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Popular Japanese YouTube for Foreigners

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In the past decade, we have quickly entered the age of online video.

YouTube has become an indispensable tool for people today, allowing them to watch videos of any genre they want anytime, anywhere.

However, the content of popular YouTube videos must be completely different from country to country.

Even within Japan, there are many very unique YouTube channels.

In this article, we would like to explain such “Japanese YouTube recommended for foreigners.

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Japanese YouTube Recommendations for Foreigners

First, let us list some popular Japanese YouTube channels.

If you find one that interests you, please take a look.

Sushi Ramen 《Riku》すしらーめん《りく》

Among the top Japanese YouTubers, we especially recommend the Sushi Ramen《Riku》 channel.

The channel boasts 6.24 million subscribers, and most of the videos he has produced have been viewed more than 1 million times.

Many of the videos are experimental or surprise videos, but the “scale” of the videos is very large.

Interesting experiments are conducted using a variety of special equipment in dedicated experimental warehouses like those used by corporations.

For example, they have published many videos on a scale unmatched by other YouTubers, such as an experiment using the power of a giant fan to fly through the air with an umbrella, or an experiment to make 5 million grains of popcorn.

Because of the scale of his work, he posts videos infrequently, but many fans eagerly await the release of new videos.

The “Sushi Ramen Riku” channel has also started an English channel, “Sushi Ramen [English Ver.

This is recommended for English speakers and allows you to enjoy “Sushi Ramen Riku” videos without subtitles.

Japanese YouTube sp

Hajime Shacho (hajime)  はじめしゃちょー(hajime)

hajime” is a very popular channel with 10.2 million subscribers.

The popularity of YouTubers has skyrocketed in Japan over the past 6-7 years, and Hajime Shacho is one of the most popular among them, having been the YouTuber with the most subscribers in Japan for several years.

He has now reached his goal of 10 million subscribers, and although there was a period of burnout, he is once again focusing on posting videos.

Most of Hajime Shacho’s videos are of the tried-and-true or surprise type, but the appeal of his videos is that they are very large in scale.

Unlike Sushi Ramen Riku, he does not use many specialized items, but he spends a lot of money to conduct experiments and surprises, so the scale of his videos is very large.

Kimagure Cook きまぐれクック

Kimagure Cook is a cooking channel with 4.81 million channel subscribers.

Cooking channels are quite popular in Japan, but the videos on Kimagure Cook specialize in “seafood-based” cooking.

Fresh seafood, shrimp, crabs, etc. are purchased from markets or purchased online to make delicious dishes.

Until now, the videos have been shot in an old-family-style home, but from 2022, they will be shot in the main kitchen studio, which cost over 100 million yen to build.

This YouTube channel can be recommended especially for foreigners, as it conveys the full appeal of Japanese fish.

In the videos, not only Japanese fish, but also rare seafood ingredients such as King Salmon and Tasmanian King Crab are featured, which should be very enjoyable.

Japanese YouTube PC and SP

HikakinGames ヒカキンゲームズ

HikakinGames is a gaming channel with 5.63 million channel subscribers.

Hikakin, one of the pioneering YouTubers, has a channel dedicated to gaming, delivering live broadcasts of popular games in Japan.

His main channel is “Hikakin TV,” which boasts 10.8 million viewers.

HikakinGames” mainly distributes popular Japanese games such as “Minecraft,” “The Legend of Zelda,” “Fortnite,” “APEX,” and “Super Mario 3D World.

It is recommended as you can see what games are popular in Japan at the moment.

Also, since HIKAKIN himself is more of a “gamer who enjoys playing games” than a professional-class gamer, you should be able to watch as if you were playing along with him.


In this article, we have explained “Japanese YouTube recommended for foreigners.

In Japan, people do not have the habit of using English on a daily basis, and the main language is almost exclusively Japanese, so YouTube channels that are completely different from those in other countries are in vogue.

However, there are many experimental and cooking videos that are unique to the dexterous Japanese, and foreigners will enjoy watching them as well.

If you are interested in any of the channels introduced here, please take a look.

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