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Today's lesson is about hiragana

Print out the hiragana stroke order and trace it to practice.

The characters in the table are called hiragana. Hiragana is the main alphabet set in Japanese.
There are two other alphabets in Japanese, kanji and katakana.  Katakana characters are used for words that have been borrowed from other languages.

There are five vowels in Japanese. The are pronounced in the following ways:

(a), “ahh”, 
(i), “eat” pronounced like “e”,
(u), “soon” pronounced like “oo”, 
(e), “elk” Pronounced like “e”, 

(o), pronounced “oh”. 

With the exception of (n), all hiragana characters end with one of these vowels.

Reference from the Japan Foundation


KEY: The first step to learning Japanese is to master the letters. There is no “tone” when speaking Japanese.


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There are no shortcuts to language learning. The best way to learn a language is not to take shortcuts, but to continue slowly. Don’t rush, just do your best little by little.

Once you start to improve a little in any subject, you will find yourself wanting to improve even more. As the principle of consistency dictates, you don’t want to waste your past efforts, and this will accelerate your learning efficiency.

First, try to feel the joy of discovering small improvements. It will make your progress more enjoyable.

If there is a shortcut, it is to get a proper tutor. I myself had a hard time learning English, but fortunately I found a language partner who became my tutor and helped me correct my mistakes on the spot, which helped me improve a lot.

I encourage everyone to try tutoring.

In the beginning, it is advisable to start with simple and small amounts. I understand that you want to learn a lot at once and improve quickly. But that’s enough for today.
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