E-Learning Course | No. 11

[Video] Special Japanese sounds part 1

Reference from the Japan Foundation

- English subtitles -

Japanese sounds

We will study two things here.

1. Number of sounds
2. Special sound

First is the number of sounds.

What kind of sound does Japanese have?

FU JI SAN(Fuji Mountain)

There are 100 sounds in Japanese.

You can see what kind of sounds there are by looking at the Japanese syllabary.

And in Japanese, one character corresponds to one sound, such as su, shi, i, nu.

- Japanese subtitles -


ここでは2 つのことを勉強します。

① 音の数
② 特別な音



日本語には音が100 位あります。

そして、す、し、い、ぬ、のように日本語では1 つの文字は1 つの音に対応し

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