Today's lesson is about hiragana

Print out the hiragana stroke order and trace it to practice.

The characters in the table are called hiragana. Hiragana is the main alphabet set in Japanese.
There are two other alphabets in Japanese, kanji and katakana.  Katakana characters are used for words that have been borrowed from other languages.

There are five vowels in Japanese. The are pronounced in the following ways:

(a), “ahh”, 
(i), “eat” pronounced like “e”,
(u), “soon” pronounced like “oo”, 
(e), “elk” Pronounced like “e”, 

(o), pronounced “oh”. 

With the exception of (n), all hiragana characters end with one of these vowels.



Reference from the Japan Foundation


The first step to learning Japanese is to master the letters. There is no “tone” when speaking Japanese.

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Nouns are easy

There are no genders (masculine, feminine, neuter) or articles (definite and indefinite pronouns) like in English and French.

Easy verb conjugation

Japanese verbs do not change their form depending on the subject as in English or French.

Easy to pronounce

There are many different vowel and consonant combinations in western languages. Japanese is one of the easiest to pronounce languages with few phonemes.

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