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Leisure activities that Japanese people do on their days off

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The Japanese are known worldwide as the “overworked” nation, right?

Although it may not seem so high, ranking 28th in the world for working hours, this does not include “service overtime” and “working on holidays,” so Japan must actually be quite high in the ranking.

Working too much can be paraphrased as having that little time off.

How do Japanese people spend their few holidays?

In this article, we would like to explain such “leisure activities that Japanese people do on their days off.

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Many Japanese give priority to “resting their bodies

Many Japanese use their precious time off for the next work day.

They go to massage parlors to relax their bodies so that they can perform at a certain level at work, or spend time relaxing at home to heal their bodies and minds.

If there are two consecutive holidays, many people go for leisure on the first day, but on the second day, they tend to focus on relaxing their body and mind so that their work day is not affected.

In recent years, “Video On Demand (VOD)” has become widely popular, and an increasing number of people spend their time relaxing while watching YouTube and other programs on their smartphones and tablets.

This shows that the Japanese are a very “serious” people.

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Leisure activities that Japanese people do on their days off

Let us now list some of the leisure activities that Japanese people do on their days off.

By learning about these activities, you will be able to better understand the Japanese national character.

Eating out

Japanese people tend to be very interested in food.

In addition to “Japanese food,” which is unique to Japan, there is a collection of restaurants from around the world, including Chinese, Italian, French, Indian, Mexican, and other cuisines.

These cuisines are developing into unique Japanese flavors, and new menus are being developed every day.

Families who can afford it go to restaurants for lunch or dinner on every holiday.

Going to restaurants itself has become a “leisure” activity for Japanese people.

Day Trips

As mentioned above, Japanese people spend their time in a routine of “playing on the first day and relaxing on the second day” if it is about two consecutive holidays.

The overwhelming majority of people only go on overnight trips when they are on long vacations.

For this reason, many people tend to take “one-day trips” when they have two consecutive holidays.

In Japan, there are many sightseeing spots throughout the country.

Since it takes only about two hours to get to various sightseeing spots, many people go on a day trip once a month or so.

Shopping malls (outlet malls)

There are many different types of shopping malls (outlet malls) operating in Japan.

There are always several large shopping malls in the prefecture where you live, and many people go there once a month for fun.

This is a very popular leisure activity for couples as well as families with children.


In Japan, a “camping boom” has been taking place since about 2020.

There was a boom in the 1970s and 1980s, but its popularity has since declined.

However, the popularity of “solo camping” gradually increased, and camping that is less dense became popular due to the new coronavirus.

The number of people making their camping debut has also increased considerably over the past two years.

Leisure activities camping

Touring Power Spots

In Japan, there are many spots where you can feel a “sacred atmosphere.

Shrines in particular are famous as power spots unique to Japan.

Shrines with names such as “XX Jingu” or “XX Taisha” are very “prestigious shrines,” and you can receive power just by visiting them.

You can also receive a “red seal” as a proof of your visit to a shrine.

A red seal is a piece of paper with the date of visit and the name of the shrine written in ink.

It has become popular in Japan over the past few years, especially among young women.

Theme parks, zoos and aquariums

There are theme parks throughout Japan, including Disney Resort, Fuji-Q Highland, and Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

Many zoos and aquariums are also in operation, and they are extremely popular among dates and families.


During long vacations of three or more consecutive vacations, a great many people go on overnight trips.

During long vacations such as summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, and Golden Week, many people travel overseas or to distant sightseeing spots in Japan.


Karaoke” has been popular among Japanese people for several decades and has become a staple.

It has become a leisure activity that allows people to casually go out on holidays to sing songs by Japanese and foreign artists.

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In this report, we have explained “leisure activities that Japanese people do on their days off.

It can be said that Japanese people quite often give priority to “resting their bodies” on their days off.

However, when they have consecutive holidays, they often enjoy eating out, day trips, shopping malls, camping, visiting power spots, theme parks, and karaoke.

When there are long consecutive holidays, they are willing to take overnight trips.

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