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Introduction of learning Japanese

Nihongo Japanese language grammar

To learn Japanese

If you want to learn Japanese (or called “Japanese” in Japanese), you’re in the right place! In our lessons, you can learn how to speak, read and write Japanese. On this site, you can find Japanese alphabets (including hiragana and katakana), kanji (kanji), vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, common words and phrases, and more. The difference from other Japanese courses and tutorials is that they actually teach you how to use verbs and create your own sentences. This is important for learning how to speak fluently.

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Japanese is actually very simple, but unlike English, many English speakers find it difficult to learn. The goal of these 10 free lesson courses is to help you learn the basics of language and hopefully teach you how to learn Japanese in a fast and easy-to-understand way.

These lessons are basic Japanese and additional beginner lessons.



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