Youtube for learning Japanese

Learn Japanese on YouTube There are many channels on YouTube that are great for learning Japanese.
Most of the video courses are free. You can use them to ask a Japanese instructor what you don’t understand or listen to them together in class.


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Linguistic reasons why Japanese people do not assert themselves.

Major differences between Japanese and English

“Arigato” and “Thank You.

Let’s compare these two.

In the Japanese “Arigato,” there is no speaker or listener, in other words, no human being.

If you convert “arigato” to kanji, it is “有難う” (thank you).

It means, “It’s difficult to be,” or “It’s not easy to be.”

In contrast to the Japanese phrase “Arigato” (Thank you), which has no human being in it, how about the English phrase “Thank you.

In this case, “you,” or the person who is listening, appears.

It is a verb sentence that means “To thank you.

This is very different from the Japanese word “arigato,” which is based on an adjective.