Keiro no Hi (敬老の日Respect for the Aged Day)

Meaning of Keiro no Hi(敬老の日 Respect for the Aged Day)

Do you know Keiro no Hi(敬老の日 Respect for the Aged Day)?

Respect for the Aged Day in 2022 is September 19.

This Respect for the Aged Day is a holiday with no fixed date due to the Happy Monday system. Therefore, it is a little difficult to determine what the day is about from the date.

However, you may be wondering what the meaning of this day is, whether there used to be such a thing as “Respect for the Aged Day ,” how old people have to be to celebrate this day, and so on.

So on this page, we will do a little research on “Respect for the Aged Day .

What is the meaning and origin of Keiro no Hi (敬老の日Respect for the Aged Day)?

Respect for the Aged Day is a national holiday and falls on the third Monday of September.

List of dates for future Respect for the Aged Day

2022Monday, September 19
2023Monday, September 18
2024Monday, September 16
2025Monday, September 15
2026Monday, September 21
2027Monday, September 20
2028Monday, September 18
2029Monday, September 17
2030Monday, September 16
List of dates for future Respect for the Aged Day

Let’s check how this Respect for the Aged Day became a national holiday.

  • 1966 (Showa 41): September 15 was established as a national holiday “Respect for the Aged Day” and the Old-Age Welfare Law was changed to “Respect for the Aged Day
  • 2003 (Heisei 15): “Respect for the Aged Day” was established on the third Monday of September (Happy Monday System).
  • In 2001, the Senior Citizens Welfare Law was revised, and September 15 was designated as “Senior Citizens Day” and the week following September 15 as “Senior Citizens Week.

The purpose of the national holidays is to “honor the elderly who have given long years of service to society and celebrate their longevity.

turu kame Keiro no Hi

There are two popular theories as to why Respect for the Aged Day was originally set on September 15.

  1. The day Prince Shotoku built Shudai-in at Shitennoji Temple.
    Shudai-in was an institution for the poor and orphans and is said to have been modeled after the Sui Dynasty in China.
  2. The day Emperor Kinmei visited Yoro Falls.
    Yoro Falls is a waterfall with a 32-meter drop and 4-meter width located in Yoro Park in present-day Yoro Town, Yoro County, Gifu Prefecture.

List of Longevity Celebrations

Age Name of Longevity Celebrations
61Kanreki 還暦(かんれき)
66Rokuju 緑寿(ろくじゅ)
70Koki 古稀(こき)
77Kiju 喜寿(きじゅ)
80Sanju 傘寿(さんじゅ)
81Hanju 半寿(はんじゅ)
88Beiju 米寿(べいじゅ)
90Sotsuju 卆寿(そつじゅ)
99Hakuju 白寿(はくじゅ)
100Momoju 百寿(ももじゅ)
108Chaju 茶寿(ちゃじゅ)
111Kouju 皇寿(こうじゅ)
119Ganju 頑寿(がんじゅ)

Today, Japan is one of the countries with the longest life expectancy in the world, as people say, “Life is 80 years.

The scope of the term “elderly” is also changing.
In honor of Respect for the Aged Day, here is a list of longevity celebrations by age.

*Age has been thought of in terms of counting years, but in recent years it is more common to celebrate in terms of full age.

Keiro no Hi (敬老の日Respect for the Aged Day) present


The third Monday of September is Keiro no Hi (敬老の日Respect for the Aged Day), a national holiday. It is a day to honor the elderly, celebrates their longevity, prays for their good health and longevity, and deepen their understanding of issues related to the welfare of the elderly. On this day, local governments and senior citizens’ associations hold performances and other events, and commemorative gifts are given. Volunteers also visit nursing homes to comfort the elderly. It is expected to become an important day in the future for Japan, the country with the longest life expectancy in the world.

  • Respect for the Aged Day began as “Day of the Elderly.
  • Two popular theories for the date of September 15 are the date of Prince Shotoku’s founding of Kida-in Temple and the date of Emperor Kinmei’s visit to Yoro Falls.
  • There are many age-based longevity celebrations. (See the list).

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