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Japanese Language Schools in Saitama Prefecture

Information about Japanese language schools in Saitama Prefecture. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Saitama Prefecture.

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List of Japanese Language Schools in Saitama


AreaSchool name
Omiya Ward, Saitama CitySaitama Japanese Language School
Omiya Ward, Saitama CityHanasaku Language Academy
Omiya Ward, Saitama CityYono Gakuin Japanese Language School
Chuo Ward, Saitama CityTokyo Japanese Language Institute
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityAgeo International Education Center
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityUrawa International Academy Urawa School
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityUrawa International Education Center
Minami Ward, Saitama CityKanto International Academy
Minami Ward, Saitama CityMusashi Urawa Japanese Language Institute
Midori Ward, Saitama CitySAI International Education Academy
Kawagoe CityYamaguchi Gakuin International Information and Economics College Japanese Language Course
Kawagoe CityInternational Bridge Academy
Kawagoe CityNaruyuki Japanese School
Kawagoe CityTokyo Globe Language Academy
Kawagoe CityYamate Japanese Language School
Kawaguchi cityToyo Academy Japanese Language Institute
Kawaguchi cityHongo International Academy
Kawaguchi cityHoly Pigeon International College
Gyoda CitySaitama International Academy
Gyoda CitySakitama International Academy
Tokorozawa CityTokyo Institute of Education and Culture, Tokorozawa School
Hanno CityEiko Japanese Language School Hanno School
Higashimatsuyama CityEiko Japanese Language Academy
Higashimatsuyama CityHiki Academy Japanese Language School
Sayama CitySaitama Briey Japanese School
KoshigayaTokyo Asian Alumni Association
KoshigayaBunkyo University Foreign Student Special Course
Warabi CityUrawa International Academy Saitama School
Warabi CityPrince International Language Institute
Iruma CityAsahi Japanese Language Institute
Niiza CityCentral Information College
Sakado CityJosai University Special Course
Sakado CityToa International Language Institute
Sakado CityHeisei International Education Academy
Sakado CityWakaba International Education Academy
Fujimino CityTokyo International Academy Japanese Language School

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List of Japanese Language Classes in Saitama


Region nameJapanese classroom name
Ageo CityAgeo City International Association Japanese Language Class
Ageo CityHaraichi Japanese Class
Okegawa CityOkegawa Japanese Friends Association
Okegawa CityOkegawa Japanese Class
Kawaguchi citySachi Nihongo Hiroba Japanese Square
Kawaguchi cityVolunteer Circle Encounter School Deai no Gakko
Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama CityIwatsuki International Exchange Association Japanese Plaza Monday Class
Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama CityIwatsuki International Exchange Association Japanese Plaza Parent-Child Club
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityUrawa Japanese Volunteer Group Camphor Tree Kurunoki
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityJapanese volunteer group Sakura
Urawa Ward, Saitama CitySakura Kitaurawa
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityNBC Nihongo Japanese class
Omiya Ward, Saitama CityEarth Village Chikyumura
Sakura Ward, Saitama CityJapanese Volunteer Club Tsuchiai
Sakura Ward, Saitama CityLet’s speak Japanese Okubo Higashi Friend Tomodachi
Minuma Ward, Saitama CityJapanese class “Tanpopo”
Toda CityToda City International Association Japanese Language Class
Warabi CityJapanese Volunteer Warabi Chuo
Kawaguchi cityInternational exchange corner
Kawaguchi cityFriendship club
Kawaguchi cityMinamidaira Nihongo Japanese Club
Kawaguchi cityShibakita Nihongo Japanese Club
Kawaguchi cityKawaguchi Voluntary Night Junior High School
Kawaguchi cityKawaguchi Voluntary Night Junior High School
Kawaguchi cityBeautiful Japanese music Utsukushii Nihongo Gakkyu
Kawaguchi cityKamine Fureai Japanese Square
Kawaguchi cityKawaguchi International Friendship Academy
Kawaguchi cityShingo Nihongo Japanese Class
Kawaguchi cityJapan-China Friendship Association Japanese Class
Kawaguchi cityShibazono Japanese Class
Kawaguchi cityNishikawaguchi Japanese open space Nihongo Hiroba
Kawaguchi cityHatogaya Japanese Volunteer Association
Kawaguchi cityHatogaya Japanese Association for Foreigners
Kawaguchi cityKawaguchi City Totsuka Public Hall Japanese Class
Saitama City Iwatsuki CityIwatsuki Wednesday Japanese Class
Urawa Ward, Saitama City(Incorporated association) Saitama City International Association Nihongo no Heya
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityMeeting to speak in Japanese
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityJapanese language class for foreigners
Omiya Ward, Saitama CitySaitama Japanese Association
Omiya Ward, Saitama CityGlobal open space Chikyu Hiroba
Omiya Ward, Saitama CityNihongo no Heya Omiya Course
Kita Ward, Saitama CityEarth Kids Club 2000 (Uetake) Chikyuukko Club
Minuma Ward, Saitama CityNanari Japanese Study Group Hichiri
Warabi CityJapanese Volunteer Wallaby
Warabi CityJapanese Volunteer Wallaby
Warabi CityJapanese Volunteer Wallaby West
Warabi CityJapanese Volunteer Class Asahi
Kasukabe CityKasukabe City International Association Japanese Language Class Committee Japanese / Thursday Class Japanese / Saturday Class Japanese / Showa Class
Kasukabe CityTakesato Japanese Class
Koshigaya CityKoshigaya International Exchange Circle
Shiraoka CityShiraoka International Exchange Meeting Japanese Class
Hasuda CityHasuda Japanese Language Class Volunteer Association
Misato CitySat. com (Satacom)
Yoshikawa CityYoshikawa International Friendship Association Japanese Class
Sugito TownSugito Town Japanese Class 
Kazo CityKazo Japanese Association Nihongo no Kai
Kuki CityKurihashi Japanese Association Nihongo kai
Kuki CityWashinomiya International Association Japanese Class
Koshigaya CityBunkyo University Japanese language course for foreigners
Koshigaya CityJapanese together Minnade Nihongo
Satte CityJapanese classroom
SokaSoka Japanese Association Nihongo no Kai
SokaKotobano International exchange circle of words
SokaLibrary volunteer Soka Japanese open space Nihongo Hiroba
SokaJapanese language class for foreign citizens
SokaJapanese classroom
SokaDokkyo University Open College
Hanyu CityHanyu International Exchange Citizens’ Association Japanese Class
Misato CityJapanese Nihongo club
Misato CityMisato Japanese Class (MJC)
Misato CityMisato City International Association Japanese Language Class (commonly known as Nihongo Hiroba)
Yashio CityWe Love International Exchange
Miyashiro TownMiyashiro Nihongo Japanese Club
Sakado CityKita-Sakado Japanese Volunteer
Sakado CitySakado Japanese Class Keyaki
Sakado CityChiyoda Japanese Association Nihongo no Kai
Sayama CitySayama City International Association Japanese Class
Tokorozawa CityICN Japanese Lounge
Tokorozawa CityFriday Japanese Class
Tokorozawa CityTokorozawa International Family (TIF) Japanese Class
Niiza CityNiiza Japanese Association
Hanno CityHanno Japanese Club
Fujimino CityFujimino International Cultural Exchange Center Japanese Language Class
Wako cityWako International High School
Miyoshi CityMiyoshi Japanese Classroom Chikumazawa Classroom / Fujikubo Classroom
Moroyama TownMoroyama International Club
Iruma CityIruma City International Association (28 times a year) Bushi class (33 times a year)
Kawagoe CityJapanese Club (co-sponsored by Minami Public Hall)
Kawagoe CityDaitonan Community Center
Kawagoe CityJapanese in Classe Kursse de Nihongo
Sakado CityJapanese salon gathering Nihongo Salon Tsudoi
Asaka CityAIS Asaka District International Society
Tsurugashima CityTsurugashima City International Association (TIFA) Japanese Subcommittee
Fujimi CityFujimi Japanese Class
ShikiKazaguruma Japanese Class (for high school students and above)
Tokorozawa CityJapanese study session for foreigners
Tokorozawa CityShintokorozawa Higashi Public Hall Japanese Language Class
Hanno CityHanno City International Association Japanese Class
Higashimatsuyama CityHigashimatsuyama City International Association Japanese Class
Hidaka CityHidaka Japanese Language Class (Hidaka City International Association)
Fujimino CityKamifukuoka West Public Hall Japanese Classroom (in principle, residents and employees in the city)
Kawajima TownKawajima Town International Friendship Plaza
Konosu CityKonosu International Exchange Citizens’ Association Japanese Club Ribon
Kitamoto CityInternational Exchange Lounge Committee
Gyoda CityGyoda Nihongo Japanese Classroom
Kumagaya CityKumagaya International Association Japanese Class for Foreigners
Konosu CityCosmos open space Cosmos Hiroba
FukayaFukaya Nihongo Japanese Club
Honjo CityJapanese language class for foreigners Sunday Japanese language class
Chichibu CityChichibu City International Association Japanese Class for Foreigners
Kawaguchi cityKawaguchi Japanese language class for children
Toda CityToda ・ Japanese language class for children
Koshigaya CityMulticultural Children’s Cram School
Omiya Ward, Saitama CityMulticultural open space
Tokorozawa CityYouth Multicultural Japanese Class (ESMY)
Fujimino CityFujimino International Cultural Exchange Center International Children’s Club
Urawa Ward, Saitama CityJapanese Heya / Children’s Course
SokaJapanese open space multicultural children’s cram school Nihongo Hiroba
Iruma CityKurosu Latin Japanese Club
Kawagoe CityKelia Japanese Learning Support Class
Kawagoe CityJapanese junior class at Classe
Niiza CityLet’s go to the Children’s Japanese Nihongo Club Niiza
Fujimi CityChildren’s Japanese Learning Club
Miyoshi TownMiyoshi Children’s Japanese Square
Fujimino CityOi Parent and Child Japanese Class
Minami Ward, Saitama CityMulticultural Parenting Association Coconico
Kita Ward, Saitama CityEarth Children’s Club 2000 (Nanasato) Chikyuukko club 2000
Wako cityMama & Kid’s club Wako
Wako cityGathering of foreigners (exchange only) Oyako no tsudoi
日本語学校 授業

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