List of Japanese Language Schools in Saitama

Information about Japanese language schools in Saitama Prefecture. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Saitama Prefecture.

If you are thinking about studying in Japan or living in Japan and are looking for a Japanese language school, please use this site to find the school that suits you best.

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List of Japanese Language Schools in Saitama


AreaSchool name
Omiya Ward, Saitama CitySaitama Japanese Language School
Omiya Ward, Saitama CityHanasaku Language Academy
Omiya Ward, Saitama CityYono Gakuin Japanese Language School
Chuo Ward, Saitama CityTokyo Japanese Language Institute
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityAgeo International Education Center
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityUrawa International Academy Urawa School
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityUrawa International Education Center
Minami Ward, Saitama CityKanto International Academy
Minami Ward, Saitama CityMusashi Urawa Japanese Language Institute
Midori Ward, Saitama CitySAI International Education Academy
Kawagoe CityYamaguchi Gakuin International Information and Economics College Japanese Language Course
Kawagoe CityInternational Bridge Academy
Kawagoe CityNaruyuki Japanese School
Kawagoe CityTokyo Globe Language Academy
Kawagoe CityYamate Japanese Language School
Kawaguchi cityToyo Academy Japanese Language Institute
Kawaguchi cityHongo International Academy
Kawaguchi cityHoly Pigeon International College
Gyoda CitySaitama International Academy
Gyoda CitySakitama International Academy
Tokorozawa CityTokyo Institute of Education and Culture, Tokorozawa School
Hanno CityEiko Japanese Language School Hanno School
Higashimatsuyama CityEiko Japanese Language Academy
Higashimatsuyama CityHiki Academy Japanese Language School
Sayama CitySaitama Briey Japanese School
KoshigayaTokyo Asian Alumni Association
KoshigayaBunkyo University Foreign Student Special Course
Warabi CityUrawa International Academy Saitama School
Warabi CityPrince International Language Institute
Iruma CityAsahi Japanese Language Institute
Niiza CityCentral Information College
Sakado CityJosai University Special Course
Sakado CityToa International Language Institute
Sakado CityHeisei International Education Academy
Sakado CityWakaba International Education Academy
Fujimino CityTokyo International Academy Japanese Language School