List of Japanese Language Schools in Oita Prefecture

Information about Japanese language schools in Oita Prefecture. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Oita Prefecture.

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List of Japanese Language Schools in Oita Prefecture

Oita Prefecture

List of Japanese Language class rooms in Oita

Oita prefecture

AreaClassroom name
Oita CityAiueo CLUB
(NPO Oita International Exchange Group Earth People Club) 
Oita CityJapanese volunteer sunflower
Beppu CityEarth exciting open space
Beppu CityBeppu Japanese Conversation Class
Beppu CityJapanese Easy Talk
Nakatsu CityJapanese class “Ai Words”
Nakatsu CityJapanese class “Kirakira”
Hita CityHita City Japanese Class
Bungotakada CityJapanese
Bungotakada CityTakada International Exchange Association Japanese Class
Usa CityUsa Japanese Class
Usa CitySIM Japanese Language School