List of Japanese Language Schools in Chiba prefecture

Information about Japanese language schools in Yamagata Prefecture. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Yamagata Prefecture.

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List of Japanese Language Schools in Chiba prefecture

Chiba prefecture

AreaSchool name
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityWithdom International Academy
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityUeno Law Business College Japanese Language Department
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityAID International Academy
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityInternational Travel Hotel Bridal College Japanese Language Department
Chuo Ward, Chiba City3H Japanese Language School
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityCentral International Cultural Institute
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityTokyo one Japanese language school Chiba school
Chuo Ward, Chiba CityFutabagaigo School
Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba CityShintomi International Language Institute
Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba CityMakuhari Japanese School
Wakaba Ward, Chiba CityTakizawa Gakuen Chiba Mode Business College Japanese Department
Mihama Ward, Chiba CityActive Japanese Language Institute
Mihama Ward, Chiba CityKanda University of International Studies International Student Special Course
Choshi CityChiba Institute of Science International Student Special Course
Ichigawa CityIchikawa Japanese Language Institute
Ichigawa CityMizuno Foreign Language Institute
Funabashi CityInternational School Funabashi
Funabashi CitySMI Business College
Funabashi CityOnly One Nihongo School
Funabashi CityTokyo JLA Foreign Language School
Funabashi CityNikko Japanese Language Institute
Matsudo CityKEN Japanese Language Institute
Matsudo CityMatsudo International Academy
Matsudo CityManabiya International Language Institute
Matsudo CityMatsuyama Gakuen Miyabi International Academy
Matsudo CityMeisei Information Business College Japanese Language Department
Matsudo CityMeito Japanese Language Institute
Narita CityAIT Japanese School
Narita CityNarita Japanese Language School
Sakura CityTokyo Sakura Gakuin
Togane CityJosai International University International Student Special Course
Narashino CityNarashino Foreign Language Institute
Kashiwa CityAsahi International School
Kashiwa CityChiba International Academy
Kashiwa CityJapanese International Academy
Kashiwa CityAkito Japanese Language Institute
Kashiwa CityReitaku University Special Course Japanese Language Training Course
Nagareyama CityTokyo Bridge Japanese Language School
Abiko CityNoda International Academy
Abiko CityNoda Japanese Language Institute
Abiko CityYUME Japanese Language Institute
Abiko CityYOMA Japanese Language Institute
Kamogawa CityKamedairyogijutsu College Japanese Language Department
Kimitsu CityTsubasa International Academy
UrayasuMeikai University Special Course Japanese Language Training Course
UrayasuWayo Japanese Language Institute Urayasu School
Tomisato CityNarita International High School
Tomisato CityHeisei International Academy
Katori CitySawara Gakuen
Tako-cho, Katori-gunInternational Cooperation Japanese Language Institute