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Japanese Language Schools in Nagano Prefecture

Information about Japanese language schools in Nagano Prefecture. Japanese language education facilities such as individual Japanese language courses at universities and vocational schools have been introduced in each region of Nagano Prefecture.

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List of Japanese Language class rooms in Nagano


Region nameClassroom name
Komoro CityKomoro Japanese Class
Komoro CityKomoro Japanese Classroom Lunch Class
Saku CitySuzuran no Kai
Saku CitySaku City Japanese Class
Miyota TownJapanese language class for foreign residents
Ueda CityMinori no Kai
Ueda CityYuai Maruko
Ueda CityFureai Japanese Class
Ueda CityUpper and lower Japanese language courses
Ueda CityMinna no Nihongo Hiroba Taroyama
Ueda CityForeign children’s Japanese language class
Tomi CityAiueo no Kai
Okaya City(Public interest incorporated foundation) Okaya Cultural Promotion Corporation International Exchange Center Japanese Language Class
Okaya CityJapanese volunteer class “Fureai”
Suwa CitySuwa Japanese Class
Suwa CityJapanese language learning support Sakura no Kai
Chino CityJapanese language class (Chino City)
Fujimi TownFujimi Town Japanese Class
Ina CityIna Japanese Class Sakura Gumi
Ina CityYui International
Komagane CityEarthling Network in Komagane Japanese Class
Komagane CityInami Japan-China Friendship Association Japanese Class
Tatsuno TownEarthling Network in Tatsuno Japanese Class
Minowa TownMinowa Town Japanese Class
Minowa TownJapanese language class for employment
Iida CityTatsuoka Japanese Classroom Good Friends Association
Iida CityHand in Hand Waraku
Iida CityWai Wai Salon
Iida CityHaba Japanese language course
Iida CityTatsue Multicultural Coexistence Salon
Matsukawa TownWorld Love / Japanese Class in Matsukawa Town
Toyooka VillageDandan Nihongo
Achi villageJapanese Cafe-Minna no Nihongo-
Okuwa VillageJapanese language class (Okuwamura)
MatsumotoChuo Shinkin Japanese Plaza (Shonai Classroom)
MatsumotoChuo Shinkin Japanese Plaza (Namiyanagi Classroom)
MatsumotoMatsumoto Everyone’s Japanese classroom
MatsumotoYoung Japanese classroom
MatsumotoNan Nan Nihongo Japanese course
MatsumotoMatsumoto City Central Public Hall Japanese Language Course
MatsumotoHogawa Japanese Class
MatsumotoHata Japanese Class
MatsumotoThursday morning volunteer Japanese language class
MatsumotoMatsumoto Japanese Cafe “M Cafe”
MatsumotoJapanese learning salon “Nihongo Iroiro”
Shiojiri CityTanoshii Japanese course
Azumino CityToyoshina Japanese Class
Azumino CityHotaka Japanese Class
Azumino CityMisato Japanese Class
Azumino CityHorikin Japanese Class
Azumino CityAIN / Japanese class for consumers
Omachi CityJapanese language class for foreigners
Matsukawa VillageMatsukawa Japanese Class
Ikeda TownIkeda Town Japanese Class
Hakuba VillageHakuba Village Japanese Class
Nagano cityHokushin Online Japanese Class
Nagano cityNagano City International Exchange Corner Free Japanese Class
Nagano cityNagano Japan-China Friendship Association Returnees Exchange Center Japanese Language Class
Suzaka CityJapanese language class (Suzaka City)
Chikuma CityChikuma City Human Rights Fureai Center Japanese Language Class
Chikuma CityYawata Japanese Class
Takayama VillageJapanese language class (Takayama Village)
Sakaki TownJapanese language learning course for foreign employees
Nakano CityJapanese language class (Nakano City)
Yamanouchi TownJapanese language class (PUAN)
Yamanouchi TownYamanouchi Town Japanese Class
Kijimadaira VillageFrendri Japanese Class
日本語学校 授業

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HH JapaNeeds provides Japanese language classes that are available for enrollment in all cities and towns listed below. We offer a wide range of lessons from beginner to business level.

Nagano city, Matsumoto, Ueda City, Okaya City, Iida City, Suwa City, Suzaka, Komoro City, Ina City, Komagane City, Nakano City, Omachi City, Iiyama City, Chino City, Shiojiri City, Saku City, Chikuma City, Tomi City, Azumino, towns and villages, Minamisaku-gun, Koumi Town, Kawakami Village, Minamimaki Village, Minamiaiki Village, Kitaaiki Village, Sakuho Town, Kitasaku-gun, Karuizawa Town, Miyota Town, Tateshina Town, small prefecture county, Aoki Village, Nagawa Town, Suwa-gun, Shimosuwa Town, Fujimi Town, Haramura, Kamiina-gun, Tatsuno Town, Minowa Town, Iijima Town, Minamiminowa Village, Nakagawa Village, Miyata Village, Shimoina-gun, Matsukawa Town, Takamori Town, Anan Town, Achi Village, Hiratani Village, Neba Village, Shimojo Village, Uruki Village, Tenryu Village, Taifu Village, Takagi Village, Toyooka Village, Oshika Village, Kiso-gun, Agematsu Town, Nagiso Town, Kiso village, Otaki Village, Okuwa Village, Kiso Town, Higashichikuma-gun, Maji Village, Ikusaka village, Yamagata Village, Asahi Village, Chikuhoku Village, Kitaazumi-gun, Ikeda Town, Matsukawa Village, Hakuba Village, Otari Village, Hanishina-gun, Sakaki Town, Kamitakai-gun, Obuse Town, Takayama village, Shimotakai-gun, Yamanouchi Town, Kijimadaira Village, Nozawa Onsen Village, Kamiminochi-gun, Shinanomachi, Ogawa Village, Iizuna Town, Shimizunai County, Sakae Village.