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Japanese food

Japanese food is quite diverse. More common Japanese dishes include noodle dishes (ramen, etc.), rice bowls (donburi), and sushi. Japanese food is generally very healthy and often contains certain types of seafood, usually white glutinous rice and vegetables. 

Noodle dish 

Soy sauce  Ramen is one of the most common noodle dishes in Japanese food. There are many flavors and ingredients (no, not instant noodles), but the most common ramen is made with soy sauce (soy sauce soy sauce). A large bowl of soy sauce ramen also contains a lot of ramen, bean sprouts (bean sprouts), dried seaweed (nori-nori), pickled bamboo (Chinese bamboo-shinachiku), and green onions (long onion). I will. .. The pork slab called char siu is also my favorite “topping”. 

Other very common types of noodle dishes can be made with udon (noodles) noodles (very thick noodles) or somen (somen noodles) noodles (very thin noodles). 

Rice Bowls (丼 – Donburi) 

Katsudon is a very common type of food in Japan. The most common is katsudon (katsudon), which is made from eggs, sautéed onions, and pork bread crumbs (katsudon). Oyakodon-A bowl made from eggs, stir-fried onions, and chicken (meaning “oyakodon”). Gyudon-A bowl made from stir-fried onions and beef. There are many types of rice bowls, but one thing they have in common is that the toppings are always placed in a bowl of white sticky rice. 

White Sticky Rice 

(ご飯 – Gohan (when cooked), 米 – Kome (when uncooked)) 

White glutinous rice is a staple of almost every Japanese meal. The word “rice” also means “meal”. It is sticky and can be eaten with chopsticks, which is the staple food of Japan. Always keep your chopsticks on a bowl or table so they don’t stick out of your food. This is done only at funerals and is considered very unlucky. 

Wasabi (山葵) 

Wasabi is a sauce of wasabi. It is very powerful and should be used in moderation. A small amount is usually placed under the raw fish in nigiri sushi. This is to help kill the taste and bacteria. 

Daikon (大根) 

Radish “Radish” literally means “radish”. It is a radish that is often grated in soy sauce to kill the bacteria contained in sashimi. 

soy sauceSoy Sauce (醤油 – Shouyu) 

Soy sauce is very common in Japanese cuisine. It is also often used to dip certain types of sushi (nigiri sushi and maki sushi). Soy sauce is fermented soybeans, water and salt.

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