Today's study is about Number of characters.

Reference from the Agency for Cultural Affairs

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Japanese characters


  1. Next is the number of characters.


How many letters are there?


In Japanese, there is a table of characters called the Japanese syllabary.


Look at this table.

There are 46 basic hiragana characters.


In addition, there are also hiragana with dots such as “ga”, “gi”, “gu”, “ge”, and “go”.


There are also hiragana characters with 〇 such as “pa”, “pi”, “pu”, “pe”, and “po”.


There are also hiragana with small, “ya”, “yu”, “yo”, such as “kya”, “kyu”, and “kyo”.


There are about 100 hiragana in total.


The same is true for katakana.


There are many kanji.


In Japan, we start studying kanji from the first grade of elementary school.


We will study the 1000th kanji in 6 years of elementary school.


By the time you graduate from high school, you will study 2000th Kanji.

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The secret is "To ask questions"

The most effective way to learn Japanese or any language is to practice with native speakers and not just by yourself.
This will improve your motivation and memorization.
But you might be thinking, how can I speak with Japanese people if I don’t know much Japanese yet?
One key is to ask Japanese people questions about things you don’t understand.
Here are some common questions and phrases you can use:
■ Sono tango wa nani desu ka?
  Could you explain that word?
■ ・・・ wa douiu imi desu ka?
  What do you mean by …?
■ Chotto matte kudasai. Yukkuri hanasite kudasai.
  Hold on. Could you speak more slowly?
■ Gomen nasai. Wakarima sen deshita
  I’m sorry. I couldn’t catch what you said.
If it’s hard to find a Japanese person who can help you practice your Japanese conversation right away, HH JapaNeeds’ partner classes are perfect for you.

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