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Why is Japanese not difficult?

Japanese can be difficult, but don’t be disappointed. Actually, it’s not like other languages.

Why Japanese is easy:

● Easy grammar
● Easy pronunciation
● Japanese sentences do not need a subject.
● Only three basic sentences

 1.動詞文 例)よく笑う。: Verb sentence
 2.形容詞文 例)かわいい。: Adjective sentence
 3. 名詞文 例)赤ちゃんだ。: Noun sentence

Why Japanese is difficult:

● In Japanese, “the spoken language” and “written language” are quite different. (many textbooks focus on “written language” rather than “the spoken language”).
● Japanese has a lot of vocabulary.
● Japanese has a male way of speaking and a female way of speaking.
● Honorifics are difficult in Japanese.
● Conjugation can be difficult.

When we asked our students who studied for a few years with us about their impressions of Japanese, most of them answered, “It’s much easier than I thought it would be.”


They also said, “Japanese is difficult to read, but it is surprisingly easy to speak.” Almost everyone said the same.