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Katakana  -カタカナ-  

Katakana is mainly used for words borrowed from a foreign language.




Katakana is mainly used for words borrowed from a foreign language, such as a foreign language name, or from another language, such as Comp (kompyu-ta- = computer). Katakana is the least frequently used of the three Japanese character sets. Japanese does not have as many sounds as English, so when creating a name in katakana, for example, the name should be close to the closest Japanese sound. Katakana, hiragana, and furigana (when writing hiragana in small letters next to a kanji to indicate how to read that character) are collectively called kana. For now, don’t worry too much about katakana (perhaps beyond learning your name). 
There are some special katakana characters that only exist in foreign names (such as シェ (she) and テイ (ti)). These special characters are not in the table below (only the standard set of katakana characters is included), but you can find them in the Japanese name lesson. 

レッスン1で述べたように、カタカナは主に、外国語の名前などの外国語や、Comp(kompyu-ta- = computer)などの他の言語から借用した単語に使用されます。カタカナは、日本語の3つの文字セットの中で最も使用頻度が低いものです。日本語は英語ほど多くの音がないので、たとえばカタカナで名前を作成するときは、名前を最も近い日本語に近い音にする必要があります。カタカナ、ひらがな、ふりがな(ひらがなを漢字の横に小さく書いて、その文字の読み方を示す場合)は、まとめてかなと呼ばれます。今のところ、カタカナについてはあまり心配しないでください(おそらくあなたの名前を学ぶことを超えて)。 


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