With a Flat monthly fee, you can take 5 hours of tutoring lessons a month. Click on the desired payment below to start paying to our PayPal account. It is an advanced payment.  Payment must be completed within one week after the trial lesson or before the start of the regular lesson. Tax 10%.

6,534 Yen (Incl. Tax)

¥ 4,950 x 6 months

32,670 Yen (Incl. Tax)

*Those can be used for both face to face and online classes.
  • You can’t keep your tutor for more than a week without payment. If the regular lesson starts more than a week later, please let the coordinator know.
  • A lump sum payments of 6 months are 17% lower than single monthly payments for both class to bear program maintenance costs.
  • For those who want to study more than 5 hours a month:
    Partner class An additional tutor can be added for another monthly fee.
  • If you are paying with your company budget and need a receipt or certificate of completion, please request.
  • Taxes are not included. Price including tax 6,534.

Payment Method

  • Payment has to be made via our PayPal account. You can use your Credit cards or Bank cash cards. Bank transfer is also available for those who do not have access to PayPal.
  • Once you start subscribing through PayPal, you can automatically pay a fixed amount every month. You can cancel the automatic payment yourself at any time.
  • Note: The tutor is not involved in the payment procedure.
  • For bank account payment. Check more…

Available on Paypal
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Lesson start date

The term and conditions for the regular lesson are very simple. After the trial class, payment must be completed before the start of the regular lesson. The monthly tuition cycle starts from the processing date. Lesson cycles are linked to payment cycles. Example: If you start on July 10, the month is valid from July 10 to August 10.

Suspend and resume

When you want to suspend a class, you can do so without paying a fee by telling us in advance. If the suspension period is less than one month, please adjust the lesson hours by adding more lesson time before and after the suspension.

Refund policy

Refunds will be given if there is a legitimate reason to do so. A refund fee of 330 yen is required for any refunds regardless of the type of refund. The payments made more than one month before the date of the request for refund are not refundable. If you make a lump-sum payment and cancel before completion, the course will be calculated at the monthly payment rate and 50% of the unused portion of the course fee will be refunded.

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