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How to marry a Japanese woman

How to marry a Japanese

Japanese women are very popular overseas.

Many men may be captivated by their calm and gentle atmosphere and beautiful black hair.

There is a famous joke that “Heaven is an American’s salary, a Chinese cook, an Englishman’s house, and a Japanese wife.

However, different nationalities have very different values, and some of you may not know how to deepen your friendship or how to bring about marriage.

In this article, I would like to explain “how to marry a Japanese woman” recommended for such foreign men.

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What’s so great about Japanese women!

Before explaining how to marry a Japanese woman, let me list some attractive points of Japanese women.

There are a number of characteristics that women from other countries do not have.


Japanese women are, in any case, gentle.

Of course, not all Japanese are like that, but they are generally warm and gentle.

They rarely get angry and raise their voices, and they are not assertive.

They also have an attentive side, and can act naturally kind, such as sharing food at a restaurant or casually following up on sloppy behavior.

Many are also good cooks, and when they live together or get married, they will take the initiative to prepare delicious, loving meals for you.

How to marry a Japanese calling


Japanese women have a very high awareness of cleanliness and desire to be clean at all times.

Even when they go to a convenience store near their home after getting out of bed, they change their clothes and put on light makeup before going to the store.

Japanese women’s rooms are very clean, and when they fall in love, they clean up men’s rooms as well.

Small and Cute

The average height of Japanese women is 158 cm, which is quite petite.

In the Netherlands, the average height of women is 170 cm, which shows how small they are.

By the way, the average height of American women is 162cm, which is 4cm taller than Japanese women.

When foreign men meet Japanese women, they will be surprised at how small they are.

Since most women are in the low 150cm height range, they have a very “small and cute” atmosphere.

How to marry a Japanese woman

Now, let me introduce a specific “how to marry a Japanese woman.

If you have the same values for love that you originally have, you may be able to fall in love, but you will most likely not be able to marry a Japanese woman.

It is very important to respect and adapt to the values of Japanese women.

Do not hang out frequently with friends of the opposite sex.

Japanese women are not assertive and take a step back, so they do not say “I want you to do this” or “I don’t want you to do that” very often.

For example, even when playing with a few friends, they feel very uneasy in the presence of the opposite sex.

Even if they feel “I don’t want them to go,” they often cannot say it out loud.

It is okay to occasionally participate in such occasions, but even if you don’t have ulterior motives, it is better to moderate your frequent hanging out with friends of the opposite sex.

The idea that “it’s just friends, so it’s okay” tends to be unacceptable to Japanese women.

Be mindful of hygiene.

As mentioned above, Japanese women lead very clean lives.

This is true not only for Japanese women, but also for Japanese men. (It can be said to be the national character of Japanese people).

They will clean up casually if only a little, but if they are too unaware, they will most likely fall in love with you but not consider you as a marriage partner.

If you want to marry a Japanese woman, be aware of hygiene in your life.

How to marry Japanese smile

They do not treat each other emotionally.

Japanese women do not often get angry with themselves, and at the same time, they are not comfortable with being angry.

While it is normal for women in other countries to “say what they want to say and make up” with each other, this is often not the case with Japanese women.

Emotional contact can cause many women to cry, and in some cases, they may not be able to say things back, and their hearts may drift apart.

To avoid this, it is necessary to listen to the woman calmly and not emotionally at the discussion.

Give her specific words that will help her imagine the future.

Many Japanese women are in love with foreign men, but they are still very anxious when it comes to marriage.

Even if they love and want to get married, they feel insecure about the future, wondering “What will happen to me if I marry this person?

Therefore, it is important not only to say, “We will be together forever,” and “I love you,” but also to convey “concrete words that allow me to imagine the future.

It is also a good idea to talk positively about the lives of women in your home country and your own family.

By doing so, you can imagine your boyfriend’s life in his home country.

Saying things like, “I can go back to Japan regularly,” will give your boyfriend a sense of security.


In this article, we have explained: “how to marry a Japanese woman” which is recommended for foreign men.

Japanese women are kind, clean, and have very nice features.

When they fall in love, many men may think, “I want to marry this Japanese woman.

However, the values that you take for granted may not match with Japanese women.

What may be acceptable in love may become a major obstacle when it comes to marriage.

If you are thinking of marrying a Japanese woman, be sure to understand her characteristics and be careful about what you say and do.

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