language Academy
Hachioji CityTokyo International Language Institute
Hachioji CityTokyo International Exchange College
Hachioji CityTowa International Academy
Hachioji CityNitto International Academy Hachioji School
MusashinoAsia University International Student Special Course
MusashinoKichijoji Foreign Language School
Mitaka CityCollege of Asian and African Languages, Department of Japanese
Ome CityTokyo Yoyogi Japanese Language School
Fuchu CityTokyo HOPE Japanese International Academy
Machida CityJF Oberlin University Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture (Special Course for International Students)
Machida CityNitto International School
Hino cityGakutomo Japanese Language School
Hino cityTokyo Global Nihongo School
Kokubunji CityKISJ Kokubunji
Fussa CityNew Japan Academy
Fussa CityTokyo Hirata Japanese Language Institute
Fussa CityHosana Japanese Language Institute Tokyo School
Fussa CityMeisei International Japanese School
Kiyose CityTokyo Institute of Education and Culture
Tama CityTokyo Shigen Academy
Okutama Town, Nishitama DistrictOkutama Japanese Language School
日本語学校 授業

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List of Japanese Language class room in Tokyo


AreaClass name
Minato-kuSpecified non-profit corporation Adovo
SetagayaMeisho Japanese Association
Minato-kuMinato-ku Japanese Salon
Minato-kuMinato-ku Nihongo class Japanese [6 months class]
Minato-kuMinato-ku Nihongo class Japanese [3 months class]
Shibuya WardHiroo Osyaberi club Talking Club
Suginamikosaten Japanese
SetagayaSetagaya Japanese Class (B Class)
Edogawa WardEgao de Nihongo Salon
Kita WardAkabane Japanese
Adachi Wardsunflower Himawari
Ota-kuJapanese Cafe Oota
Minato-kuLearning support classroom EGAO
Kita WardJapanese language class for junior high school and high school students
Mitaka CityLLJ
Hachioji CityNPO Hachioji International Exchange Center Japanese Language Learning Class
Sumida WardJapanese circle “Konnichiwa!”
Hachioji CityHachioji Nihongo no kai Japanese Association Hachioji Ekimae Nichiyoji Hut
Shibuya WardShibuya-ku Japanese language class
SuginamiJapanese learning Nihongo Gakusyu Suginami no Kai
SuginamiLTC Tomo no Kai (3)
Shinjuku wardKirara Japanese Class
Shinjuku wardHimawari Japanese Class
Shinjuku wardSakura Japanese Circle
Chuo-kuSunday Nichiyo Japanese Club
Chuo-kuJapanese Communication Partner
Chuo-kuNikoniko Japanese
Toshima wardToshima Japanese Class
Toshima wardJapanese Circle Konnichiwa
Toshima wardRikkyo Japanese Class
NakanoNPO Multicultural Child Independence Support Center
Bunkyo WardShiomi Japanese Association
Higashikurume CityHigashikurume International Friendship Club (Japanese Class Children’s Class)
Higashikurume CityHigashikurume International Friendship Club (Japanese class Monday class)
Higashikurume CityHigashikurume International Friendship Club (Japanese class Thursday class)
Kokubunji CityKokubunji International Association Japanese Class (Night)
Sumida WardForeign Student Learning Association (FSC) Mama Team (Hikifune Class)
Sumida WardForeign Student Learning Association (FSC) Mama Team (Kotobashi Classroom)
Sumida WardForeign Student Learning Association (FSC)
Koto WardTanoshii Japanese
Ota-kuOCNet Children’s Class
Ota-kuJapanese for the first time Hajimete no Nihongo
Kita WardKita Ward Learning Center Let’s Study
Itabashi WardItabashi HonMachi International Cultural Exchange Class
Itabashi WardAkatsuka Japanese Class
Kodaira CityOnuma Japanese Conversation Circle
Kodaira CityJapanese language study session
Kokubunji CityKokubunji International Association Japanese Language Class (Parent-Child Japanese Salon)
Itabashi WardBeginner Japanese class for foreigners
ArakawaMulticultural Center Tokyo Children’s Project
ArakawaMulticultural Center Tokyo Parent-Child Japanese Class
Adachi WardJapanese Class Group Link
Adachi WardJapanese language support volunteer group Dream
Adachi WardJapanese class “Nakayoshi”
Tama CityMinamitama Japanese Association (Nagayama)
Koto WardLet’s speak in Japanese Nihongo de hanaso
Koto WardCircle Niihao
Koto WardJapanese of life Seikatus no Nihongo
Edogawa WardJapanese Fureai Hiroba
Edogawa WardF & S no kai
Kodaira CityKodaira Japanese Volunteer Association Ogawa Nishimachi
Chiyoda WardMingala Japanese Class
Bunkyo WardBunkyo Japanese Exchange Members’ Association (Civic Japanese)
Minato-kuShiba Japanese Club
Hachioji CityHachioji International Association Learning support classroom for children connected to foreign countries Gaikoku ni tsunagaru Kodomotachi no gakusyu shien
Hachioji CityHachioji International Association Hachioji Ekimae Learning Support Class
Edogawa WardJapanese Club Yu
SetagayaSetagaya Japanese Class (H Class)
Shinagawa WardIWC ③ High school entrance examination support classroom
TaitoAsakusa Japanese Dojo
Nerima WardOizumi Gakuen Sakura Japanese Class
Shibuya WardJapanese MUSUBI
Itabashi WardEarth family
Chiyoda WardChiyoda Japanese Cafe “Swan”
Mitaka CityPinat Children’s Learning Support Class
Machida CityMIC Japanese Class
Higashiyamato CityAtsumare Nihongo Hiroba
Hachioji CityHachioji Japan-China Friendship Japanese Language Study Group
Nishitokyo CityYou-I Japanese Class
Tama CityMinamitama Japanese Association (Sacred Sakuragaoka)
Kodaira CityOgawa Japanese Hiroba
SetagayaJapanese circle “Wakaba”
SetagayaJCA Chitose Funabashi (Chitosedai District Hall)
SetagayaJCA Chitose Funabashi (Kinuta Library)
SetagayaJCA Chitose Funabashi (Kinuta General Branch)
SetagayaJCA Chitose Funabashi (Setagaya Volunteer Center)
SetagayaJCA Chitose Funabashi (Daita Volunteer Bureau)
Nerima WardHikarigaoka Kotoba no Kai
Kodaira CityKodaira Japanese Volunteer Association Hitotsubashi Gakuen
Shinagawa WardIWC② Japanese Language Teaching Short-term Intensive Class
Kita WardJoinus Japanese Club
Itabashi WardKotoba no Hiroba “Japanese Wai Wai”
Adachi WardJapanese volunteers Meimei
Edogawa WardJapanese Salon edobata
Chofu CityChofu City International Association Japanese language class for parents raising children
SetagayaSetagaya Japanese Class (F Class)
Kita WardAsuka Japanese Family
Chuo-kuJapanese life Nihongo seikatsu
Hachioji CityMinami Osawa Japanese Circle
Minato-kuTakanawa Japanese Association
othersTokorozawa International Family (TIF) Japanese Language Course Wednesday
othersTokorozawa International Family (TIF) Japanese Language Course Monday
Shinjuku wardWakaba-kai
MusashinoTokyo YWCA Musashino Center “Ichigo no heya”
Hino cityMinamitama Japanese Association (Takahata)
Chuo-kuChuo Cultural and International Exchange Promotion Association (CCIEA)
Chuo-kuChuo Cultural and International Exchange Promotion Association (CCIEA)
Tama CityTama City International Exchange Center Sakuragaoka Class
Tama CityTama City International Exchange Center Nagayama Class
Tama CityTama City International Exchange Center Tama Center Class
Kodaira CityKodaira City International Association Japanese Conversation Class
Kodaira CityKodaira Tanoshii Nihongo no kai Japanese Association
Kokubunji CityKokubunji City Hikari Public Hall (Japanese language class for foreigners)
Kokubunji CityKokubunji International Association Japanese Class (Daytime)
Koganei CityKoganei City Lifestyle Japanese Class
Kunitachi cityKUNIFA Japanese support
Kiyose CityKIC (Kiyose International Association) Japanese Class
MeguroICN Komaba Japanese Class
MeguroMidorigaoka Japanese Chat
MeguroJapanese conversation salon
MeguroJapanese Association-Acorns Nihongo no kai Donguri
MeguroKureyon Activity Meeting with Children Kureyon Kodomoto issyo katudou no Kai
MeguroJapanese Association Nihongo no Kai Kureyon
MeguroMeguro UNESCO Japanese Class
MusashinoMusashino International Association
Mitaka CityPinat Japanese Class (Monday Class)
Mitaka CityPinat Japanese Class (Wednesday Class)
Machida CityMachida Japanese Association B
Machida CityMachida Japanese Association A
Machida CityMachida Japanese School Net (junior high school student classroom)
Machida CityMachida Regional International Association (MIFA)
Fuchu CityFuchu International Salon
Hino cityHino City International Association Japanese Language Course (Hirayama Class)
Hino cityHino City International Association Japanese Language Course (Main Venue)
Hino cityHino International Friendship Club (Nanasei Welfare Center)
Hino cityHino International Friendship Club (Hino City Central Community Center)
Higashikurume CityHigashikurume International Friendship Club (Japanese class Wednesday class)
Higashikurume CityHigashikurume Japanese class
Hamura CityJapanese Volunteer Tsubasa no Kai Night Club
Hachioji CityHachioji Japanese Association Children’s Support Terakoya
Hachioji CityHachioji Japanese Association Hachioji Ekimae Saturday Terakoya
Hachioji CityHachioji Japanese Association Hachioji Ekimae Friday Terakoya (AM / PM)
Hachioji CityHachioji Japanese Association Kitano Terakoya
Hachioji CityHachioji Japanese Association Hachioji Ekimae Monday Terakoya
Hachioji CityHachioji Japanese Association Yui Ichiko Terakoya
Hachioji CityHachioji Japanese Association Minami Osawa Terakoya
Hachioji CityHachioji Japanese Association Higashiasakawa Terakoya
Hachioji CityHachioji International Friendship Club Japanese Class (Create Hall)
Hachioji CityHachioji International Friendship Club Japanese Group (Global Citizen’s Plaza)
Nishitokyo CityJapanese speaking party
Nishitokyo CityExchange in “Japanese” ・ Rainbow Party (Friday)
NakanoNakano City International Association (ANIC)
Toshima wardMejiro Japanese Circle
Chiyoda WardMJC Japanese class
Chiyoda WardCosmos Club Japanese Class
SetagayaJapanese lounge
SetagayaSetagaya Japanese Class (G Class)
SetagayaSetagaya Japanese Class (D Class)
SetagayaSetagaya Japanese Class (C Class)
Minato-kuPlatinum Japanese Class
Minato-kuViva Japanese Class
SetagayaSetagaya Japanese Class (A, E Class)
Minato-kuTamachi Japanese Class
Bunkyo WardYayoi Japanese Association
Bunkyo WardJapanese room
Bunkyo WardJapanese Nihongo club
Bunkyo WardShaberou Japanese no Kai
Nerima WardMinna no Nihongo class
Nerima WardHikarigaoka Yasashii Japanese
Nerima WardLet’s talk Japanese Hanashimashou Nihongo wo
Nerima WardJapanese Club ☆ Izumi
Nerima WardToyoda Japanese Association
Nerima WardJapanese Hiroba
Nerima WardSakuradai Tanoshii Japanese
Nerima WardKonnichiwa nihongo
Nerima WardKamishakujii Fureai Japanese Class
Sumida WardSumida Japanese Volunteer 21
SuginamiSuginami Japanese Conversation Meeting
SuginamiJapanese language class Koenji
SuginamiLTC Tomo no Kai (1)
Shinjuku wardWaseda Hoshien Japanese Volunteer Association
Shinjuku wardJapanese group WAIWAI
Shinjuku wardAkebono no Kai Tsunohazu Japanese Class
Shinjuku wardAkebono no Kai Akebonobashi Japanese Class
Shibuya WardSendagaya Japanese Association
Shibuya WardSpace Eye
Shinagawa WardNishioi Japanese Class
Kita WardJapanese Classroom Akabane
Shinagawa WardIWC ① Adult Japanese Class
Koto WardYasashii Japanese
Koto WardMokuyoubi Japanese
Koto WardMinna no Nihongo
Nishitokyo CityExchange in “Japanese” ・ Rainbow Party (Tuesday)
Nishitokyo CityWest Tokyo Japanese Class
Koto WardGood Night Japanese Class
Kita WardKita-ku Japanese Terrace
KatsushikaLet’s play in Japanese Nihongo de Asobou no Kai
KatsushikaJapanese meeting “Iroha” Shinkoiwa morning
KatsushikaCitizens’ Association to interact with Asia
Ota-kuJapanese Salon (Ota Ward)
Ota-kuJapanese Nihongo Gururitto
Ota-kuJapanese exchange club
Ota-kuOta Nihongo Hiroba
Ota-kuUguisu Japanese Class
Ota-kuOCNet Japanese Hiroba B
Ota-kuOCNet Japanese Hiroba A
Edogawa WardEdogawa Japanese Club
Edogawa WardEdogawa Union Japanese Class
Edogawa WardEdogawa Japanese Exchange Meeting B
Edogawa WardEdogawa Japanese Exchange Meeting A / C
Itabashi WardFriend Japanese Class
Itabashi WardKOKO no Kai
Itabashi WardItabashi Japanese Class
ArakawaMachiya Japanese Class
Adachi WardJapanese volunteer group “Kakehashi”
Adachi WardJapanese circle “Kurihara”
Adachi WardLeaf of words Koto no Ha
Adachi WardJapanese class “Tomodachi”
Nishitokyo CityNIA (Nishitokyo International Association)
Nishitokyo CityTIC Japanese Class
Nishitokyo CityTIC Tanashi Japanese Class
Nishitokyo CityShibakubo Japanese Class
Chofu CityChofu City International Association Japanese Class

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