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MyJLPT is a website that allows those who wish to take the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in Japan to apply for the test, check their test results, and apply for the issuance of a “certificate of certification and score” on the Internet. This is a website for those who wish to take the JLPT (Japan Language Proficiency Test). It is managed and operated by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.

In order to use the My JLPT service, you need to register for MyJLPT with your ID. Before registering, please read the instructions on this page(About MyJPT) carefully and agree to the content.

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Table of Contents

About the ID of MyJLPT login

In principle, registration for MyJLPT is for those who plan to apply to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (hereinafter referred to as “the Test”) using MyJLPT. In principle, registration for MyJLPT is intended for those who plan to apply to take the JLPT (hereinafter referred to as the “Main Examination”) using MyJLPT.

In order to use the MyJLPT service, you must first register your personal or group information with your MyJLPT ID.
Please note that the following people are not eligible to use MyJLPT

  • You do not have an e-mail address.
  • Those who will take the test outside of Japan (overseas)
  • Those whose examination voucher will be sent to a country other than Japan (overseas)
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Application Process for the JLPT Examination

If you wish to take the JLPT in Japan, please apply online. The application process is as follows. You can also apply using a smartphone or tablet device (except for group applications that require bulk registration). You cannot apply using feature phones or other cell phones.

From 2020, applications will only be accepted online, and no applications will be accepted by mail.

Application through MyJLPT internet login

STEP1 Register with MyJLPT

You can register with MyJLPT anytime, anywhere.


Make sure you remember your MyJLPTID and the password you have set for yourself.

STEP3 Log in to MyJLPT
STEP4 Register your test application information

Once you have registered on MyJLPT, you can easily register your test application information.

STEP5 Pay the examination fee

Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer (PAYG), or at a convenience store.
Complete your exam application!

Please do not forget the “Application Receipt Number” issued to you.


Issuance of certificate of JLPT results

A certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) This is an official certificate to be submitted to schools, companies, etc. It contains pass/fail results and scores for each score category.

If you took the exam in Japan

Please read the instructions on this page. Please apply either through MyJLPT or through your transcript application ID as follows.

  • MyJLPT ID: The ID you used when you applied for the exam online.
  • MyJLPT ID: The ID you used when you applied for the test online. ・ Transcript Application ID: The ID you used to apply for your transcript.

What Happens on JLPT Test Day

It’s your big test day!

Before you go to the test center, be sure to bring your test voucher, writing utensils (you can use a mechanical pencil), and a snack and a watch to help you keep track of time.

For Japanese test takers, the test will start at 12:30, but the test center is already open at 11:45. For your safety, it is recommended that you leave early.

Upon arrival at the test center, you will be asked to present your test voucher to the staff. Test takers will be placed in different rooms based on their voucher number. You will be asked to enter one of these rooms.

Once you find a room and enter, you will find a desk with your number on it. You will be given instructions by the staff and when the time is up, you will begin the exam.

The entire exam will take several hours to complete, with short breaks between each section. When the test is over, you need to wait until all the test papers have been collected before leaving the room.

The process at overseas test centers may be different.

I hope you find this guide to passing the JLPT exam helpful. I also wish you good luck in your studies.