Si quieres mejorar tu japonés, conversa con este método.
Aprender japonés: Clases particulares exclusivas en persona o en línea
"Su tutor Su tiempo Su ubicación"
Si quieres mejorar tu japonés, conversa con este método.
Aprender japonés: Clases particulares exclusivas en persona o en línea
"Su tutor Su tiempo Su ubicación"

Aprender japonés con un profesor de japonés en línea

Aprenda japonés con el tutor adecuado para usted.

¿Te cuesta aprender japonés con un programa de ordenador o con un sistema automático de búsqueda de tutores en línea? Ya no. Usted será ayudado en su aprendizaje de japonés por nuestros tutores de japonés que pueden adaptar las lecciones uno a uno a sus necesidades lingüísticas. Nosotros, HH JapaNeeds, somos una escuela de tutoría japonesa líder en Japón.

Características de HH JapaNeeds

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Clases personalizadas

El profesor de japonés perfecto para ti. Horario y ubicación flexibles.

icon money

Precios muy buenos

Buen precio, fácil forma de pago a través de la web.

100% garantizado

Toma clases de prueba gratuitas con tutores de japonés. Reembolso si no está satisfecho.

Tutores de japonés locales o en línea

partner class japanese tutors lesson

Cara a cara local

No importa dónde vivas en Japón, puedes encontrarte con nuestros tutores de japonés en una cafetería cercana, en tu casa, en un centro comunitario o en otro lugar público.

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Lecciones en línea

Los profesores de japonés en línea también están preparados para enseñarte en línea. ¡Haz del mundo tu aula!

Cómo funciona


Responde a unas cuantas preguntas rápidas sobre tus tutores de japonés ideales.
Elige la edad, el sexo, el nivel de inglés, la experiencia, etc. de tu tutor de japonés.

morning office tea and snacks

Nuestro coordinador asesorará y organizará a los tutores de japonés ideales alrededor de una semana. Asegúrese en la lección de prueba gratuita que el tutor japonés es el más adecuado.

japanese tutors coordinator

Comienza una clase regular con el mismo tutor de japonés cada mes.Los tutores de japonés pueden cambiarse según las necesidades

Meeting japanese tutor

Tipos de clases

Clase gratuita
e-learning course

Mantenga su entusiasmo y un ritmo de aprendizaje estable. Aprenderás los fundamentos del japonés y consejos para estudiar japonés.

Clase de socios
japanese tutors lesson learning

Los compañeros de la comunidad pueden participar en una práctica lingüística informal y menos estructurada sobre cualquier tema de su elección.

Clase Pro
japanese learning with Pro tutor

Para aprender sobre todo gramática con los métodos de aprendizaje más rápidos en un entorno más formal, y con un presupuesto mayor.

Si desea obtener información sobre el japonés en su país, consulte lo siguiente.

Acerca de las clases locales de japonés en España, Madrid, Barcelona
Acerca de las clases locales de japonés en México, Cancún
Acerca de las clases locales de japonés en Argentina, Buenos Aires
Acerca de las clases locales de japonés en Perú, Lima
  • Peru Embassy of Japan
  • Location: Av. San Felipe 356, Jesús María, Lima, Peru (Box No. 3708)
  • Phone: (51-1) 219-9500
HH JapaNeeds ofrece clases de japonés en todas las ciudades y pueblos que se enumeran a continuación:

Andalucía: Sevilla, Málaga; Cataluña: Barcelona; Comunidad Valenciana: Valencia; Madrid: Madrid; Galicia: Vigo, A Coruña; País Vasco: Bilbao; Castilla y León: Valladolid; Islas Canarias: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Castilla-La Mancha: Albacete; Asturias: Gijón, Oviedo; Región de Murcia: Murcia; Extremadura: Badajoz.

Testimonio de los estudiantes

Más de 5.000 estudiantes con tutores de japonés ya han conseguido dominar el idioma.

Los tutores de japonés son amables, pacientes y muy serviciales, y pude aprender japonés en un entorno cómodo. Mi aprendizaje continúa incluso después de regresar a mi país. Gracias.
student picture 1
Jennifer stone
Ama de casa
Mi curso estaba dirigido por profesores de japonés altamente cualificados, por lo que tenía la motivación necesaria para seguir aprendiendo japonés a la fuerza. Mis profesores de japonés siempre me animaron, incluso cuando mi trabajo estaba muy ocupado.
student picture michael
Michael Chew
Compartir momentos del aprendizaje de los alumnos
Opiniones de los estudiantes en Google

inochen Sinsinochen Sins
12:30 28 Feb 24
An amazing service which helped me to find a tutor who adapted to my way of studying and made learning Japanese fun. Thanks to HH JapaNeeds I was able to pass N3 and am going for N2 this year ~
suresh reddipallisuresh reddipalli
08:16 17 Jan 24
They provide you the Tutor and tools to learn Japanese, kind cooperation, well teaching methods, it’s best place for beginners to learn quickly and I strongly recommend HH JapaNeeds.
04:47 14 Jan 24
I’m loving the course with an online tutor, the platform support made a lot of effort to find a tutor who spoke a little Portuguese so that I felt more comfortable in classes. I highly recommend it, they are very attentive to the students, and my tutor is a sweet person, I really love my classes with her and I feel very motivated to learn Japanese ❤️😊
Darren LeslieDarren Leslie
23:43 10 Jan 24
Extremely helpful course materials.
Evelyn LeeEvelyn Lee
15:11 20 Dec 23
Chanced upon HH JapaNeeds while trying to find online classes to improved my Japanese. The response is fast and Honda San contacted me. First he conducted an interview to see my level of Japanese and to find out more on which area am I focusing on learning. He is a very helpful coordinator and always constantly checking if the requirement fit my needs.He got me a tutor which is able to accommodate my schedule. The tutor is very patient when i tried to used poor Japanese to communicate with her. She tried to understand and correct my Japanese. It been a few months taking the classes and I am happy. The tutor always makes an effort to plan a lesson plan before the class which I am really grateful for it.I would highly recommend them to embarks a language endeavours together!I would love to continue learning Japanese classes with them.Thank you Honda san and teams!
Hải TrầnHải Trần
07:41 10 Dec 23
I think it’s convenient since it’s class (1-1). And the tuition fee is OK. I think it’s a great class. 🫠If you want to study Japanese with Japanese people, please try this class. 🤔
Kaddu MikdadKaddu Mikdad
13:07 04 Dec 23
It’s really great, the tutors are kind, friendly and helpful in the process of learning Japanese.
junira mariojunira mario
03:54 02 Dec 23
Thanks for the lesson. Excellent, friendly, and easy – to – understand tutors in material delivery
01:18 02 Dec 23
Getting better teaching quality
John MerejoJohn Merejo
02:52 01 Dec 23
I was able to find a language exchange partner that matched my needs! I highly recommend this especially at the price point
Thanks to all!! Kind and nice attitude!! Maintaining support via Skype and so on! Pleasent people! I received great teacher with which I am happy to study!
Steve ParkerSteve Parker
01:00 07 Nov 23
Affordable and convenient. My teacher was fun and helpful. Very good! She didn’t know that I was paying the company for her time when she was volunteering though, which is a little dodgy.
Nhi PhanNhi Phan
22:57 05 Nov 23
Title: A Fantastic Journey into Japanese: My Experience with Japanese e-LearningIntroduction:I recently had the opportunity to explore the world of Japanese e-Learning, and I must say, it has been an incredible experience. As someone who has always been fascinated by Japanese culture and language, this platform provided me with a comprehensive and enjoyable way to learn Japanese. In this review, I would like to share my thoughts and impressions about the Japanese e-Learning program.User-Friendly Interface:One of the first things that impressed me about the Japanese e-Learning platform was its user-friendly interface. Navigating through the different lessons and modules was intuitive and straightforward. The layout was clean and visually appealing, making it easy to stay engaged and focused on the content. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, the platform caters to all levels of proficiency, ensuring a seamless learning experience.Comprehensive Curriculum:The Japanese e-Learning program boasts a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of the Japanese language. From basic vocabulary and grammar to reading, writing, and conversation practice, the course content is well-structured and thoughtfully organized. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, gradually increasing the complexity and difficulty level. The inclusion of interactive exercises, quizzes, and assessments helped me consolidate my knowledge and track my progress effectively.Engaging Multimedia Resources:What truly sets Japanese e-Learning apart is its extensive use of engaging multimedia resources. The incorporation of audio clips, videos, and interactive exercises made the learning process immersive and enjoyable. I particularly appreciated the authentic Japanese materials, such as dialogues, songs, and cultural snippets, which provided a glimpse into real-life situations and enhanced my understanding of the language in context.Supportive Community:Another aspect that I found invaluable was the supportive community within the Japanese e-Learning platform. The inclusion of discussion forums, chat groups, and live sessions allowed me to connect with fellow learners and native speakers. This not only provided an opportunity to practice my speaking and writing skills but also fostered a sense of belonging and motivation. The instructors and moderators were responsive and helpful, offering guidance and feedback whenever needed.Flexibility and Accessibility:Japanese e-Learning recognizes the importance of flexibility and accessibility in today’s fast-paced world. The platform is accessible across various devices, including smartphones and tablets, enabling me to learn on the go. The self-paced nature of the course allowed me to tailor my learning schedule to fit my personal commitments. Whether you have a few minutes or several hours to spare, you can easily dive into the lessons and make progress at your own pace.Conclusion:In conclusion, my experience with Japanese e-Learning has been nothing short of exceptional. It provides a comprehensive curriculum, an engaging learning environment, and a supportive community that caters to learners of all levels. If you’re looking to embark on a journey to learn Japanese from the comfort of your own home, I highly recommend giving Japanese e-Learning a try. It’s an investment that will undoubtedly reward you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Japanese language and culture.
Talipasan JohannaTalipasan Johanna
03:01 11 Oct 23
I am happy to learn new language. Been practicing my letters hehe. I will keep improving
kiah maricakiah marica
07:07 26 Sep 23
I am happy that there are site that are helping to learn speaking in Japanese langguage
ramnarayan chakrabartyramnarayan chakrabarty
11:06 24 Sep 23
Very useful materials of high standard and well prepared lessons. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to avail your lessons.
Loisa ManaloLoisa Manalo
00:44 13 Sep 23
Mahirah Ulya SilviarisMahirah Ulya Silviaris
02:15 12 Sep 23
I love this e-learning so much! Thank you HH JapaNeeds, all the best for you! 🌸❤
Farmanrao officialFarmanrao official
07:57 06 Sep 23
i have good experience .
Rita Herawati SusenoRita Herawati Suseno
23:35 03 Sep 23
Jimmy Jr. BatotoJimmy Jr. Batoto
12:21 03 Sep 23
I wanted to express my gratitude to Soyoko-sensei for her outstanding teaching expertise. She has the passion for teaching and dedication to help the language students like me. In addition, she has engaging lessons, patience, and guidance which have made a significant difference in my Japanese language skills. Thank you for being such an excellent teacher, Soyoko-sensei.
Nibesh OfficialNibesh Official
09:07 30 Aug 23
Marichie GersalinaMarichie Gersalina
23:14 29 Aug 23
ẞishram Adhikariẞishram Adhikari
10:52 27 Aug 23
07:22 26 Aug 23
Kimiji KobayashiKimiji Kobayashi
00:07 15 Aug 23
Nihongo LearnerNihongo Learner
04:22 07 Aug 23
Thanks you for creating such good content. I really loved how they only used Japanese for listening purposes, and the contents were precise and easily understandable.
Nikhil KumarNikhil Kumar
04:16 07 Aug 23
The lessons I learnt online from HHJapaneeds were very informative, precise and easy to understand. Thank you for making such good quality contents.
Yura LYura L
06:26 29 Jul 23
Despite initially struggling to find a tutor due to my requirement of face to face studying in “remote” location, when changed to virtual class the tutor was found very quickly and I had great experience with them.
wahyu kurniansyahwahyu kurniansyah
00:21 20 Jul 23
Very useful, can share knowledge and the teacher is very friendly and patient. I hope that HH Japaneeds will be more advanced and develop internationally
03:23 18 Jul 23
Excellent program. Connected me with the perfect tutor first time. Regularly meeting was very motivating, and a valuable friendship came from it. Definitely recommended.
pham thi xuan phuongpham thi xuan phuong
01:51 16 Jul 23
I came to Japan to work for almost a yearWith the enthusiastic help and support of Japanese teachers, I was able to learn Japanese for freeThis has helped me a lot in work and daily lifeI feel grateful to HH JapaNeeds center and thank 本田さん
Philippine AguilarPhilippine Aguilar
01:44 21 Jun 23
Hello everyone! My name is Philippine Aguilar and I’m a Filipino. I’m already have a second time meeting up with my Sensei and we have a great time for learning Japanese Lesson together, thank you for your help.
Guillaume GautierGuillaume Gautier
05:53 01 Jun 23
I went for the course with a volunteer teacher and it worked great for me. Adaptability and flexibility with my schedule and working hours, took the time to design a teaching program that worked well with both my objectives and the time I could allow to studying. I felt it did wonders for my Japanese and it was also a fun way to study, highly recommend.
Jörg LöhkenJörg Löhken
02:30 27 May 23
Very helpful if you want to learn Japanese. They have various options of tutoring, and you probably find one at your location (or online, if you want) and according to your needs. Coordination via e-mail or Whatsapp is swift and in excellent English, the tutors are all very helpful (I chose the partner level) and you get to choose which one(s) suit(s) you best. The online presence is also very useful. Highly recommended.
Rob SRob S
05:43 15 May 23
Honda-san was a very helpful coordinator who introduced me to a volunteer tutor who was enthusiastic and excited to be able to teach others Japanese.I would definitely contact them if you’re looking for more casual assistance or support in your Japanese language endeavours 🙂
15:12 21 Mar 23
Mr Honda did a great job. He always cares about the status of learner and if you have any questions, he provides answers right away. Just describe what kind of teacher you need, he will find a suitable one for you. I had great time with my teacher and learned a lot of japanese culture or customs which I haven’t known before.
05:33 05 Jan 23
They have provided me with complete and easy to understand lessons that made me improve my study in Japanese! It is such a big help for me to become more fluent and will use the provided lessons to be able to speak like a native in the future.
12:42 29 Dec 22
They really helped me to improve my skills in learning Japanese. They gave me the best guidance and experience. I don’t know how to describe more because they are the best.
Vonnette BaniwasVonnette Baniwas
07:30 15 Dec 22
I have good tutors who tolerate my mistakes while talking with them in Japanese. Of course, they also correct my mistakes. My fluency may not have immediately improved but through the lessons I had,my confidence increased and I felt comfortable using Japanese.Helping Hand has definitely helped me a lot.
Rechelle VerdeflorRechelle Verdeflor
00:44 13 Dec 22
HH JapaNeeds is a really big help to those who wanted to learn Nihongo. All lessons are easy to understand and you will learn a lot. I am only having the free e-learning lessons because I don’t have quite the time for online tutoring but I think availing the online class would benefit the learner more. Each lesson kept me motivated to study Japanese. ありがとうございました!
CY FokCY Fok
01:03 22 Nov 22
I am from Malaysia and I have been taking the Japanese lessons at HH JapaNeeds since 8 months ago, in the beginning I know nothing much about Japanese language but now I can speak and write like a Japanese! This won’t happen without the dedication and commitment shown by my tutor, Tsatsurou-san , he is such a nice tutor and I appreciate all the lessons he has been giving to me that improves my Japanese language so much!Also, the headmaster of HH JapaNeeds, Naoteru-san, he is very helpful in arranging the right tutor for me.I strongly recommend those who want to learn Japanese language to try out HH JapaNeeds service, you won’t be regret here!
Titouan VervackTitouan Vervack
11:25 05 Nov 22
I was very quickly contacted for a short personal interview. After assessing my Japanese skills, a tutor near me was quickly found. She was experienced, laid back, very instructive, prepared,… I’ve been working with her for half a year now and am very happy with our performance
Baptiste PinsonBaptiste Pinson
11:21 01 Nov 22
Really happy about HH JapaNeeds’ services. They helped me find a tutor close to where I live and the said tutor offered a tailored teaching method that I enjoyed. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who wants/needs to improve their Japanese.
Jemah Faye Dela TorreJemah Faye Dela Torre
11:24 27 Oct 22
Hhjapaneeds is a very good platform to meet new people and a good way to learn new language. I enjoyed it very much. I am not only learning how to converse but learning the culture is a plus. I highly recommend it to others to try this, to experience also speaking to native japanese and become friends with them later on.

Conozca a nuestros tutores

Selecciona el mejor profesor de japonés para ti entre más de 3000.

Consejos útiles para aprender con profesores de japonés

Los tutores de japonés están especialmente recomendados para
  • Quiero tener tutores de japonés a mi alrededor a los que pueda preguntar cualquier cosa sobre Japón.
  • Quiero conocer a mi propio profesor de japonés cerca de mí.
  • Quiero que me enseñen en inglés cuando no entiendo.
japanese tutors lesson good
4 beneficios de las clases particulares de japonés

Tu propio tutor personal de japonés está familiarizado con tus características y personalidad.
Los tutores japoneses tienen experiencia en el aprendizaje de idiomas y en el estudio en el extranjero, por lo que pueden compartir sus experiencias.
Puedes concentrarte mejor porque estás cara a cara.
Estarás motivado porque serás elogiado cada vez que te encuentres con tus tutores japoneses.

¡Bueno para los principiantes! Frases para tomar clases particulares de japonés con eficacia

Aprovecha la ventaja de contar con un tutor de japonés individual, para que puedas aprender a tu propio ritmo.

  • Could you speak a little more slowly?
  • Can I practice here again?
  • I don’t really understand this part well.
  • Could you give me an example?
japanese tutors lesson learning
¡Tres pasos! Cómo dominar el japonés
  1. Saber: Crear oportunidades de exposición al japonés.
  2. Utilízalo: Aumenta tus oportunidades de utilizar el japonés
  3. Acostúmbrate: Sigue aprendiendo japonés cada día
  4. : Keep learning Japanese every day
Desventajas de las clases particulares de japonés
  1. No se trata de una clase pasiva en la que te limitas a escuchar como en una clase en grupo.
  2. Quieres aprender con diferentes tutores de japonés en cada lección.
  3. Sigue aprendiendo japonés cada dí
Siete cosas que sólo hacen las personas que han mejorado su japonés
  1. Leer los materiales de la lección antes de cada lección
  2. Haz preguntas activamente a tus tutores de japonés.
  3. Disfruta de las clases con los profesores de japonés.
  4. Aprenda con un profesor de japonés adecuado para usted.
  5. Haz un calendario mensual con tus tutores de japonés.
  6. Establece objetivos específicos sobre cuándo y cuánto quieres mejorar.
  7. Lleva un libro de vocabulario con todas las palabras y frases hechas aprendidas en la lección.
Ventajas de HH JapaNeeds
icon support
Coordinador de apoyo a las clases

No dude en ponerse en contacto con uno de nuestros coordinadores para tratar cualquier asunto.

icon bright
Pago flexible y seguro

Los estudiantes sólo pagan HH JapaNeeds en un proceso sencillo.

Libera tu potencial

Esperamos que pueda ganar mucho más que aprender japonés. Estudiar japonés no es sólo para mejorar tus habilidades lingüísticas. También se trata de enriquecer tu vida. Si tu vida se enriquece, esperamos que quieras asumir mayores retos y tener un impacto positivo en la sociedad. En HH JapaNeeds Japanese queremos ser tus guías para abrir la puerta a un mejor tú y a un mejor mundo.

Los tutores crean planes de aprendizaje personalizados con tutores de japonés y trabajan juntos para superar las áreas que necesitan mejorar. Puedes estudiar Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Nihongo, JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N5, N4, N3, N2, curso N1, y conversaciones para principiantes con nuestros profesores de japonés. Prueba una clase gratuita. ¿Por qué no conoces a uno de nuestros tut ores de japonés y amplías tus posibilidades? Tu tutor. Tu horario. Tu ubicación. Comienza hoy mismo tu viaje por el idioma japonés.

Preguntas frecuentes

Puedes empezar tan pronto como lo solicites. El coordinador se pondrá en contacto contigo para encontrar un tutor de japonés adecuado para ti.

Sí, la lección de prueba es completamente gratuita. Sólo si está satisfecho con el tutor japonés en la lección de prueba, comenzaremos las lecciones regulares.

Sí. Si las lecciones no le convienen, puede darse de baja en cualquier momento.