Japanese nouns, verbs, adjectives

Reference from the Agency for Cultural Affairs

- English subtitles -

Japanese form
We will study four things here.
1, nouns, verbs, adjectives
2, sentence structure
3, particles
4, proper use of speaking style
First are nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
Words can be divided into various groups such as nouns, verbs and adjectives.
Look at this
Saru ga   ookii    banana wo   tabemasu
名詞        形容詞      名詞              動詞
Noun      Adjective      Noun          Verb
(The monkey eats a big banana.)
“Saru” and “banana” are nouns
“Tabemasu” is a verb
“Ookii” is an adjective
The adjective “ookii” describes the noun “banana”
There are two types of adjectives
“I adjective” and “na adjective”
“I adjective” becomes “I” in front of a noun like “ookii(big banana”.
“Na adjective” becomes “Na” in front of a noun like “kireina(luxury) banana”.

- Japanese subtitles -


ここでは4 つのことを勉強します。







猿が 大きい バナナを 食べます 。

名詞 形容詞 名詞 動詞
Noun Adjective Noun Verb

「猿」、「バナナ」は名詞です 。

「食べます」、は動詞です 。



形容詞は2 種類あります 。




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