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Why is Japanese not difficult?

Japanese can be difficult, but don’t be disappointed. Actually, it’s not like other languages.

Why Japanese is easy:

● Easy grammar
● Easy pronunciation
● Japanese sentences do not need a subject.
● Only three basic sentences

 1.動詞文 例)よく笑う。: Verb sentence
 2.形容詞文 例)かわいい。: Adjective sentence
 3. 名詞文 例)赤ちゃんだ。: Noun sentence

Why Japanese is difficult:

● In Japanese, “the spoken language” and “written language” are quite different. (many textbooks focus on “written language” rather than “the spoken language”).
● Japanese has a lot of vocabulary.
● Japanese has a male way of speaking and a female way of speaking.
● Honorifics are difficult in Japanese.
● Conjugation can be difficult.

When we asked our students who studied for a few years with us about their impressions of Japanese, most of them answered, “It’s much easier than I thought it would be.”


They also said, “Japanese is difficult to read, but it is surprisingly easy to speak.” Almost everyone said the same.

Nihongo Hiragana Japanese language grammar


Japanese has no “tone” at all. ひらがな The first step to learning Japanese is to learn the alphabet. Or at

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