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Japan’s Easiest-to-Understand Blood Type and Personality Classification

For those born outside of Japan, when a friend asks, “What is your blood type?” When asked, “What is your blood type? and your friend asks you, “Why are you asking me that?” you may be surprised.

However, most people in Japan know their blood type, and in some cases, people casually talk about their blood type.

When introducing yourself, you may always add after your name and age, “My blood type is XX.

Furthermore, it is believed that each blood type has a different personality in Japan.

In this article, I would like to explain the most obvious classification of blood types and personalities in Japan.

The way blood types are perceived in Japan is broad

When it comes to blood types, many people may take it as “blood type harassment,” but in Japan, it is not often taken as harassment.

The image is that it is taken as a “tendency” without any scientific basis, and is incorporated into daily life without any deep meaning.

In magazines and on the Internet, “blood type fortune-telling” and “love compatibility related to blood type” are published as a matter of course.

However, there is little medical benefit to knowing one’s blood type, and in recent years, many hospitals in Japan do not check blood types at birth.

Thus, blood type is regarded quite roughly in Japan, and if you come to Japan and are asked about your blood type, you should assume that there is no deeper meaning.

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Differences in Personality Based on Blood Type

Now, let me explain the differences in personality according to blood type in Japan.

As I have said many times, these are characteristics that have no scientific basis, so please try to recognize them with an easygoing attitude.

Type A

People with blood type “A” are considered to have the following characteristics.

  • Meticulous
  • Serious and responsible
  • Worrier
  • Concerned about what others think of them
  • Cooperative
  • Good at planning
  • Stubborn

Rule-abiding and clean-living Japanese are said to be the most clean-living personalities.

In terms of love, many are “passive types.

It is said that about 40% of Japanese are Type A.

blood type A

Type B

People with blood type B are said to have the following characteristics

  • Curious
  • Optimistic
  • Bored easily
  • Need alone time

Are indifferent to everything except what interests them

take time to get to know each other.

Thus, even from the perspective of serious Japanese, Type B has a bit of an “eccentric” image.

In terms of love, they tend to be passionate and aggressive.

It is said that about 20% of Japanese are type B.

Type AB

People with blood type AB are said to have the following characteristics

  • They have a dual nature.
  • Likes to be alone, but is basically a lonely person.
  • Good at anticipation
  • Has an air of mystery
  • Have ups and downs of feelings.
  • Not good at teaching others.
  • Have excellent senses.

As you can see, type AB people have a relatively swinging personality.

In terms of love, they tend to desire a mutually enhancing relationship.

About 10% of the Japanese population is type AB.

Type O

People with blood type O are considered to have the following characteristics

  • generous
  • rough
  • a leader’s temperament
  • are out of control when angry.
  • They take pleasure in being needed more than others.
  • have a good memory

Thus, it can be said that people with type O tend to see the whole picture without worrying about details.

In terms of love, they tend to be pragmatic.

About 30% of Japanese are type O.

Blood Type Compatibility

In Japan, some people also believe in blood type compatibility.

For example, the most compatible is “Type O man and Type A woman.

The second is “type B man and type O woman,” the third is “type A man and type A woman,” and the fourth is “type AB man and type B woman.

Incidentally, the 15th and 16th blood types that are said to be incompatible are “Type B man and Type A woman” and “Type AB man and Type O woman,” respectively.

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Different Blood Types Have Different Risks of Disease and Injury

The aforementioned personality differences by blood type are just that: they tend to be that way, but there are actually more important differences by blood type. However, there are actually more important differences between blood types.

For example, people with blood type O are at greater risk of illness and injury than people with blood type B.

For example, studies have shown that people with type O have a harder time stopping blood after a serious injury and have a higher fat percentage than other blood types.

Other diseases that each blood type is prone to are different: type A is 1.2 times more likely to get stomach cancer than type O, type B is 1.2 times more likely to get diabetes than type O, and type AB is 1.8 times more likely to have a stroke than type O.


In this article, we have explained the most obvious classification of blood types and personalities in Japan.

In Japan, each of the four blood types (A, B, AB, and O) is considered to have a different personality. (There is no scientific evidence for this).

Knowing the personality traits of each blood type and your own blood type is useful when discussing blood types.

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