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Recommended VOD (Video On Demand) in Japan

Recommended VOD (Video On Demand) in Japan

In recent years, subscription services have become the standard around the world.

In addition to music, it has become commonplace to watch video works such as movies and dramas on VOD.

However, different countries have different types of VOD.

If you plan to stay in Japan for a long period of time on a work visa, etc., you will need to subscribe to VOD, which is popular in Japan.

In this article, I would like to explain such “recommended VOD (video on demand) in Japan”.

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Recommended VOD in Japan

Now let’s take a look at some of the popular VODs in Japan.

Each has different features, so choose a VOD that suits your needs and sign a contract.


“U-NEXT” is a VOD that is very attractive because it has more than 220,000 unlimited works.

It is possible to enjoy a large number of works such as foreign movies, Japanese movies, domestic and foreign dramas, animations, variety shows, music, etc. at a fixed price.

The monthly fee is 2,189 yen, which is a high price for VOD, but since 1,200 yen worth of points are returned every month, it can be said that it is actually less than 1,000 yen.

U-NEXT has several other advantages.

  • Supports e-books, so you can read comics and magazines
  • You can watch the work in 4K image quality

– There is a 31-day free trial


“Hulu” is the first VOD in the United States, and it is characterized by a large number of foreign dramas.

You can also watch many dramas and variety shows from Nippon Television.

The price is reasonable at 1,026 yen per month, and there are many other benefits.

– 2 week free trial period

  • Not only real-time viewing but also missed delivery is possible
  • Offline playback is possible

The number of distributed works is about 70,000, which is less than U-NEXT, but it can be used at about half the price, so you can use it easily.

Recommended VOD (Video On Demand) in Japan


“Disney+” is, as the name suggests, a VOD that allows you to watch Disney’s works as much as you want.

The number of works is as small as 6,000, but it can be said that being able to watch all Disney works is quite a big attraction.

For those who love Disney, this is definitely a VOD that you should subscribe to.

The monthly fee is 990 yen, which is also a nice point that it is not so expensive.


If you want to enjoy watching sports, “DAZN” is recommended.

More than 130 sports are unlimited viewing, and some sports are exclusively distributed.

The monthly fee is 1,925 yen, which is a little high, but if you want to enjoy live streaming of your favorite sports, you should be satisfied.

There are some other benefits as well.

  • Offline playback is possible
  • Up to 2 devices can be viewed at the same time
  • Not only matches but also documentaries and variety shows


“dTV” is a VOD that allows you to watch over 120,000 works for an ultra-low price of 550 yen per month.

It is a VOD provided by DoCoMo, and it is characterized by the fact that there are many Korean works in particular.

  • Free trial for 31 days
  • There is also a live video of popular artists
  • Offline playback is possible


Speaking of “VOD”, it is a VOD that is as famous as NETFLIX.

Since it is VOD from the United States, its name recognition is outstanding.

The monthly fee is 990 yen for the basic plan, 1,490 yen for the standard plan, and 1,980 yen for the premium plan.

  • A lot of original content
  • There are many foreign movies and dramas
  • You can choose from 3 price plans
  • Offline playback is possible
  • Simultaneous viewing on up to 4 devices

Amazon Prime Video

“Amazon Prime Video” is also a very well-known VOD.

You can use it for 500 yen per month, which is cheaper than dTV.

The number of distribution works is not disclosed, but it supports a wide range of genres such as foreign movies, Japanese movies, domestic and foreign dramas, animations, and variety shows.

Original content is also popular.

  • Free trial for 30 days
  • If you pay an additional fee, you can subscribe to the “Prime Video Channel”
  • Up to 3 devices can be viewed simultaneously
Recommended VOD (Video On Demand) in Japan

FOD Premium

“FOD Premium” is a VOD service operated by Fuji TV.

Many past Fuji TV works are also available for unlimited viewing.

The monthly fee is 976 yen, which is a common setting.

  • There is also an all-you-can-read service for magazines
  • Points worth up to 1,300 yen are awarded every month and you can watch PPV target works


This time, we have explained about “Recommended VOD (Video On Demand) in Japan”.

In Japan, there are many services such as “U-NEXT”, “Hulu”, “Disney+”, “DAZN”, “dTV”, “NETFLIX”, “Amazon Prime Video”, and “FOD Premium”.

Choose a service that matches the genre you want to watch and your budget, and enjoy.

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