The list of verb conjugation

The verb conjugation are summarized in the table.

Six conjugated forms of verbs

Varying the ending of “書く write” would look like this


Predicate: ない not to write

Adjuncts: ます write、書 wrote

Ending form: write

Adnominal form: とき when writing

Hypothetical form: If you write

Imperative form: Write


Varying the ending of “起きる wake up” would look like this

Preemptive form: 〜ない〜う、ように連なる形 as in linked form (起きない) (does not wake up)

Adjunctive form: 〜ます〜たに連なる形 in succession to ~ta (起きた、起きます) (woke up, waking up)

Ending form: 言い切る形 to say off( 起きる)  (wake up)

Adnominal form: 〜ときなどの体言に連なる形a form linked to a nominal word such as “when” (起きるとき) (when you get up)

Hypothetical form: 〜ばに連なる形 (起きれば) (if you get up,)

Imperative form: 命令の意味で言い切る形(起きろ) a form of saying off in the sense of a command (Wake up)


Verbs can be conjugated into six different forms depending on the trailing words: preverb, conjugative, terminative, conjugative, hypothetical, and imperative.


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