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Ideal for immigrants from abroad? Sasebo’s Excellent Child-rearing Environment

Sasebo international school

Sasebo, located in the northern part of Nagasaki Prefecture, is known as a cosmopolitan city, but it is also a great place to move to because of its excellent child-rearing environment.

Sasebo is suitable for both Japanese and foreign immigrants.

Why is Sasebo a good place to live and raise children?

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In this article, we would like to explain about the “child-rearing environment in Sasebo.

Why Sasebo is a good place to raise children

Sasebo is the second most populous city in Nagasaki Prefecture, with approximately 240,000 people living there.

Although there are many children among them, it is a relatively easy environment in which to raise children.

Let us list some of the reasons why Sasebo is a good place to raise children.

(1) Many places for children to enjoy

One of the difficulties of raising children in a rural area is that there are few places for children to have fun.

However, there are many places for children to enjoy themselves in and around Sasebo.

  • Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sasebo, is not only crowded with tourists, but is also very popular with local children.

The large grounds allow children to run around, and there are many events and attractions, so it can be enjoyed no matter how many times you visit.

  • Kujuukushima Pearl Sea Resort

Kujuukushima Pearl Sea Resort, a leisure complex on Kujuukushima Island, is another place where children can have fun.

It has an aquarium and water activities such as sea kayaking.

There is also a large lawn where you can have a picnic with your children.

Children will especially enjoy the sightseeing boats.

  • Kujuukushima Zoo and Botanical Garden

Sasebo has not only an aquarium, but also facilities where visitors can interact with animals.

There are more than 60 species of animals, including giraffes, penguins, owls, zebras, cheetahs, red pandas, Indian elephants, and lions.

There are many hands-on programs such as feeding and animal walks, so children will definitely be delighted.

  • Athletic Resort Melitta Kid’s SASEBO

Opened in April 2022, Athletic Resort Melitta Kid’s SASEBO is a large indoor kids’ park.

Even if it is raining, this facility is a great place for parents to exercise their bodies to the fullest.

(2) Rich in nature and a relaxing child-rearing environment

Sasebo is also known for its rich nature.

The Kujuku Islands are a wonderful sight to behold, and just looking at them is enough to reduce stress.

The environment is not surrounded by concrete like in the city, making it a good place to raise children.

Sasebo island view

(3) Many child-rearing support centers

In today’s world of nuclear families, opportunities for grandparents to take care of their grandchildren are rapidly diminishing.

As a result, there are many parents who feel anxious about raising their children.

However, in Sasebo, there are many “child-rearing support centers” where you can raise your children with peace of mind.

There are two centers in the southern part of the city, four in the central part, and five in the northern part, so there is always a child-rearing support center within walking distance from your home.

Childcare workers are stationed at each support center, and you can consult with them about childcare as well as with your children.

(4) Parks are also well-developed

One of the most important factors in raising children is “parks.

Many areas today do not have many parks, and many parents feel that there are not enough safe places to let their children play.

However, there are many parks in Sasebo.

There are 9 parks in the eastern part of the city, 16 parks in the central part, and 11 parks in the northern part, so you can let your children play in a variety of parks without getting bored.

Sasebo bay

Sasebo is proactive in accepting immigrants

As mentioned above, Sasebo is an area with many attractions to keep children occupied.

What makes it even more unique is that it is proactive in accepting immigrants.

Sasebo is home to a U.S. military base, and the city has long been open to different cultures.

This fusion of new cultures and Japanese culture has made Sasebo an attractive city that attracts many tourists, and that is why it has a “climate that embraces newness.

This means that we can treat immigrants without prejudice.

In fact, they will actively accept and support you.


In this article, we have explained the “child-rearing environment in Sasebo.

In this day and age, when various factors make it difficult to raise children, many people must have concerns about moving to Sasebo.

However, Sasebo has a culture that smoothly accepts newcomers, and with its abundance of nature and playgrounds, it is the perfect place to move to and raise children.

Parents who are considering moving to Sasebo should definitely consider Sasebo as one of the potential locations for their children.

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