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Popular Food & Drink in Okinawa

Popular Food & Drink in Okinawa Santa andagi

Okinawa is home to a U.S. military base, so there are many Americans working there, and there must be many tourists visiting from overseas.

This time, following the previous article on the dialect of Okinawans, we will discuss what is popular in Okinawa.

If you are in Okinawa, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, you may want to try some of the popular foods and drinks.

Because of its mild climate, the taste of fish is not as good as that of mainland Japan, but other than that, there are many very tasty foods and beverages.

In this article, I would like to explain such “popular foods & drinks in Okinawa.

Okinawa’s unique culture makes its food and beverages unique

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Okinawa in Japan is recognized as a region with a very different culture.

It was under American rule for 27 years after the war, so much so that at that time passports were required to cross over to the mainland.

Because most of the men in the region died in the war, Okinawa became a culturally diverse region, with women taking the lead in the reconstruction of the region.

Before Okinawa, it was the “Kingdom of the Ryukyus,” which brought in cultures not only from the mainland but also from China and Southeast Asia through trade.

Naturally, it has also been influenced by the United States.

Because of this special environment, foods and drinks different from those of the mainland took root in Okinawa.

Popular Foods in Okinawa

Let us start with the most popular foods in Okinawa.

Goya Chanpuru

If you ask a Japanese person, “What is the most popular food in Okinawa? If you ask Japanese people, “What do you think of Okinawan food?

It is a stir-fry made with Okinawan bitter melon, pork, island tofu, and eggs.

It is ideal not only as a side dish but also as a snack.

Popular Food & Drink in Okinawa goya chanpuru

Sata andagi

The most famous fried snack in Okinawa is “sataa andagi.

The word “sataa” is a combination of the words “sugar” and “andagui,” which is a combination of the words “oil” and “fried.

Known for its good luck and great taste, it is a must-try snack when you come to Okinawa.

Soki Soba

Japanese people are big noodle lovers, and Okinawan “Soki Soba” is a very popular food.

It is sometimes called “Okinawa soba.

Soba with large pieces of pork (Soki) on top is very tasty, refreshing, and rich.

Although it is called “soba,” it does not contain any buckwheat flour, but wheat flour.

Taco Rice

Many Japanese tourists are mistaken when they first see the name “taco rice.

Because the name “taco” is in the menu, they think that the main ingredient is octopus, but in fact, it is the “taco” of the Mexican dish “tacos.

To be precise, the name of the dish is a mixture of the two words “taco” and “rice.

The taco ingredients are placed on a bed of rice and topped with salsa sauce, and it is an exquisite dish.

It is so popular in Okinawa that it is served in school lunches.

Sea grapes

UMIBUDO (sea grapes), sometimes called “green caviar,” is another famous food in Okinawa.

It is a type of seaweed belonging to the family of the sea squirt family, and many people are addicted to its crunchy texture and salty taste.

It can be eaten with soy sauce or sanbaizu vinegar, or used as a topping for dishes.

Popular Food & Drink in Okinawa umi budou

Gyumami – Tofu

Tofu made with peanuts is “jee-mummy tofu.

Many people are addicted to its chewy texture and peanut flavor.

Those who prefer a gutsy, calorie-dense meal may find it lacking, but those who enjoy delicate flavors should definitely give it a try.


Mimigarh is a must-try for those who love to drink.

It is a local Okinawan dish of boiled or steamed pig’s ears, cut into small pieces, and topped with ponzu (Japanese sauce made from ponzu citrus juice).

The crunchy texture of the cartilage goes well with sake.

Many people cannot stop eating this dish once they start.

Popular Food & Drink in Okinawa Mimiga-

Popular beverages in Okinawa

Next, let’s take a look at some of the “popular drinks in Okinawa.


This drink is made from juiced Hirami lemons, a citrus fruit.

The word “shi” means “sour” and “kuasar” means “edible.

It is also enjoyed with Awamori, an Okinawan alcoholic beverage.

It is a must-try drink for those who like sour drinks.


Awamori is a distilled liquor made from rice, and is unique to the Okinawa Islands.

The alcohol content is quite high, around 30 degrees, and weak drinkers will probably get drunk after just one drink.

It tastes richer and sweeter than shochu, and has a mellow aroma.

Popular Food & Drink in Okinawa Awamori


In this article, we have explained about “popular foods & drinks in Okinawa.

Okinawa is a land where you can enjoy not only the climate and the sea, but also the food, as there are various foods and drinks that are different from those on the mainland.

Why not try some of the foods and drinks listed here?

They are all excellent, and you may become addicted to them.

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