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Japanese Language Classes in Tochigi Prefecture

Information about Japanese language schools in Tochigi Prefecture. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Tochigi Prefecture.

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List of Japanese Language Schools in Tochigi Prefecture

Tochigi Prefecture

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List of Japanese Language Classes in Tochigi Prefecture

Tochigi Prefecture

Area nameJapanese class names
UtsunomiyaUtsunomiya City Int’l. Assoc.
*Reservation is required for all the classes due to the impact of the COVID- 19 infection.
(Spring & Summer Vacation Japanese Class)
(Japanese Friendship Society)
UtsunomiyaJLPT Study Session Tel/Fax:028-635-9595
UtsunomiyaICCLA Inter-Cultural Community Life Assoc.
UtsunomiyaICCLA “Nihongo de Koryu Salon”
Tel/Fax:028-634- 5409(Yamaguchi)
UtsunomiyaIppo Ippo Nihongo 028-637-7394
UtsunomiyaKiyohara District Int’l. Assoc.
(Japanese conversation class)
UtsunomiyaNPO Dek Thai Group 080-6555-3268
UtsunomiyaGroup “Nakama” 0282-86-0153
AshikagaAshikaga Int’l.
Assoc. 0284-43-2412
(Nihongo Waiwai) (Nihongo Konbanwa) (Nihongo Kyoshitsu Nakayoshi)
(Nihongo Wakuwaku) (Nihongo Yokoso)
TochigiTochigi City Int’l. Assoc. 0282-25-3792
(Nihongo Kyoushitsu
Sunday Class)
TochigiTochigi City Int’l. Assoc. (Nihongo Kyoushitsu Ohira Class)
TochigiTochigi City Ohira Human Rights Hall (Japanese lecture)
SanoSano Int’l. Assoc. Japanese Class for Foreign people 0283-24-4447
SanoInternational Activities Group Taminokai (Chat salon )
KanumaKanuma Int’l.  Friendship Assoc.
(Marugoto Nihongo Kyoushitsu )
KanumaKanuma Int’l.  Friendship Assoc.
(Sobachoko Nihongo Kyoshitsu)
KanumaKanuma Int’l.  Friendship
(KIFA Nihongo Kyoshitsu
KanumaGlobal Group (Global Caf é) 080-6702-2441
KanumaNiihongo FC (Nihongo Kyoshitsu) 090-6548-2766
NikkoNikko Int’l Assoc. (Nikko-shi Nihongo Kyoshitsu)
OyamaOyama Int’l. Assoc. (Monday Circle) 090-6562-4043
(Minitsuku Nihongo Kyoshitsu)
(Friday Japanese Class) 090-6562-4043
Oyama(Tobira no Kai) 0285-45-4526
OyamaOyama Int’l. Friendship Assoc.
MokaMoka Int’l. Assoc. 0285-83-8719
080-5378-7037 (Nanami)
MokaMoka Int’l. Assoc. 0285-83-8719(Assoc.)
OtawaraOtawara Int’l. Friendship Assoc.
Nasu-ShiobaraNasu-Shiobara Int’l. Assoc.
 Mishima Comm. Center 0287-36-8531
SakuraSakura City International Association
ShimotsukeShimotsuke Int’l. Assoc. 0285-32-8887
MibuMibu Shogai Gakushu Center
NogiNogi Int’l. Assoc. 0280-57-4176
TakanezawaTakanezawa Int’l. Assoc. 028-675-3175
Nasu- KarasuyamaNasu-Karasuyama Int’l. Assoc. (Karasuyama Community Center (Nihongo Kyoshitsu) 0287-83-1412

List of Japanese Language Classes in Tochigi Prefecture

Tochigi Prefecture

Region nameJapanese classroom name
Kitaibaraki CityKitaibaraki International Association (KIFA)
Takahagi City 
Hitachi CityAnzu Friendly apricot
Hitachi CityInternational Exchange Volunteer Network Sakura
Hitachi CityNihongo no Heya Japanese room
Hitachiota CityJapanese volunteer “Hitachiota”
Hitachiomiya CityBara no Kai. International Exchange Volunteer “Rose no Kai”
Naka CityNaka Japanese Club
Tokai VillageTokai JLT Japanese Class
Tokai VillageTokai Japanese Volunteer Class
Tokai VillageTNK Tokai Japanese Class
Tokai VillageTokai Village International Association Japanese Class
Hitachinaka CityMesa Friendship (Mesa J’s Club)
Hitachinaka CityFriendly Japan World Japanese Class
Hitachinaka CityJapanese language class for children Sun
Hitachinaka CityJapanese Classroom Iroha
Hitachinaka CityHitachinaka International Association “Japanese Classroom Runrun”
Mito CityMesa Friendship (Mesa J’s Club)
Mito CityOrbis
Mito CityLove Neil
Mito CityFuji no Kai
Mito CitySophia Japanese Class
Mito CityJapanese Volunteer for Children sekirei no kai
Omitama CityMulticultural group Omitamajin
Omitama CityJapanese Volunteer Survival sabaidhi
Omitama CityJapanese Class “Hand to Hand Association” Te to Te no Kai
Oarai TownOarai Town International Association
Kashima CityInternational exchange Sarubia
Kashima CityKashima International Exchange JC Circle
Kamisu CityKamisu City International Association
Hokota CityHokota Japanese Club
Namegata CityNamekata Japanese Club
Itako CityItako City International Association Japanese Class “Poplar”
Tsukuba CityRainbow Association Niji no Kai
Tsukuba CityTsukuba International Association
Tsukubamirai CityTsukubamirai City Japanese Plaza
Tsuchiura CityTsuchiura UNESCO Association / Tsuchiura City International Exchange Association (co-sponsored)
Ushiku CityUshiku International Association
Ushiku CityFriendly Japan World Japanese Class
Ryugasaki CityRyugasaki Japanese Volunteer “Friend”
Ryugasaki CityRyugasaki City International Association
Ishioka CityFriendship Ishioka
Ishioka CityGlobal Hearts
Toride CityToride City International Association
Ami TownAmi Town International Association Japanese Class
Miho VillageMiho Village International Association Japanese Class
Inashiki CityJapanese circle “pumpkin” Kabochya
Moriya cityMoriya City International Association Japanese Language Course Committee (MIFA)
Chikusei CityChikusei City International Friendship Association
Joso CityMizukaido International Exchange Friends Association
Joso CityIshishita International Exchange Friends Association
Koga CityKoga City International Association
Yuki CityYuki Japanese Class “Nobirukai”
Bando CityBando International Exchange Friends Association Bandou
Sakai TownInternational Exchange Friends Association “Sa-ka-i”
日本語学校 授業

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