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Japanese Language Schools in Hyogo Prefecture

Information about Japanese language schools in Hyogo Prefecture. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Hyogo Prefecture.

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List of Japanese Language Schools in Hyogo prefecture

Hyogo prefecture

AreaSchool name
Higashinada Ward, Kobe CityKobe Kokusai University Faculty of Economics International Special Course
Higashinada Ward, Kobe CityKobe Sumiyoshi International Japanese Language School
Nada Ward, Kobe CityKeishin Language Academy Kobe School
Nada Ward, Kobe CityHideaki Kobe International Academy
Kobe City Hyogo WardAsian Academy
Kobe City Hyogo WardAristo Foreign Language Institute
Kobe City Hyogo WardKIJ Language Academy
Kobe City Hyogo WardKIJ Language Academy South School
Kobe City Hyogo WardKobe World Academy
Nagata Ward, Kobe CityKagura Japanese Academy
Nagata Ward, Kobe CityKobe Foreign Language Education Academy
Nagata Ward, Kobe CityKobe Shin Nagata Japanese Language Institute
Nagata Ward, Kobe CityInterculture Language Academy
Nagata Ward, Kobe CitySubaru Foreign Language Institute
Nagata Ward, Kobe CityHanshin Motor Aviation Railway College Japanese Special Course
Chuo-ku, KobeECC Japanese Language Institute Kobe School
Chuo-ku, KobeKasuga Japanese Language Institute
Chuo-ku, KobeKobe KR Academy
Chuo-ku, KobeKobe Institute of Computing, Department of Japanese
Chuo-ku, KobeKobe Oriental Japanese Language Institute
Chuo-ku, KobeKobe YMCA Gakuin Vocational School Japanese Language Department
Chuo-ku, KobeCommunica Academy
Chuo-ku, KobeTomito Foreign Language Institute
Chuo-ku, KobeJapanese Academy Mirai
Himeji CitySBC Himeji Japanese Language Institute
Himeji CitySochi International Academy
Himeji CityWestern Japan Business Language Institute
Himeji CityJapan Engineering College, Department of Japanese
Amagasaki CityAsian International Center
Amagasaki CityAMA Japan College
Amagasaki CityKobe Japanese Language Institute
Nishinomiya CityKobe International Language School
Ashiya CityAISJ Japanese Language School
Itami CityKansai International Education Academy
Kawanishi CityKaisei Academy Japanese Language School Hyogo Kawanishi School
Awaji CityJpga Japan Global Academy
Sayo-cho, Sayo-gunSayo Japanese Language School

List of Japanese Language class rooms in Hyogo

Hyogo Kobe

areaClassroom name
Higashinada WardJapanese class “Aozora”
Higashinada WardHigashinada Japanese Language Class
Higashinada WardOkamoto Japanese Class
Higashinada WardJapanese open space Okamoto Nihongo hiroba Okamoto
Higashinada WardSuminoe Japanese Class
Higashinada WardKokoro Eleven Japanese Class
Hyogo WardStarry sky (Hoshizora)
Nagata WardLiteracy class “Himawari no Kai”
Nagata WardLife Japanese class Seikatsu Nihongo class
Nagata WardTanoshiku Manabu Parent-child Vietnam classroom to learn happily (parent classroom)
Nagata WardMyanmar Kansai
Nada WardTHANK ’s Nihongo Japanese Exchange Salon
Nada WardJapanese Nihongo salon
Kita WardGaikokujin Mama no tameno Kitagami Japanese Class for Foreign Moms
Kita WardKitagami Japanese Class (Hokushin Nihongo Kyoshitsu)
Nishi-wardGaidai Unity Class
Chuo-kuJapanese volunteer “Chao” Fukiai Community Center
Chuo-kuJapanese Volunteer “Chao” Youth Hall / Saturday Class
Chuo-kuBeginner Japanese language course for foreigners
Chuo-kusuguyakudatsu Nihongo Koza Immediately useful Japanese language course
Chuo-kuJapanese Volunteer “Chao” Youth Hall / Wednesday Class
Chuo-kuJapanese language class Danran
Chuo-kuKobe International Community Center (KICC)
Chuo-kuNakayama Te After School Children’s Club
Chuo-kuMsayang Tahanan 1) Nanai Japanese Class 2) Batabattta Learning Class 3) Native Language Class
Chuo-kuCBK learning support classroom AMIGOS
Chuo-kuMom’s Japanese class Mama no Nihongo class
Chuo-kuMom’s Japanese class 20
Chuo-kuYouho no Kai
Amagasaki CityOda Japanese Yomikaki Class
Amagasaki CityCentral Japanese Language School
Amagasaki CityDaisho Japanese Yomikaki Class
Amagasaki CityMuko Higashi Lifelong Learning Plaza Japanese Class
Amagasaki CityAmagasaki International Association Japanese Language Class
Amagasaki CityTsukaguchi Japanese Reading Class
Nishinomiya CityJapanese language / subject learning class from here Kokokara (Hamawaki class)
Nishinomiya CityJapanese Nakayoshi Hiroba
Nishinomiya CityJapanese language course for foreigners (beginner / beginner / intermediate)
Nishinomiya CityManabo! Hanaso! Nihongo Japanese
Nishinomiya CityNishinomiya Japanese Volunteer Association Japanese Talking Plaza (Introduction / Beginner) Osyaberi Hiroba
Nishinomiya CityNishinomiya Japanese Volunteer Association One-on-One Volunteer no kai mantoman
Ashiya CityShioshiya Nihongo kyoshitsu Japanese
Ashiya CityKokusai Hiroba Ashiya
Ashiya CityJapanese Nihongo gakkyu
Ashiya CityACA Nihongo kyoshitsu Japanese (North Classroom)
Ashiya CityJapanese language / subject learning class From here Kokokara Nihongo Japanese language class (Ashiya Citizen’s Activity Center)
Itami CityCitizens’ Association to interact with Chinese returnees
Itami CityJapanese classroom
Itami CityJapanese language learning salon
Itami CityUNESCO Nihongo Japanese Class
Takarazuka CityTIFA Japanese Class
Takarazuka CityJapanese language class for foreigners
Takarazuka CityKizuna Japanese Class
Kawanishi CityJapanese Nihongo koza
Sanda CityJapanese Nihongo salon Sanda
Inagawa TownInagawa Town International Association Japanese Class
Akashi CityOkubo Japanese Class “Minna de Nihongo”
Akashi CityAkashi elementary school Komisen Japanese Class
Akashi CityMirai no Kyoshitsu Oyako Kurasu / Children’s kurasu
Akashi CityNishi Akashi Japanese Class / Hanazono Course
Akashi CityNishi Akashi Japanese Language Class / Yamate Course
Akashi CityJapanese Language Study Group Iroha Club
Akashi CityAkashi Futami Japanese Class “Konnichiwa”
Akashi CityAkashi Japanese Language Class, a table meeting to support “residual Japanese orphans” in China
Akashi CityOneself Meimai Japanese Class
Akashi CitySakura Nihongo Japanese Classroom Daytime
Akashi CitySakura Nihongo Japanese Classroom Night Club
Akashi CityNishi Akashi Japanese Language Class / Bokai Course
Kakogawa CityNikoniko Japanese Language Class Kita Beppu Public Hall
Kakogawa CityNikoniko Japanese Language Class Higashi Harima Life Creation Center
Kakogawa CityJapanese language course for foreigners
Takasago CityInternational Exchange Club Takasago Japanese Class
Takasago CityTakasago City International Association Japanese Class
Harima TownVolunteer Japanese Class Harima
Nishiwaki CityJapanese Nihongo Kyoshitsu
Miki CityJapanese Language Class Miki Municipal Education Center
Miki CityJapanese language class Jiyugaoka Community Center
Miki CityJapanese Language Class International Exchange Plaza
Ono CityOno Nihongo Japanese language class
Kasai CityNehime Parent and Child College Japanese Class
Kasai CityKasai Japanese Class
Kasai CityJapanese language class for technical intern trainees
Kato CityKasho Nihongo Kyoshitsu
Kato CityKato City Japanese Class
TakamachiTaka District Japanese Class
Himeji CityMutsumi Japanese Language Class
Himeji CityForeign language course
Himeji CityHello Nihongo Jr.
Himeji CityJapanese language course for foreign residents
Himeji CityHello Japanese
Himeji CityJapanese open space Nihongo Hiroba
Himeji CityGanbarou Japanese
Kamikawa TownKamikawa Japanese Class
Ichikawa TownIchikawa Japanese Language Class
Aioi CityAioi shi Nihongo kyoshitsu
Taishi TownTaishi Japanese Class
Kamigori TownTechno Japanese Class
Kamigori TownStorybook Ichaya (Wassyoijyaya)
Sayo TownSayo Town Japanese Class
Toyooka CityToyoka Japanese Class Toyooka Class
Toyooka CityToyooka Japanese Class Hidaka Class
Toyooka CityToyooka Japanese Class Izushi Class
Toyooka CityAIUEO Japanese Class
Yabu CityYabu Japanese Class
Asago CityAsago Japanese Class
Kami TownKami Town Japanese Classroom Marcal Muraoka Classroom
Kami TownKami Town Japanese Classroom Marcal Kasumi Classroom
Kami TownKami Town Japanese Classroom Marcal Shibayama Classroom
Shinonsen TownJapanese Square Nihongo hiroba Hapitan 
Tamba Sasayama CityJapanese class “Uribou”
Tamba CityHikami Japanese Communication Club
Tamba CityKasuga Japanese Class “Youkoso”
Sumoto CityNihongo Sakuru Awaji (Sumoto classroom)
Awaji CityJapanese Nihongo club
Minamiawaji CityJapanese Nihongo Fureai classroom
Minamiawaji CityNihongo Circle Awaji (green classroom)

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Kobe City, Higashinada Ward, Nada Ward, Hyogo Ward, Nagata Ward, Suma Ward, Tarumi Ward, Kita Ward, Chuo-ku, Nishi-ward, Himeji City, Amagasaki City, Akashi City, Nishinomiya City, Sumoto City, Ashiya City, Itami City, Aioi City, Toyooka City, Kakogawa City, Ako City, Nishiwaki City, Takarazuka, Miki City, Takasago City, Kawanishi City, Ono City, Sanda City, Kasai City, Tanba Sasayama City, Adoptive City, Tamba City, Minamiawaji City, Asago City, Awaji City, Shiso City, Kato City, Tatsuno City, towns and villages, Kawabe-gun, Inagawa Town, Taka-gun, Taka Town, Kako-gun, Inami Town, Harima, Kanzaki-gun, Ichikawa Town, Fukusaki Town, Kamikawa, Ibo-gun, Taishi Town, Ako-gun, Kamigori Town, Sayo-gun, Sayo Town, Mikata-gun, Kami Town, Shinonsen Town.